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    4 whole tweets on the page. Hundreds of people complaining in replies to the tweet about the horrible responses. You scroll for like 5 minutes and you might find one actual insensitive tweet Wouldn't it make sense to just ignore them?
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    Announce Isabelle from Animal Crossing for Smash Bros. you cowards.
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    If you go on a witch hunt you'll usually find a witch. Yeah, stupid people are going to say stupid things in light of a tragedy, it even happens when there are school shootings and such. Going out of the way to find those people then post it as news is the worst kind of click-baiting.
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    HELL. YES! I got Rosie again on my first try! 😄 So bloody happy I have her again ❤️ I have absolutely have no idea what the chances are for that happening, but don’t care - think I’m incredibly lucky with that..
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    Nah, a few people have already died as a result of the quake. And while they could've, Nintendo really shouldn't air it elsewhere early if they're postponing the broadcast in Japan. It's always 99% the same content, so arbitrarily fragmenting their distribution of news like how you're suggesting would be of no benefit to Nintendo or its consumers in their home country. If you really want to sympathize with the victims, just respect Nintendo's decision.
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    35 minutes you say? 3+5=8. It's been 8 years since the last Golden Sun game released. Isaac confirmed.
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    OOT vs MM vs BOTW - Your Favorite Poll

    Breath of the Wild. OoT wasn't my favorite Zelda game at all even before BotW came out and I think while the game is influential, it's been refined and built upon in various ways by its successors. Majora's Mask is such a wholly uncomparable experience to BotW because the game is memorable for its world-building, storyline and emotional weight present throughout the game, something BotW I think is honestly pretty weak in. But BotW is comparable in OoT in the sense that it's clearly laying a foundation for the rest of the series to build on, and it's done so in such a dramatic way that it's staggering that the series can still upend the table and surprise us thirty years later. I think the most important thing BotW did for me was evoke a genuine sense of curiosity and wonder, something a videogame hasn't done in a long time. I have a lot of niggling issues with the game but the rest of it is such a showpiece that I'll put up with them.
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    my browser wont load properly bc of that dumb post so dumb posts go into the dumb post void : )
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    Right. Nothing against any of the KI characters, but I love how terribly that codec has aged now.
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    I think you're confusing this with like a raincheck situation. If any outing event required sunny weather but on the day of the event it rains most of the day, a raincheck date will be provided day of event or when you purchase ticket of said outing event. Now, tho (and again I don't why this isn't obvious to see here, even if you understand the circumstance of the delay. Asking for a date, all just but write off your understanding, thus pointless) the direct is pre-recorded, releasing set a date from the country of origin without knowing how the situation in Japan will get better does not makes sense or is cool. Same goes if it was released in other countries. I'm not sure if you're bringing other region because Japan get exclusive directs sometimes and the rest of the world don't. That's different because what they are showing of there only will release there so that is why some directs release only in Japan. Regardless of the delay the content in all regions will be same so no benefit to release in some and not in others.
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    Because people can be so fucking wrapped up in themselves that they can't understand people died and realize it will still happen, even if a date wasn't announced. People like you bitching that the date wasn't released the same day don't help either.
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    Double dose of greatness from that channel.
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    Nintendo Direct delayed due to earthquake

    Dude, seriously, video games can fucking wait compared to natural disasters and deaths.
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    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    Apparently the devs already have some ideas for a sequel (and considering how well the game sold I hope they get started right away) but one thing I thought would be a nice easter egg is, what if the sequel features new characters but you can allure/guide the original eight to use in battle? I imagine they'd be some of the best summons in the game! I'm also glad to hear that they're not done with the Bravely series either. There are clearly some distinct similarities between the two franchises but I'd love to see a few more Bravely features used in more games (turning random encounters frequency up or down is just too useful, there were times I wished Octopath Traveler had it).
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    Thoughts on my Moon?
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    Ah so that's what that firmware update the other day was for.
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    Got a lot of work on my cosplay done this weekend.
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    You can feed 10 berries to each pokemon in a gym. After x amount of time you can feed more.
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    Youngster Joey

    2008 vs. 2018

    2008: - Finished freshman year, now into sophomore year of highschool. Freshman year was one of my best years of school. - Regularly see friends in person and online messaging (mainly Gaia Online, but Facebook was starting to make a presence) - Learned how to ride a bike. - Was buying DS games almost weekly. I can't even recall where I was getting the money from, but I regularly rode my bike to Gamestop. - Primarily only played RPGs. - Bad social anxiety, coupled with awful facial acne that hurt my image for years. - Started writing in a journal. It's actually just a .txt file. - Most of my free time was being outside, staying at a friends, or playing games at home while my brother and mom were out. - Terribly ignorant of politics. But hey, I was 15. - Primarily wear eye contacts. - Listened to music on my SanDisk MP3 player with 1GB of storage. - Windows Vista. 256MB Memory. Kill me. - Vault soda. 2018: - I graduated college a year ago. - I've been working my current job that's in my field for the past year. - I've been driving for a year now, too. - I have more money in savings than I would have imagined in 2008. - I think I've bought all the 3DS games I want at this stage. - I usually refrain from buying games unless it's something I really want because my going rate of finishing games has drastically slowed down. - Been dating my girlfriend for over two years now. - Seeing friends irregularly, usually several months apart. Life has taken its course for most of us. - Been wearing glasses regularly for two years. - Eating healthier now. I've reduced my sugar intake, I no longer drink soda, and I'm more conscious on proteins. - Coffee is wonderful. - Linux may be a hobby of mine now. - Much more aware and much more concerned with politics. The future of my country is looking bleak, and that's not even accounting the impact climate change will have. - Still living in the same county as 2008. Because of my job, I'm much more geographically aware of the area than I was even a year ago. - More open-minded on videogame genres, including tough-as-nails platformers and dungeon-crawlers. - Most of my free time is spent in my room, at my desk or playing a game. I still live with my parents, partly because me renting somewhere wasn't financially reasonable with my work hours.
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    I'm installing Linux on my desktop. I'll be free from Microsoft forever. Windows 10 was throttling my HDD transfer rate through background programs, which was the last of many many straws. But, it eached the point where my desktop frequently became unusable for minutes at a time. Maybe my HDD is failing and ~100 MB/s is bad for a 7yo HDD. Or maybe I should get a SSD but... this computer is so old that I'm not bringing it with me when I move later thus year (or early next). Realistically, the best option was try my luck with Linux since there's no sense in me getting a SSD (for this computer, anyway).
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    I think too much on how long ago certain events in my life were, or how old some of my favorite games are. Just today marked my 1-year anniversary for where I'm working. 4 years ago I went to my first convention. 7 years ago I started college. 10 years ago I was in highschool and spending most of my free time recording and uploading Let's Play videos on Youtube that nobody cared about. 16 years ago I played Melee for the first time and my life changed forever. I really need to go to Sakuracon next year. I've missed the past two years, and life's pretty dull without my one weekend in the year to weeb out.
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    This is funny shit.