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    I was in my local Wal Mart and on a whim I went to the electronics section to their video games area and lo and behold.... got them to take it out and it wasn't register blocked from being sold: Comparison NO WAY COULD I PASS UP AN OPPORTUNITY THIS EASY!
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    Remember me?

    Holy shit. I used to be on the old forums, then RPGN and RPA, NS2, and now I just came back (seven years later) to discover this exists. I dunno who is reading on here, and I can't imagine anyone cares, but I made it. My dream was working in VG music, and I actually fucking did it. It feels silly to even come here, but honestly, those old Nintendo forums taught me more about personnel management and efficient communications than any part of my college degree ever did. Those forums WERE my outlets socially and creatively growing up, and they nurtured my passion. Thanks for everything, gang...
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    Hal-Con 2017 (local sci-fi con)!

    Local sci-fi con was this past weekend. It was a blast, even though I went to barely any panels (fan run or otherwise); made sure to attend Pokemon Bingo though! Day 1 and 3 I went in my Deku Link cosplay, and Day 2 I went as Jason Voorhees from Part VII. I entered Deku Link as my first ever contest, they ended up bumping me from Novice to Journeyman (it goes Novice > Journeyman > Artisan > Master) and I won second place! My neck and shoulders are killing me as the Deku head weight 18.6 lbs and I posed for like a hundred pics (including a free professional mini-shoot; pics later; and an interview for local news). And since my main pose was looking at my flower I was tilting my head downward a lot putting a lot of neck strain. Worth it though. Every time. I loved the reactions and appreciation of 2 months of hard work, posing with the young and old. I didn't take many pics, but my fiancee did take a few, so here we go. I'll start with the ones of me and/or the missus, then of just other people. Fiancee day 2, her take on a Harley that a lot of people started referring to as "wild west Harley" - not shown, there's a gun in her garter (she did Dr. Harleen Quinnzel on day 1, but I didn't take a pic): Fiancee day 3, Pikachu. I don't have any pics of her with her sunglasses off: Me on Day 2: Me on Day 1 and/or 3: Pics without me in it: An awesome Venusaur dress The Ernest family Contest winners: A mingle of Tingle: Winner in the Artisan category, her Trico is a puppet she controls with her right arm, full head, eye, and mouth movement.
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    Metroid: Samus Returns Review

