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    Banner is finished! The black lashing isn't electrical tape, it's actually a faux-leather strapping.
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    Dude.... Dudettes.... This is looking sick....
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    I knew there were devices like the SEGA Channel on the Genesis and the Satellaview for the Super Famicom in Japan , but I've never heard of this device. WOW! It's pretty impressive that they were able to do online gaming on the SNES/Genesis via dial-up back in the day. It's kind of funny that they had to deal with some of the same issues we had to with modern online gaming, like people disconnecting when they are about to lose, people harassing others, etc. This video is very well produced. I like how they have interviews with people who worked on the device/service and people who actually used the device back in the day. It's pretty cool that they revived the service via a modern day internet connection. *Note* Video is over 1 hr long
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

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    Got myself my first shiny legendary today through Research Breakthrough after failing to catch a 2nd Azelf.
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    Ninja'd by Krazy for sharing my own tweet
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    imo all the pokemon look terrible in the detective pikachu movie, like, no exception but sonic looks especially, horrendously, unequivocally bad at least the pokemon look like the pokemon they're supposed to be, even though they look terrible.....sonic looks....like an abomination
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    I came across this totally rad stage, so I thought I'd share... 😎 OMG! The music is so perfect for this stage! Though, I'd put on something like THIS for maximum effect. BTW, there's also a 90's (by the same creator)... *Just do a search for the creator.
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    That Sakurai stage is EPIC. I kind of like their twist on Pac Maze as well as that sunken Battlefield one.
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    General movie discussion

    I'd add Mortal Kombat and Rampage to the entertaining pile. They both fall in the "dumb but fun" category.
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    So, I decided to enter one of the AR snapshot contests. I have a big cherry blossom tree in my yard (pics here) and a while back I noticed all the petals on the ground and thought this would make a good AR pic...
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    Came across this big boi in the wild... 😎
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    I remember that happening to someone in the original Mario Kart 8 during one of the tournaments. Here's last week's tournament.
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    ive literally been following the jared shit all day since last night and talking to people about it and i am LIVING im so happy heidi is free of him and fuck him and holly, their careers can rot for all i care
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    Nintendo releases E3 schedule

    Every Direct until it happens.
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    General movie discussion

    Don't even worry!
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    In case any of you don't read the site feedback thread... Looking to migrate and upgrade Ninfora soon, with the primary caveat being that custom name colours are currently broken, requiring some development to fix up and improve.
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    Look. I'm just more impressed it exists in some form.
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    I love the realistic looks
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    Caught one of these Shiny Digletts pretty quickly/easily
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    Just found this today on Clearance.