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    I just wanted to say a special merry Christmas to everyone who participated in Secret Santa this year and thank you - you guys generosity despite everything is really great and I'm really happy that we've made a tradition of this. Enjoy your holiday everyone!
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    The Ultimate Mario Fan

    Introductions thread.

    Ciao paisanos! I don't intend to be as active here as I was on NSider2 but since I know a fair amount of people here, I thought I'd swing by. My Mario collection has over doubled since the NS2 days and I've since been archiving for MarioWiki. I have some Mario stuff that isn't even public online yet, like movie scripts, import oddities, and development prototypes. You can also often find me on my Twitter or Backloggery. One of these days I'll upload my collection but maybe not here as I don't want to crash the site. I don't intend to be here much after all the drama of NS2 but I hope to add some Mario fun nonetheless. Age and experience have mellowed me but I still hope and expect mutual goodwill and treatment here. We're all here cuz we love video games, 'nuff said! @(;o}D For those who don't know me, I like Mario. A LOT. Like, think "obsessed." Mario is my love, Mario is my life. And Nintendo's recent masterpiece, Super Mario Odyssey, feels like a love letter to superfans like me!
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    holy fuck thanks so much to my secret santa - not mentioning their name here in case they wish to remain anonymous (i know who you are! - btw i'm not actually dutch, only moved to the netherlands a few months ago ) I opened the package today which came in a few days ago and it contained a: -ixalan magic the gathering starter box -fire emblem warriors, and a -nintendo switch i even had to open all of it immediately because i didn't quite believe it at first >.> edit: now with pics!
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    Instead of the usual lists of my favorite games of the year I thought I'd change things up a bit with a whole awards list for the best titles of 2017, chosen exclusively by me. "But Eliwood," you say. "Isn't this essentially exactly the same as the previous lists, just with a different title and now you don't have to rank your favorite games?" To that I say: quiet you. With the launch of the Switch, 2017 has been an absolutely incredible year for Nintendo fans. Not only have we seen some fantastic entries in beloved franchises, we've gotten a consistent stream of excellent indie and eShop releases to fill out the year. If you played the Switch as much as I did this year you've been busy indeed with one fantastic game after another, and this list doesn't even contain every single top-quality game released in 2017, just some of the ones I played. As far as launch years go, this one is hard to beat, and I look forward to what Nintendo has in store for the Switch's future. Best Multiplayer Game: Splatoon 2 Nintendo is starting off the first year of the Switch with several of its biggest IPs, including their most recent smash hit, Splatoon. This unusual take on third-person shooters is just as addictive on the Switch, especially with the new co-op focused mode Salmon Run (which is still sadly limited to specific times, but is always fun to play). More stages, more weapons, more gear—for the most part Splatoon 2 is simply more of what fans loved of the first game, though for the most part that's enough. Online battles are just as frantic and fun, and the recently released Clam Blitz adds a fresh take on the more strategy-focused ranked battle modes. Splatoon 2 is only slowly addressing some of the annoying quirks of the first game—a recent update finally allows players to switch equipment without exiting the multiplayer lobby entirely—but if Splatfests are any indication the squid spirit is just as strong as it was on the Wii U. Best Co-op/"Oops I Accidentally Just Killed You" Game: Nine Parchments For a game that is meant to be cooperative, it sure is easy to kill your teammates in Nine Parchments. But that's half of the fun in this Gauntlet-style wizarding adventure for up to four players. The other half is the variety of spells that promises huge replay value, since your approach to each battle can vary wildly depending upon which spells you have available. Although the game supports online multiplayer it's really the couch co-op that captures the spirit of the game as you try to coordinate attacks with three other players in this hectic but entertaining adventure. Best Remake: Metroid: Samus Returns The Metroid series continues to have one of the most absolutely vexing release schedules out of any Nintendo IP. Granted, on a global scale, Metroid isn't as popular as Nintendo's other huge franchises, but for many fans the absolute silence between 2010's Metroid: Other M and 2016's Federation Force (both of which were met with mixed opinions from critics and fans) was a dire period indeed. So imagine everyone's surprise when, at E3 2017, Nintendo not only announces an upcoming Metroid Prime 4, but a remake of Metroid II, releasing in just a few months, and it turns out to be fantastic. Metroid: Samus Returns blows the original out of the water—granted it was a Game Boy