    This has been a long time coming. Ten years since her last mission—and one year after the ill-timed Federation Force spin-off—Samus Aran is back in action, albeit with a remake rather than a full-fledged new adventure. Don't be discouraged though; this is Metroid II like you've never seen it before. Metroid: Samus Returns uses the same basic structure as the Game Boy original but enhances and remixes the gameplay with a wealth of new content. Much like Metroid: Zero Mission and the original NES Metroid game, there is a world of difference in this remake. Samus Returns is a much more accessible but still satisfyingly difficult Metroid adventure. The game's story is unchanged: after the events of the first game which revealed the catastrophic danger that Metroids pose, Samus is tasked with destroying every last Metroid on their home world, SR388. That's basically it for Samus Returns. The developers didn't try to shoehorn in another subplot or awkwardly expand on Samus's character (though upon finishing the game fans are treated to some artwork that expands a bit on the game's mythos). Some things just don't need to be changed. Gameplay from a 1991 Game Boy game, however, could use a lot of changes. Samus Returns introduces a ton of quality of life improvements compared to the original. First and foremost, Samus finally has a map of SR388! Granted the original game was pretty linear, especially for a Metroid game, but Samus Returns fine tunes the exploration to be more in-line with other 2D Metroid titles. Each area of the game has plenty of interconnected passageways, all filled with secrets to uncover, and with the new map you can even leave yourself colored markers to remind yourself about a hidden item (the different colors are handy for designating what power-up you need to grab the item). Samus Returns also introduces Teleport Stations to make backtracking easier. Don't worry though, there's still plenty of backtracking here; teleportation just makes it a little easier to gather up those hidden items you may have missed when you didn't have the necessary weapon to uncover them. The developers have really done an incredible job of making the game easier to play without betraying the franchise's sense of challenge or the thrill of exploration. And yes, Samus Returns is a fairly difficult game. Part of that is just because you take so much damage from every hit, but again the developers have balanced the game to keep it in the "challenging but fun" region of difficulty. New to the game (and the series) is a parry/counter system. By hitting X just as an enemy attacks, Samus can parry the blow with a melee strike and get in some free shots on the stunned creature. Every enemy telegraphs their attacks, so it's just a matter of learning the right timing to counter well. It is super satisfying to shut down enemy attacks left and right, though the constantly rushing enemies can be a little exhausting after a while. Still, the melee counter system manages to feel right at home in Samus's arsenal, making the bounty hunter feel even more badass and rewarding the player's ability to time each attack well. The other major addition is actually four additions: the four Aeion abilities that Samus picks up on SR388. These aren't quite suit upgrades like the usual power-ups but they can be just as valuable, such as Lightning Armor which protects Samus from taking damage, or the Scan Pulse which reveals a portion of the map around Samus and even highlights breakable blocks nearby. These may sound overpowered but there are a couple of important notes here. One, the Aeion abilities are largely optional. There are a few instances where you need to use them, but something like the Scan Pulse can be completely ignored if you want to play a little more old-school. Two, Aeion abilities require Aeion energy, which drops from enemies the same as health energy. If you try to walk around constantly wearing Lightning Armor you'll find your Aeion energy depleting awfully fast. Managing this "ammo" keeps the difficulty balanced. Much like the melee counter system, the Aeion abilities feel perfectly at home in Metroid. They're fun, flashy tools that help Samus shred enemies and explore efficiently. Most importantly, the developers have nailed the flow of progression in Samus Returns, and abilities like the Scan Pulse are part of that. You never feel bogged down by the challenges ahead of you, or at a loss for what to do. The trickle of new abilities and power-ups give the game a perfect sense of flow that makes the game hard to put down. Any time you want to pause playing you'll find yourself compelled to explore just a bit more because you found a new upgrade and want to see what new secrets you can uncover with it. Samus Returns does an amazing job of keeping the player completely engaged from start to finish. Samus Returns also sees some overhauls in the controls, though of course the Game Boy original only had a couple of buttons to work with. The most notable new feature is 360 degree aiming, an unprecedented level of freedom for a 2D Metroid game, and it's yet another new feature that adds to the fast-paced flow of the gameplay. Is there an enemy slightly out of reach? You don't need to awkwardly line up a shot while jumping, you can take aim and snipe the creature from a distance. It takes a little getting used to but soon enough you'll wonder how you ever played Metroid without it. There are a couple of small annoyances with the controls, though. The lack of button remapping can be a little annoying, but this is likely to only really bother Metroid fans who have other games' controls hard-wired into their brains. What can be slightly more frustrating is the slippery sense of control. The D-pad is used for activating Aeion abilities so you move Samus with the Circle Pad, which feels imprecise, especially with how fast Samus can move. It makes it just a little too difficult to make Samus stop on a dime on small platforms, or inch to the edge of a ledge to line up a shot. You get used to it by the end of the game, especially when your wealth of suit upgrades means you don't have to perfectly aim at every little enemy that crosses your path, but it definitely makes the first hour or so of the game feel slippery. The last 2D Metroid game was Metroid: Zero Mission on the GBA, released thirteen years ago, so it shouldn't be any surprise that Samus Returns blows every other 2D Metroid out of the water in terms of graphics. Samus Returns trades sharp pixel design for more sprawling 3D graphics—a Metroid game environment has never felt more alive on a handheld system. The scenery is beautiful and only gets better as you progress through the game and the level of detail increases, hinting at the kind of life that once existed on SR388. The animation is also a lot of fun to just watch. Samus's fancy new moves aren't just great gameplay additions, they look awesome in motion as well. And the music, well, when you hear those familiar Metroid tunes you can practically feel the nostalgic parts of your brain light up. Even if you aren't a long-time Metroid fan you'll still appreciate the excellent arrangements that add ambiance to the exploration, intensity to the boss fights, and a wonderful electric energy to the entire game. With all of this added content and new features, you can expect a much longer adventure compared to the original. Most players will probably spend at least ten hours with the game, and that's not even factoring in backtracking to gather up all of the hidden items to hit 100% completion. Like all Metroid games Samus Return is ripe for speed-running, especially given how fast and fluid Samus's attacks are. Even after completing the game you may find yourself compelled to play again on hard mode, or try your hand at speed-running. Zero Mission was a massive remake for the original Metroid, making it far more modern and accessible to the average player. That's what Samus Returns does for Metroid II, while also pushing the 2D Metroid genre forward with new features that prove side-scrolling exploration is just as much fun today as it was thirty years ago. Metroid: Samus Returns pairs the thrill of discovery with intense, challenging boss fights topped off with the oh-so-satisfying melee counter system that will keep you glued to your 3DS. We can only hope that this is the start of another Metroid Renaissance. Rating: 9 out of 10 Metroids
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    hey man murkows made my dark badge super easy!!
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

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    SUPER short, but this is so far the only decent clip I can find of me on-stage at the costume contest:
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    Woke up early Friday morning when I heard BestBuys would be handing out tickets around 7. Waited till almost 7:30 then I had to rush out to work at 8. My mom went to go pick it up for me when I went to work. During work though I had to make a run for the company and while I was out stopped at another Bestbuy with Toyrus next to it. It was around 10. I went into Best Buy and they just handed out the last ticket. Went over to Toysrus and waited a bit while people were checking out and they had plenty. I wound up snagging one before returning to work. So we wound up getting two. My plan was to give one to my mom for Christmas because she does play video games and she did love the SNES back in the day. She got me mine for Christmas. One of them is an early Christmas present to her and 20 years later I am returning the favor! Haven't had a chance to open and play it yet though. Been working all weekend long hours. Finally have a day off Monday. Looking forward to playing it!
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    Dancing Mog

