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    A message from Reggie on Twitter to go along with this news.
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    I'm just reporting in to say that I miss you guys. Shitposting on Nsider2 and here will probably be the most fun I'll ever have in an online community. Part of me also misses being a lazy college students with all the time in the world for playing the likes of Animal Crossing, Smash, and Pokemon. I don't have much interest in Ultimate, and whatever we may see of AC and Pokemon later this year. It just doesn't feel the same when I can't talk about it here or with other folk. It's hard to invest myself into games these days when time is really limited, and it sucks.
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    Aww this is too cool. Reggie kept an amiibo a fan sent him years ago. https://nintendosoup.com/a-reggie-amiibo-sent-by-a-fan-to-reggie-was-spotted-on-his-table/ Source: nintendo soup OMG. This one takes the cake .
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    This has been making the rounds.... ...But yeah, I don't think they'd actually go with gun.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

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    Wow, this is bittersweet. An end era with Reggie as NOA president and a new chapter for Doug Bowser as NOA president. Reggie has been there when Nintendo was at their highest pedigree with the Wii and then the lowest the Wii U. Now approaching the 2nd anniversary of the Switch, Reggie has had eventful ride with Nintendo and leaving on pretty good high note. I wish him all the best in his retirement. I can't believe the last time we seen Reggie in a direct of some sort was last year at E3, wow. Also: I had to and how no one post by now is astounding.
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    Maybe we'll get a quartet of legendaries based on the four Hogwarts houses.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Finished merging my third +10 project this morning This is the build I've been using with her for arena. I have Lighting Breath as an option when I need it as well as Dragon Buff C skill for her non-arena team. While I miss the innate counter of Lightning Breath, her prf has been great for all the dragons in higher level arena (Camilla handles any of the blues without issue). Now that Tiki is finished I need to decide who I want to do for a Blue +10 project.
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    I would highly recommend getting your shit together when you’re still in university because that kind of attitude and work ethic does not fly in the real world
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    Remember this saying: Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow. dont actually follow this advice finish your paper grim you got this
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    Reggie is one cool dude and it was so much fun to have him as President of NOA. Damn, I'm really gonna miss him! T_T At last we won't have to worry about that cord any more. (Mario Kart Night inside joke). A last one for old time sake... Anyway...Farewell Regginator! May your body always be ready! I love Reggie's bad acting. It truly is the best. ❤
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    Yep. Just saw this one that fits too. Just stumbled across this wonderful Tetris cover. Ok what's up with videos? They're showing up very compressed.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Guys guys, I finished my Ares. He's a +10 boi now. Picture:
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    The graphics don't look bad but they do look underwhelming for a Switch version. Maybe seeing them in a different manner would make me think they are nicer than they give off. The names are kind of cool. They didn't offer enough information to really make any opinions otherwise.
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    I caught eevee with flowers in the wild. Using it for smeargle pics later. I heard his moves are based on who you use in pics.
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    I caught 2 wild flower-crown Pikachu, but didn’t get any special field research when I swung by a few PikéStops this afternoon. I thought these special Pikachu and Eevee where only available from special field research?...Maybe just Eevee? Also, I caught a wild Snorlax. I haven’t seen one of these big-boys in the wild since the game launched.
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    Hurray! Finally got a Lugia, through field research! Sadly missed out on Latias... nobody around to help me take her on.
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    This news hit me like a bomb, man. Reggie pretty much embodies the golden days of G4/GameSpot/IGN interviews and E3's that I remember so very fondly. He's been the guy who smoothly convinced me to buy into their products for like, half my life. It's tough news to stomach - but I have no doubt Doug Bowser will be awesome for the job! He's got some big shoes to fill; but I believe in his abilities.
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    Been in a real good mood. Got two B's; one for a text and one for a quiz. My Japanese class we've gotten into Te-forms and how to do directions. My last term I had all A's so I got on the Dean's List and because of that I got an invitation to be in an honor society that would be beneficial for me for scholarships
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    Ended up going ahead and purchased Ultimate and used my Gold Coins to purchase Piranha Plant Downloading will take a few days though...