title but still, Samus Returns captures the same sense of discovery and challenge with beautifully fluid action and thrilling boss fights. The wait for a new Metroid title was excruciating but the next generation of Metroid is off to a fantastic start with Samus Returns. Most Purely Joyful Game: Super Mario Odyssey For all of the years that they have produced Mario games, Nintendo has always managed to keep one important tenet in mind: games should be fun to play. Super Mario Odyssey lives up to this philosophy in every aspect of the game. The environments are a blast to explore, the creatures you can capture are charming and used in inventive ways, and unearthing one hidden moon after another makes for a wonderfully addictive adventure. The freedom you have in exploring and collecting moons not only gives the game a perfect sense of pacing, it speaks to the philosophy of the Switch itself. Play where you want, however you want, but you're guaranteed to be having fun with Odyssey. Bonus Award: Best Song - Jump Up, Super Star! I couldn't mention Odyssey without touching upon the delightfully catchy theme song. The vocal track is definitely a change of pace for Mario but like the game itself it oozes fun and positivity—I don't think it's possible to listen to it without at least bobbing your head along to the beat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4xW9aCg2zY Best Excavation Game: SteamWorld Dig 2 Did you know SteamWorld Dig wasn't Image & Form's first game? They had two games released prior to the 2013 title, but neither gained as much traction as a game about digging for gems in an increasingly sprawling underground labyrinth. Thank goodness Dig became as popular as it did though, because Image & Form has been delivering gold ever since. SteamWorld Dig 2 is every bit as addictive and entertaining as its predecessor, and adds just enough new gameplay elements to keep the adventure feeling fresh and unique. It's always impressive to see what talented developers can make fun in a video game—in this case digging, collecting, and selling gems—but SteamWorld Dig 2's addictive charm speaks for itself. Best Hope for Future Remakes: Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia It's a pretty great time to be a Fire Emblem fan. This year alone saw a remake for a game that was never released in English, a spin-off action game, and even a mobile game that pays homage to the franchise's long history. And Shadows of Valentia is a pretty great remake, one that finds a very delicate balance between the old quirks of the original game and some new features that help make the experience a bit more modern and a bit more unique. Best of all, this may pave the way for more remakes. After all, there are still several Fire Emblem games that were never released outside of Japan, and now would be the perfect time to introduce them to the rest of the world. Best Surprise Delight: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Seriously, who could have predicted that those bizarre rumors of a Mario/Rabbids crossover would be true, or that the end result would be such a fun game? Kingdom Battle came completely out of left field: a turn-based strategy game starring Mario and Rabbids, with an incredibly deep movement and shooting system as well as some serious challenges. Honestly the best part of Kingdom Battle may be the fact that it isn't just a goofy crossover game. This is a genuinely difficult, engaging, and rewarding strategy game, one that fans of the genre will absolutely love—even if it does have the occasional fart joke. Best Use of Construction Paper: Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together! Speaking of surprise delights, I doubt anyone could have predicted that this odd little co-op puzzle game would turn out to be one of the highlights of the Switch's launch library. Snipperclips is charming, challenging, and wonderfully inventive in how it gives you just enough tools to overcome the game's tasks, but only if you're able to think up clever solutions. For a long time the game's only downside was its short length, but recent DLC has given players another chance to snip through even more unique puzzles. Best City Building/Action-RPG Combo: Ever Oasis And here's another surprising little game in a year filled with big name Nintendo titles. Ever Oasis may not have the star power of Mario, Zelda, or Metroid, but it has plenty of charm, and an unusual combination of gameplay elements that end up working well together in a satisfying loop. Build up your oasis to attract residents, venture out to gather materials to stock residents' shops, earn currency for shop sales, use currency to build more shops—it's a simple cycle that perfectly scratches the itch for both city-builder fans and action-RPG fans. Those players will find themselves pouring hour after hour into Ever Oasis. Bonus Award: Cutest Characters Seriously, look at these guys. Adorable. Best Challenging-but-Addictive Game: Has-Been Heroes Another early eShop title for the Switch, Has-Been Heroes puts a unique spin on the Rogue-like formula with its three-lane real-time strategy combat system. When you step back to look at it all, there is a lot happening in Has-Been Heroes, and all of it makes it easy for you to die. Repeatedly. But the mark of a good game is one