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    Fellow members of Ninfora, it has finally happened. I now have a job as Network technician. Dreams do come true.
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    Content Creators Directory

    I noticed in TKO's welcome thread that a goal of this group is to have an organized space for it so creative content doesn't get lost amongst the plethora of discussion content on the site, so I figured I'd make one organized space that can serve as a directory of all the creativity showcases on Ninfora. General Threads Ninfora Creation Gallery – If you don't output enough content to warrant an entire thread to showcase it, but you still want to put it out there for others to enjoy and critique, this is the place for you! Art sharing thread – Not for your own personal creations. If you've stumbled across any art that you just love and want to share, post it here. Video Creators/Live Streamers TKrazyO on YouTube – TKO primarily does Let's Plays and streams of Nintendo titles. Kirbymeister2's YouTube Channel – KM2 does gameplay showcases and video game reviews, as well as reviews for toys and figurines. Musicians Reilly's Music Thread – Reilly is a multi-instrumentalists who covers all sorts of music. About half of his covers are VGM, while the rest are assorted genres that include rock, jazz, and classical music. Visual Artists IU's Gallery – IU showcases his Metroid fan art in this thread. Mega Man X Fan Art Project – Marxforever's personal Mega Man X inspired fan character showcase, featuring concept art and sprite work. DNLINK's Art Gallery – DNLINK shares his fan art sketches and paintings from a variety of sources. Laclipsey's Art – Laclipsey shares his video game fan art in this thread. Other Lance's Art – Lance writes fan fictions and short stories and shares them in this thread. If you want your gallery/showcase thread (or a direct link to your work) added to the list, shoot me a PM or leave it in the comments.
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    Had a phone interview with Nintendo of America, and mom somehow found a copy of Phantom Brave for $3 while in Alaska. This morning is going pretty good so far.
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    I am now Network+ certified.
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    oh my FUCKING god im playing Pokemon for the first time in a while and my raichu looked SO SAD until it saw me?? literally kill me i do NOT need this sadness in my life
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    I was just notified that I'm getting almost $5000 in federal pell grants this coming academic year. I could seriously cry right about now.
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    It's a nice milestone for me today - five years since I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. January 2nd will be when my treatment finished.
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    Here's a look at the upcoming Rocko's Modern Life Movie (2018).... Holy crap! This put a huge doofy smile on my face the entire time. ^_^ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, here's a first look at Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, which comes out on Nov. 23rd... I really like the updated look of the characters, especially Phoebe UPDATED:
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    the most under rated part of sun/moon is when you find gladion's hotel room and he just says "get out"
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    Cross-posting from the FE thread, here are some pictures of my Lissa cosplay, and also some other FE cosplayers I met at Hyper Japan!
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    Thanks! She's doing ok now, she's on some antibiotics. Got a bit to go, but at least she's not in bad shape. Thankfully.
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    I have a cousin who was willing to lend me her Netflix login until it mysteriously logged me out and she took too long to send me the info again and I bought my own, so lending login info to others outside the household isn't entirely unheard of. The basic $10 plan allows two devices to stream at a time, and the $12 plan that allows 4K streaming allows four devices. Think about how your plan works and how often you (and everyone else with your login info) use your account. If you think adding one more person will cause reliability issues, tell them it won't be worth it. If you think it can work, there's no harm in being generous.
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    Sonic Mania CE unboxed

    So big and blue
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    I found out today that the switch is capable of loading login pages for public networks which means I can get wifi on it in lab, so I was able to download sonic mania for the train ride home.
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    And nothing of value was lost.
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    Use the code POYONG to get mega stones for Gardevoir, Gallade, Lopunny and Diancie. If you missed any other mega stone events they should still be obtainable w/ code INTIMIDATE(Beedrill, Mawile, Audino and Medicham), AZUL(Pidgeot, Steelix, Heracross and Houndoom), MATSUBUSA(Sceptile, Swampert, Blaziken and Banette) and SABLEVOLANT(Tyranitar, Abomasnow, Manectric and Aggron).
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    Today was a good day.
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    Cordelia and Female Robin confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors!
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    Where is Mid-morning Brunch Lycanroc?
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    Political Containment Thread

