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    I just got back the All Stages record for the first time in four years! I currently hold three now including this (the others I have are 101% and any%), but while I've gone back and forth with others for those records several times in the last couple of years, I haven't held the All Stages record since mid-2013, and it's kinda the most "prestigious" category, as it has historically had the most runners and is really hard to beat. It still has some mistakes, but due to the nature of the game, it's the best run I'll probably be able to manage for a while. DKC requires a certain amount of frame-perfect tricks (1/60th of a second input window) in order to challenge top times, which makes it extremely difficult to finish a good run. The amount of time they save varies, but several save 15+ seconds alone, with one stage being 55 seconds faster if you hit the trick (I got a 43-second alternative in this run). So often, your best runs can instantly be useless in moments in the last world, and sometimes shaky runs get really close to beating them. This run wasn't the worst, but I definitely made some weird mistakes, and overall lost about ~15 seconds to the frame-perfect tricks I didn't hit, and 15 more to movement errors or silly mistakes. I'm really proud of finally getting this back, though, so I thought I'd post about it. Here's the video
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    The most exciting part of today was watching a bunch of adults on gaming forums become giant pillars of fucking salt because the game they made up in their heads didn't get announced today.
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    You've probably spent more time playing that game than the entire dev team spent making it
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    For those interested in a translated graphic: Also this shit is unacceptable at this point.
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    Hey everyone, just thought I'd pop in quick to let you all know that I'm alive and not blind. Got my bandage contacts removed yesterday, though I'm still healing and will be for a bit still.
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    You can go ahead and have control over the first run of something. But I don't think they should tack on their own conditions to getting it. Like how GameStop will hold new consoles and make "bundles" just so they can sell extra crap some people don't want just to get the system.
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    Do you ever look at your posts before you submit them and think "maybe I shouldn't"? Because you really should.
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    Heading down to Orlando for CEO this weekend. Fighting game tourney for those that don't know. I'm playing Smash 4.
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    Markup is how a company produces profits. In order to give you discounts and not hurt their profit margins, they offer a yearly plan where you pay an annual fee in exchange for discounted rates on items and free shipping services. I buy a ton of cheap things through Amazon and never spend enough to get their free shipping if I didn't have Prime. I have dash buttons set to refill supplies on almost all my household cleaning items or toilet paper or dog food or whatever else I don't want to go to a grocery store to get. None of those things hits the like 50 bucks necessary to get free shipping without a Prime account. And really, how incredibly pretentious of you to assume that poor people would be incapable of knowing how to have a package delivered to them. Like, really, they shouldn't be allowed to have Prime at a cheaper rate because they live in areas that you're making some pretty outrageously prejudiced assumptions about? Low income folks know how to get packages, incredibly. But thank you for trying to keep them from having access to a good service because you think they don't know how to have packages safely delivered to them.
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    Looks at all the PS4 and Xbone ports You're right, only Nintendo is guilty
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    i await the thirty hour gamexplain discussion regarding this eight minute direct
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    it's like if you got free pizza for ages and then suddenly the pizza is 20 bucks but they give you like 1 extra topping
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    are we posting pokemon because here's a bunch of pokemon
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    its looking like i'll be on my way out of Alabama and back to CO briefly by July, hopefully let's gooooooooo
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    GameStop and Best Buy didn't hold the product back until you signed up for a premium service.
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    Went hiking with dad and my brothers for Father's Day yesterday
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    Otaku is a derogatory term. I don't know why people call themselves that willingly.
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    I first joined the original Nsider in 2004 when I was 17 and still finishing up high school, joined Nsider 2 while I was mostly still in college, though my interest in it dwindled over time due to the drop in quality of the place for me, especially by 2012 or so to the point I just slowly left/quiet disappeared, though I had my other personal reasons for it too. Now I've recently reached my 30's, come and gone from college again (just for something else to do), temporary work places, and things... Damn how time flies. Here in cyberspace though I'm pretty much known as your local alien dragon tyrannical overlord. Pleased to make your acquaintance again, Nsider community or what's left of it.
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    The most important image from Nintendo's press materials:
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    I feel like just a topic would cover it, and then afterwards any long discussions can be separated into other threads if need be.
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    reminder: if you're poor, you deserve 0 nice things. you gotta pull yourself by them bootstraps and be a real member of society to have something like a cellphone that's less than a decade old
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    Hopefully. *crosses fingers for Gold, Silver and Crystal on the eshop*
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    Greetings, I am NanoRim. I originally joined a Nintendo fan forum called the NSider2 only to learn that the community has been inactive there for quite some time and I was redirected here. As my icon may imply I am a diehard Mario fanatic as well as a Nintendo fan (Well... duh.), I tend to draw a lot in my free time and am currently in the process of learning how to animate in Macromedia Flash MX 2004. I'm also practically powered on Pepsi and other caffeinated sodas. Pleasure to meet you.
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    I think you'll find a lot of us Don't play Vidya as much as we once did. And that whole grimlock schtick isn't why we like having you around. You're making a big move in your life so it's pretty normal to become anxious and start feeling a bit depressed about what you're leaving behind. And while you do move from your old life we're always here no matter where you are.
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    oh boy i love the meritocracy song and dance
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    ! You look pretty weak! Come on let's battle! As standard procedure, the Gameboy Color checked all the proper variables. The player had a Pokemon, so that was ready. However, Youngster Joey didn't have any Pokemon. Rattata was nowhere to be seen. The system didn't know how to handle this, and instead produced a system crash. Sarah was stuck at the battle screen, and could only hear the cries of Joey as his body warped and glitched indefinitely.
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    I know I shared this in the Magikarp thread but I feel it's good enough to post here too
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