that compels you to keep playing and keep retrying, and that's something that Has-Been Heroes manages beautifully. Best Confusing RPG: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 There are two things you can say about every Xenoblade game: they have gorgeous, massive environments to explore, and they have an incredibly complex battle system with a dozen little aspects that you need to keep track of at all times. Thankfully while playing these details aren't too confusing, but boy are these games intimidating when you just look at them from the outside. Still, once you put some time into it (and each Xenoblade game can last over a hundred hours) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a deeply engrossing RPG adventure, one that hits plenty of JRPG clichés but is still a blast to simply lose yourself in. Best Time-Looping Game: The Sexy Brutale I'll be honest, I'm a sucker for a good murder-mystery. But what makes The Sexy Brutale stand out is the combination of several murders, all repeating within one looping day, and a central mystery tying all of them together. The stylish art design and catchy soundtrack certainly help draw the player in as well, but discovering more about the overarching mystery bit by bit is what makes The Sexy Brutale such a compelling adventure. Best Not-Quite-Monster-Hunter Game: Monster Hunter Stories Switch owners are still waiting patiently for some word on a localized Monster Hunter game for Nintendo's latest system but in the meantime 3DS owners get to enjoy a spin-off creature-collector RPG that turns the normally massive, frightening monsters into adorable companions. It may not have the same intensity as the main series but the charming Pokémon-style adventure has the kind of depth that RPG fans will enjoy, even as they curse at their monster companion for using the wrong attack in the midst of an intense battle. Most Therapeutic Game: Fire Emblem Warriors Tell me it's not satisfying to tear through hundreds of enemies at once. Musou games may be pretty formulaic when you compare them to each other, but each one gives you that absolutely satisfying feeling of raw power by taking on entire armies by yourself. And to be fair Fire Emblem Warriors does a fine job of balancing the action gameplay with a bit of the strategy that Fire Emblem is known for. Practically every level has a whole variety of objectives to cover and enemies charging toward you at once, so you have to keep on your toes to handle all of them. Mix in a few fan favorites from the Fire Emblem series and you've got a game that is beautifully action-packed with tons of replay value. Best Murder Clean-Up Simulator: Serial Cleaner A stylish 70s setting, a protagonist with a hip 'stache, and pools of blood to mop up with a vacuum cleaner. Serial Cleaner isn't your typical video game, mostly because you aren't the one murdering anyone, it's just your job to make sure all of the evidence is neatly cleaned up before the police can get to it. Putting aside the unique setting for a moment Serial Cleaner is an excellent stealth game, one where you have to rely upon precise timing since you don't have any fancy gadgets to help you get out of a sticky situation. It's challenging, but rewarding when you make a clean getaway. Best New IP: ARMS In a year where Nintendo delivered hit after hit from its core franchises, ARMS is a good reminder that they can do just as well with a brand new IP as well. And like Splatoon in 2015 this game doesn't skate by on just the Nintendo branding. ARMS is a genuinely inventive take on one-on-one fighting games, which really only makes the game's popularity all the more impressive. Here is a game where players have to completely learn the ins and outs of a unique fighting system, especially if players opt for the motion controls—arguably more challenging but clearly how the developers envisioned the game. No matter what control challenges the game presents though the depth of gameplay, colorful characters, and continuous free updates have grabbed fans worldwide. We'll see if ARMS ends up with the same lasting appeal as Splatoon but so far it's off to a strong start. Best Old-School Throwback Game: Thimbleweed Park Point-and-Click adventures get back to the basics of video games, when puzzles were esoteric and required combining every item with every other item just to see if anything might happen. Thankfully Thimbleweed Park isn't as tedious as that, but it will still challenge your puzzle-solving skills, especially as the game progresses and more and more locations, items, and characters are added to the mix. From the graphics to the humor to the puzzle design Thimbleweed Park is a love letter to the genre, one that pays homage to all the best (and quirkiest) aspects of 80s computer gaming. Best "Oh Yeah That Came Out This Year" Game: Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Anyone else forget that the 3DS Dragon Quest VIII port came out this year? To be fair the Switch's launch in March kind of overshadowed any other gaming news for a while, and Dragon Quest VIII launched in mid-January of this year, back when people were still working through the influx of holiday titles. But even if it was easy to forget about Dragon Quest VIII is everything that fans love about RPGs and the Dragon Quest series, along with