    Metroid: Samus Returns

    Not perfect but this is the full map for anyone that wants to peek though it does not specify upgrades at marked locations.
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    Well it was a magikarp raid..........but a raid that got me a 3 perfect iv magikarp!!
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    Forgive me if this old, but I only just came across it today. Adorable Pokemon as Zelda characters: Full album: https://imgur.com/gallery/wUpoF --- Shall we round out a few more characters? Pansear, Pansage, and Panpour as Din, Farore, and Nayru respectively.
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    Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

    I didn't realize someone could be so wrong
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    I think the issue in today's media environment is that anyone with a YT channel, blog, website, ect.. can be a "media" outlet for a games review versus a "traditional news/media" outlet who has real journalists so to speak covering stuff. Its also a hot takes/reactions/ reactions to reactions/click bait online media market now so you have to do what you have to do to get those clicks.
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    Got an interview.
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    Just found and caught a Larvitar in my yard. It's not the best, but it works.
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    Remember me?

    To everyone?
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    Penis does not send shivers down my spine G'mornin'
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    Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

    I agree
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    I like the new overwatch event cosmetics. Mei’s zombie hop is super cute
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    Oh hell yea, got my first gym! Also got some items and berries and caught a Pikachu.
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    pork is any meat from a pig, Ham is generally meat from the leg or butt of the animal, and usually is cured and seasoned a specific way, bacon, usually, is pork from the belly of the pig.
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    A Hat in Time is wonderful

    y'all this game is so good. A Hat in Time is seriously wonderful. If 3D platformers are your vibe and you like Gamecube-era Nintendo in general, it's basically a huge love letter to that in particular. The levels are gorgeous and super fun. Big, open-world, Sunshine style platforming. (minus the water, anyway) And on top of that are areas with really fun, wacky plots instead, where platforming is seamlessly integrated with stuff like a "Murder on the Orient Express" parody. The third world does both and features a pretty genuinely unnerving horror chapter! The movement is super fluid. It's fast and responsive, upgradeable to be more forgiving (anti-bonk badges, for example), and pretty dang fast if you get good at it. The voice acting is phenomenal, with every character full of (silly) personality and nailing every line. Or you can even turn it into Banjo grunts with a badge as well if that's your thing. And the MUSIC. Kirkhope was commissioned for a few tracks, but the team's own work shines wonderfully on its own. I couldn't stop smiling the entire time I was playing it the first night. It's really cute, funny, and entertaining as hell. If you are even remotely interested, please give it a closer look. You even get a hidden Corgi text adventure~ Also you get to draw on Hat Kid's face for the file select. I gave her Kamina shades
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    It was the sad-look-at-flower pose. Which I then turned around and gave it to the MC. Then I did my best shuffle-walk to look like a Deku to center stage where for pose 2 I did the hands-on-head headshake Link does when he's first turned into a Deku. Shuffle to the last point, then did a couple "looking over my shoulder" checks before pulling out the parasols for the finish. I did a shit ton of pictures over the weekend for it (I only wore it Friday and Sunday) and a lot of people loved that I picked a Link that's so rarely done in cosplay. Took about 2 months and around $400 (it was my first build, mistakes were made, lots of learning involved), but it was so worth it.
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    So yeah, I got this game when it first came out and only just now completed it earlier tonight. I played the game up until the intermission following Chapter 1 and then sorta neglected it as other games I was playing (and new ones coming out) took away my attention. However, as certain responsibilities in life freed up and bits of my backlog cleared out I finally got around to this game and pretty much focused on it 100% (aside from the week I spent playing Samus Returns, heh heh). When I first booted it back up I was only bout six hours in I believe. I never expected that I would add on additional 75+ hours as I guided Itsuki and his friends to victory against the mirages that were plaguing Tokyo. Don't get me wrong though, because that 80+ hours was some of the best I've had in a JRPG in a long time. It's kind of funny looking back to how this game was finally revealed and the skeptical take many people had on it. After all, it's not hard to see why some people were a bit torn up with themselves over a game that was a Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem crossover. What most had in mind certainly didn't approach anywhere near the kind of game we actually got. But even I was really impressed with the whole adventure upon starting the game and even now that I've completed it. Some of the cleanest graphics and character models around, fantastic soundtrack (which makes me regret not getting the Special Edition and I could have), a really fun battle system that lifts and combines a few different aspects from both the SMT and Fire Emblem series and a story that gradually develops into an epic, albeit expected, grand showdown with the big bad with some great character stories and progression thrown in for good measure. Seeing the characters in the games grow and find resolution to their own personal issues going forward made for some really cool and sometimes heartwarming moments. The finale for Tiki's side story for instance was among my favorites alongside Yashiro's and Touma's. Though the game has been out for a bit I guess I won't spoil anything about them, but I liked how they concluded the most. And man, the music videos for various characters/moments in the game are so well done. They really nailed the atmosphere of being steeped in the entertainment industry since different characters excel at certain categories of entertainment as compared to others. For instance, Touma wanting to be an action star and Tsubasa coming into her own as a pop idol. But how they tie it into the game's narrative with certain characters just works so well. One of my favorites is "The Labyrinth" from Kiria and you get a sense of that when listening to the lyrics and of course watching certain sequences during her performance, but even disregarding all of that the visuals and the "choreography" was just so much fun to watch onscreen. This much is true for just about every character. Needless to say, I really enjoyed this game and although I'd like to see a different take in the future on what a Fire Emblem in a modern setting would look and play like I'd love to see another SMTxFE collaboration like this. There's so much more I could say and gush on about but I don't want to ramble on too much.
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    Metroid: Samus Returns

