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    pork is any meat from a pig, Ham is generally meat from the leg or butt of the animal, and usually is cured and seasoned a specific way, bacon, usually, is pork from the belly of the pig.
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    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    A quick update! At a recently held event, artwork for Leon from FE Echoes was spotted! There are a couple of tweets about it on Twitter, such as this one. Presumably this will be for Series 11, which will be the set focusing on FE Echoes among other titles. I didn't see anything else of interest so that might be all for now, but at least we know of another new character to appear in the TCG.
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    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Final Scores for Sunday, October 8: Yoster Isle 3 Zebes 6 Popstar 2 Megaman 5 Valley of Bowser 5 Mushroom Kingdom 8 🏆series - Power Star Trophy Celadon 2 Bern 0 Hyrule 3 Goldenrod 5 Sonic 4 Hocotate 7 Tokyo 3 Mayahem 2 Corneria 7 Arendelle 4 Smashville 4 Nimbasa 1 Tethealla 0 Mute City 5 Los Angeles 3 Labrynna 6 Kongo Jungle 1 Skyworld 4 Sarasaland 2 Bionis 6 Ylisse 4 Inkopolis 8 Slateport 5 Epoch 8 Termina 4 Laurasia 3 f/10
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Was knocked down below the tier-increase threshold, so did another Arena run just now. Just an easier way to condense my screenshots and caption them at the same time.