a few new features that make the long RPG grind a little faster. P.S. It was quite a year for remakes/ports on the 3DS, wasn't it? The "Move Over, Cooking Mama" Award: Battle Chef Brigade Here's another oddball game recipe for 2017: one part side-scrolling action, one part match-3 puzzle, a pinch of Iron Chef influence, and you've cooked up one of the most charming titles of the year. Battle Chef Brigade is kind of the type of game that you have to play to understand, but once you get a taste for it you'll be hooked instantly. The timed battles are wonderfully engaging and challenging, and even across the game's short length the developers have crafted a fascinating little world for the brigade to inhabit. The game was only released a few weeks ago but hopefully the developers are already working on a second serving. Game of the Year 2017: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Yeah, I know, not much of a surprise here. But anyone that has played the game will immediately understand why it has swept up so many game of the year awards. Breath of the Wild is an incredible achievement not just for the Zelda franchise but the open-world genre as well. Just like Super Mario Odyssey the freedom of exploration is an absolute joy—few video game experiences can compare to those hours when you leave the Great Plateau and see the entirety of the game's world laid out before you, just waiting for you to dive in. Like the original Legend of Zelda and Ocarina of Time, Breath of the Wild will stand as a landmark title in the franchise for being both a breath of fresh air for the series and yet also a natural progression of the original game's open gameplay.
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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    The presents from my Secret Santa arrived today!
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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    surprise! I was going back and forth on what to get you Magic related until I had @fuzz help me out on deciding what was a good purchase (I play Yu-Gi-Oh, and I know nearly nothing about Magic) and all the while keeping it a secret from him too. And when I had Chrom relay you my questions (especially the one about potentially receiving a game out of your country), I was hoping that I didn't give away what I was planning to gift. Happy Holidays! Hope you have a happy and healthy 2018 bro! :^)
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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    I am so stoked!! I have been wanting to play The Witcher 3 ever since building my PC, and now I have it and two expansions to play through as soon as I'm through with the semester!! I've heard so many amazing things about this game and it has been at the top of my list for a year now, so I'm so glad to finally be able to! Thank you again so much, @Kodiack!!
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    CHRISTMAS IS HERE FUCKERS thank you so much and please don't worry about the shirt size - it fits fine! theyre both so soft and a bright kindness on an otherwise kinda sucky day today thank you so much, @Reilly!! i cannot wait to wear this shirt every day for the rest of my life
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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Thank you so much for the gift! NieR: Automata is a game that I've quite been looking forward to playing! Several of my friends played this game earlier in the year and have very high praise for it. I had a couple of them message me as soon as I booted the game and the first thing they recommended was that I install FAR to really get the best experience, heh. No doubt I'll be fully enjoying this! Sounds like I'll need to dedicate a few days to fully appreciate the game. My friends all seemingly became hermits during the time that they spent with it.
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    Thank you so much for the gifts, internet Santa @ace! I'm very much looking forward to playing them. This Secret Santa was a really positive experience, especially for my first time doing it. So thanks to everyone! I look forward to participating next year as well.
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    I too was visited by the Artist from Redbubble. Thank you, Mysterious Artist! I love it!
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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    So I’ve been pretty down recently. Work has been awful. School has been beyond stressful. I just had to finish a group paper by myself today, and I’m frazzled beyond belief. I came home tonight and found that my secret Santa gift came in, so I wasted no time tearing into it. This made my day, my week, hell, the last couple months for sure. This is the best secret Santa I’ve ever taken part in and I’m actually happy for once. Thanks @Eliwood8, you’re the fucking man
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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Since I didn't order this I'm going to guess this is another gift from my Secret Santa. Thank you so much!
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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Got a gift from my Secret Santa! Absolutely love it, thank you!