    Calling it now: The Super Metroid remake will be titled "Metroid: Samus Forever". Then the Other M remake will be titled "Metroid: Samus and Robin".
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    Introductions thread.

    Hey guys, I know I haven't been very active on here recently, just been busy with my job I got back in March. Gonna try and been more active around here
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    Would be cool if the Pokemon Stadium games on N64 Mini could wirelessly connect to the Virtual Console Pokemon games on 3DS.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    The mileage is obviously going to differ between units and builds but I can actually get Chrom to reach max SP in less than an hour thanks to Warriors Part 5 Hard. With a skill set prioritizing self-healing and defense I don't even bring along dedicated healers or anyone else except Gray who does nothing but make use of Sword Valor. If I didn't have any personal affinity with Gray and hadn't already invested into him I'd have probably inherited his skills to Chrom, but I won't do that because I don't think it'd be worth it to me.
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    Being so busy with my cosplay and then the con I had this parcel sitting in the corner of my spare room, and opened it just last night
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    Got Life and Hometown: Boobie Beach Splash today
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    So the "presentation" awards were announced today. I came first for "Best Video Game character" and got Runner Up for "Stage Performance".
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    It's always cool hearing about how hardware limitations back then could eventually lead to new ideas. The part about how Mario Kart's tracks were constructed is pretty surprising too. Never even thought about there was often a lack of long straightaways or anything like that. Kind of wish there was some interesting tidbits about the battle mode though. For those that join in on the Mario Kart nights: ZEUS!!
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    p e e e e e e e e e e n i s !
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    Metroid: Samus Returns

    ...... A Metroid Other M remake doesn't need to happen. Most of its story is already better told by the game that follows it chronologically...and a Fusion reimagining, following what has been done in Samus Returns, can shed light on Samus's character and her relationship with Adam/Federation comrades through a Samus Memories gallery. There's no need for Nintendo to go really high budget with a Metroid game unless it is a Metroid Prime game. I don't get why after a solid return to roots that a fully voice acted, story heavy Metroid game is even being brought up...I've been through that before, and I would rather be playing more Metroid games in the future. I find the thought of an Other M remake to be pretty funny, just go to Metroid Fusion.
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    I believe some of you may remember this collab a while back for the Japanese release of the game well now its NoE/NoA's turn at getting it.
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    Gameboy XXL

    Pocket Power LOL.
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    Route 30 - N4A Chat Thread - September 2017

    Free barbecue is so much better than a free ice cream cone. We never get anything that good. I think next week they’re giving out free car shades...?
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    gee i sure am glad these adults trust me with the most advanced technology and rare discoveries of this world just because i'm a dependable looking 10 year old my and my chikorita gonna take over this region
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    Guess what I picked up today!

    I got their last one as well!
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    Yeah, they were good. An appletini, some guava frozen drink, a margarita, random drinks inbetween, and finished it off with a 17 year double cask scotch when I got home. The bartender was also my roommate so we all had fun.
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    So, this was actually put in as a tribute to Iwata?!.... On the day he passed away you have to do the "Directly" motion with both joy-con and then Iwata will say directly in Japanese and NES Golf will boot up. OMG, NINTNEDO! THAT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! !T_T What a great way to honor him. R.I.P. Iwata-san. The next time you're playing Switch, remember that Iwata will always be there watching over. 😊 Full Video: I hope I'm not the only one who teared up watching that video. EDIT: Here's why Nintendo put this on everyone's Switch... (T_T) Man, Iwata really left a huge impact on everyone at Nintendo.
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    New Pokemon Go Equinox Event ( @Doc Brown this one should really benefit you) http://pokemongolive.com/en/post/equinox2017