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    Speaking of Pac-Man, this Reese's ad just aired on TV:
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    These past few days have been TOO FUCKING HOT
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    Fuzz reacted? What?? Is this some Facebook shit?? I can't tell what sort of reaction it was???!! Aaaaaaa!!!!
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    The Ninfora Member's Gallery

    Venturing away from the Zelda board for a sec...
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    I just replayed this last year actually. He's difficult even with upgraded ship parts. It should still be possible, but it'll be a bit more difficult. Do you only have the default cannons as well? For Recumen, all you pretty much have to do is survive. Attack on turns before and during a red square to attempt to knock him off balance and have him miss his giant laser beam. Other than that, just focus and heal on any other turns to build up to the harpoon cannon and always regroup when given the option. For Belleza, just always be healing and using Inream to boost your attack and defense and try to attack and defend whenever you think is best. If I remember correctly, if you get to use the harpoon against her, it almost kills her in one hit, regardless of ship parts so if you can get that off, you should be good. I'll see if I can remember anything else or maybe look up a video to see if I missed anything important.
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    So a few days ago my brother got me this cute Kirby plush with a fucking whistle and train station conductor hat because it's Kirby's 25th anniversary and he knows I love the fuck out of Kirby and our bday was coming soon but we decided to do present giving a bit earlier since we are just adults or some shit like that. The cool guy looks like this He also got me this Kirby 25th anniversary keychain thing with Jet Grind Radio for the Dreamcast since I'm still collection Dreamcast games. Overall gotta admit it was awesome for my brother to give me this.
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    Do you feel the urge to climb into an unattended soda can?
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    "I'll happily share for only $10 a month!"
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    Want to see a picture of the luckiest person alive?
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    After zero luck on the legendary birds, I ended up going two for two on Moltres raids today.
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    like i get where you're coming from but i've also spent literally all day keeping up with this shit and would occasionally like to check one of my social medias without it being right in my face so i can fucking relax for once
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    Talk about it there if you want.
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    Not with that attitude it won't
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    Fibre is finally installed! They were able to swing by several days early (on a Saturday even!) and get the entire install completed. I'm blown away by the speeds. I'm now seeing lower latency to Auckland than I previously was to even Wellington. My latency to Sydney was slashed by >33%. Download speed is about the same, but upload speed is nearly 5x higher and general performance has improved quite a bit. Loving it, especially for under $95 USD per month!
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    If you want to learn any Japanese you need to learn kana before you learn anything else.
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    Great news for fans, translation for the game has already started. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/dragon-quest-11-release-confirmed-for-the-west-in-/1100-6452083/?utm_source=gamefaqs&utm_medium=partner&utm_content=news_module&utm_campaign=homepage
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    Here's my Legendary progress so far: Aaaand I caught this little fella yesterday! Second shiny!
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    Splatoon 2 Splat Call

    I can't stop laughing at this:
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    Today's episode is brought to you by the letter V!
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    It also made streets deathtraps Penis
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    Political Containment Thread

    Dems need to go full Medicare-for-All/Single Payer now. Probably won't get passed any time in the near future, but now that GOP is wounded with their embarrassing/malicious healthcare proposals slapped down, now is the time to go on the offensive and capitalizing on the (already majority) support for single payer. Reversing my previous position a bit, McCain gets some credit for not being maximum shithead. And yes, McConnel can get fucked with a cactus.
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    Middle-aged adults who want grandchildren are no different from six-year-olds who want a puppy.
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    So my weekend consisted of driving to Phoenix on a whim, organize the sole room party of a convention of 450 people, spending 250 dollars on booze for party, getting lasers and lights and a dj to do music, having about 150 people filter through the party, hotboxed the room by disabling the fire alarm so people could vape, someone pulling the fire alarm for the whole hotel, me talking to cops that it wasn't anyone associated with my party while very drunk and trying not to look wasted even tho I was on the verge of a black out (simultaneously keeping the fact the fire alarm was disabled in my room to myself), and then passing out at 5am having successfully succeeded at not being arrested, before driving back to Vegas tonight. What did you guys do this weekend?
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    Aye... Kinda having a tearjerker now watching some of the official music videos again. Goddammit life; at least it's a sign that am still human I guess.