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    Heyo, so I just received my Secret Santa gift from @fuzz - Nidhogg 2 on Steam, which is a perfect get for me. I played through the Arcade mode today and it's pretty stellar, all you hear about is the grotesque art style, but it's actually extremely beautiful and the gameplay is still extremely solid, love it. I think I've got my gift to send soon, I'll be on it in the next few days.
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    What happened to NSider?

    Heya kids. One of my first posts on this website told you to enjoy the time you have left here as a community. I meant it. Nsider 2 might have, at one time or another, had a chance of becoming a a larger forum than it eventually became. That chance, however, was long, long past being a possibility before Koduck and YR thought about splitting from CrowdGather. Hell, let’s be honest. Even way back in 2007, the writing was on the wall for forums. Only the largest forums were going to survive as anything more than serving increasingly tiny communities. That’s just fine. Discourse on the internet has always been ephemeral in nature, and in this era of social media and services like Discord, why bother with forums? This was compounded by the increasingly niche nature of this community. Allow this to serve as your reminder that Nsider was shut down a decade ago, children. The primary audience of Nsider 2 and Ninfora has always been stragglers from that community, with a smaller number of people added on along the way. Naturally, that audience shrunk and shrunk over the years, and you’re still bleeding users without replacing them. Those users, over time, grew up from being stupid children, got actual responsibilities, and slowly drifted away from the stupid Nintendo forums they used to post on. That is to say, this was all an inevitability anyway, so you really shouldn’t be surprised that your forum is becoming a ghost town. If you still want to talk to anybody here in the future, make sure you can do it elsewhere. As a sidenote, I really shouldn’t comment on clubs, but I’ll just say that keeping them this long was a stupid idea. Neat concept, but overall destructive to what’s left of this community considering you can barely keep the chat thread running. But hey, let’s address some points from the thread. This couldn’t possibly be a bad idea. VIDEO GAMES BIGGEST ROAD BLOCK TO BECOMING A “RESPECTED ART FORM” ARE THE PEOPLE WHO PLAY THEM: Let’s just acknowledge the baggage first. Yes, I was one of those super abrasive assholes that talked about politics on this forum. Did I help push people off this forum? Yeah, sure. I don’t regret it. They either expressed opinions that I could not abide being openly shared in a community I was a part of, or they lost an argument, felt they got bullied by the Belgian Internet Terrorists, and ran. Either way, not sorry. By the way, it certainly was not “half the forum”. The prevailing wisdom on the internet was (and still is) to quarantine political discussion away, so that it can be ignored by those that don’t want to engage. Last year’s election simply popped even the most durable bubble and made politics something that could no longer be ignored. Shit got polarized, to put it mildly. Needless to say, that wisdom is misguided. Politics are something that govern your everyday life. Even beyond your pathetic existence, the GOP deciding to pursue stripping healthcare from millions, well, affects millions of other people. These discussions are extremely important, massively more important than mere video games, and ignoring them leads to apathy or, yes, horrid ways of thinking. Just take a gander at how a sizable group of gamers sympathize with actual (literal) neo-nazis. Go read up and understand what Nazism entails. I’ll wait. Speaking of, nazis. I’ll totally agree with the point that, if you are more concerned with being called a nazi instead of why you’re being called a nazi, you need to do some deep reflection. Protip: You’re either espousing similar talking points to those that neo-nazis typically do, you’re associating with neo-nazis, or you just said some seriously dangerous shit. Try to avoid doing that in the future, and you won’t be called a nazi. Promise. Anywho. This is a video game forum, however, so shouldn’t we just talk about video games? Time to give you the spiel again. Video games are an artform. Art is, inherently, political, even in as medium as unworthy as video games. It is a reflection of the person creating it. You can kick and scream about how you can divorce the art from the artist all you want, but that is an impossibility. Art is not made in a vacuum, and Gears for Breakfast knowingly deciding to keep a neo-nazi of a voice actor in their game colours the experience of playing it, especially those that neo-nazis want to see wiped from the gene pool. You cannot avoid politics. Hell, that new nazi killing game also came out and was using the current political climate to its full marketing advantage. It’s not a matter of ‘keeping politics out of video games’ so much as recognizing that they were always there. Say it with me now: The Mario and Zelda series both make use of problematic tropes, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying them as long as we acknowledge their problems. That this is even a contentious point to make reveals just how fucked up the gaming community is, to be frank. Finally, I’ll admit that we didn’t always use the politics thread. The horror. Once again, I am not sorry that you had to see a troll that was always arguing in bad faith, by the way, tell a black woman that she had nothing to fear from his southern heritage. Such discussions, are, once more, ephemeral. Picking them up and moving to another thread is pointless for any other reason than the peanut gallery not wanting to see it. Then again, you didn’t need to see it. If you’re not interested in a discussion, you are not obligated to take part. Go read a book for a while and it’ll probably burn out by the time you get back. Or just post your Penis shitpost anyway, it’s not like anyone reads them. Don’t be childish and try to drown out discussion like certain members did. A STORY ABOUT NEOGAF: I was already on my way out of NeoGAF before the implosion, but let’s make this clear. The self-destruction of NeoGAF was largely due to Evilore (The owner of NeoGAF, if you’re unaware) handling himself extremely poorly. His past was never clean, as he had posted and even admitted to being a sexual predator before. He had, just the week before, posted a rant against believing victims of sexual assault, that it was an untenable position. I wonder why. How he handled the situation with amir0x was also horrible, by the way. This accusation came from an ex of his doing a #metoo post, later deleted because it became something much larger than she wanted. I won’t repeat the accusation, but let’s just say that an adult really should know better than to do what he did. The post circulated in the less than reputable parts of the internet and eventually hit NeoGAF proper. Evilore’s past is why he didn’t get a single shred of the benefit of the doubt from most of the community. Then he fucked up even harder. What does Evilore do with a forum that’s calling for his head? What does he tell his moderators? He tells the mods basically what he said in the later statement. That everything was false and harping on about how she was deranged and couldn’t be trusted. The mods and admins all resign, and NeoGAF is left in a lawless state. Evilore uses Modbot to make an extremely weak promise of a statement coming soon. Meanwhile, the internet takes notice, the servers started to buckle, and Evilore takes the site down. Three or so days later, Evilore finally comes out of hiding and brings NeoGAF back online with a frankly insulting statement. He blamed the downfall of the forum on the negative atmosphere created by political discussion, and vows to bring NeoGAF back to a gaming focus by banning political discussion. Thus killing the heart and soul of NeoGAF, even without the mass exodus. On an interesting note, if you were there to brave the account suicides that were posting goatse immediately after it came back online, you would have noticed how quickly the progressive masks of those left fell off. Funny, that. Anyway, that is an extremely lengthy way to say that the downfall of NeoGAF is in no way similar to what’s happening here. Unless YR or Koduck happen to be sexual predators, but I rather doubt that. What you're facing is simply the by-product of time. This is already way longer than I intended, so I’ll stop there. Catch you cool cats on the flip side.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

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    I'm happy to announce that, with all 16 participants in this year's Secret Santa event having shared their gifts, this event now comes to a close! Thank you again everyone for your participation, something as special as this can only be run with all your interest and cooperation. It's been a pleasure for me to organize this and ensure everything went accordingly for another year here at Ninfora, and I'll be looking forward to next time. Until then, may the new year bring you all good health, happiness, and prosperity!
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    Finally got my Switch going yesterday and start playing Warriors, good mindless fun with FE characters. Thanks again @Isotope!!
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    Thanks to Doc Brown for my Secret Santa gifts! 🤗 P.S Love the Kirby drawing in the card!!!
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    im gonna get to go home for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's only been a week and I'm already receiving gifts! I only just got home from Thanksgiving last night and this was waiting on my doorstep: The Legend of Zelda: Arts & Artifacts! This is awesome, the artwork is beautiful and so nostalgic. Leafing through this reminds me of being a kid and drawing the artwork from Nintendo Power and game manuals. And this book is a perfect complement to the Hyrule Historia I already have! I also received a game which I assume must also be from my Secret Santa because I don't remember ordering it from GameFly myself: Final Fantasy XV! This is great, I've been meaning to get this all year, now I'll have to put some time into it over the holidays. Thanks so much Matt, and happy holidays!
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    Fellow members of Ninfora, it has finally happened. I now have a job as Network technician. Dreams do come true.