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    This year's Secret Santa event can wrap up now that everyone's received their awesome gifts. Thanks so much for participating! And of course, happy holidays.
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    Great Scott! It's a Secret Santa gift! Complete with a card from Doc Brown: So what's in the box? Many thanks, @Doc Brown! Coffee mugs are always appreciated, and it will be put to good use. Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself… that is coffee! I've been meaning to get Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for awhile now, but kept putting it off for reasons. Starlink is a neat addition, and I'm interested to see just what they did with Star Fox in that game. Somebody else has already gotten into the candy. Prior to photographing it, even.
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    You're the best, @ArmoredFrog! Unfortunately my Joy-cons are currently being repaired, so I can't play Peach Ball just yet, but I can start Double Peace right away!
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    merry christmas everyone!! today i got to voice chat w my mom for the first time since leaving america, so that was a wonderful christmas present wishing you all a relaxing and lovely day today!!
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    Another gift from @DranSeasona! Thanks so much! Pillars of Eternity is gonna be high up there on my backlog. I'm a huge sucker for its visual style and atmosphere.
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    Over-rep and franchise/character diversity.
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    What up y’all. Literally in the front row for David Wise and his band
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    Relatively happy with this reveal. Another FE rep, sure, but they utilize a sword, axe, lance, and bow in their moveset, not just the sword.
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    This is an old topic I made before Christmas last year about the holiday sales going on. Since all of those ended and more popped up as a New Years sale, just decided to keep this one up for now. I'll probably use this topic until the end of the month and then just let it die. As far as I know, these all end on the 16th-17th depending on your timezone. These are all North American sales! I won't include DLC this time around since this takes me forever to cover. I'll update the rest later. These lists are too long and I started this an hour ago. Nintendo & Select Titles Sega/Atlus Capcom XSEED Inti Creates 2K Games Devolver Digital WB Games Ubisoft Bandai Namco
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    absolutely tired of pornsick dudes posting hentai underneath nintendo tweets as if they're the funniest god damn thing to ever hit the internet disgusting disgusting disgusting
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    This one's for Tyranogre:
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    Firefox master race
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    Thanks for another great year of races! I love racing with you guys... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➡So, next week... For the new year, race as Gold Mario / Baby Mario/Luigi (If you don't have Gold Mario)?⬅ Yeah, it's kind of hard to believe we've been playing MK together pretty much every Thursday night for that long. If you count when we started with MK7 on Monday nights, it's been nearly a decade! O_O' ...DAMN IT! I'm OLD! -__-'
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    The results for the last Tournament of 2019! Here's the clip!
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    Merry Christmas to everyone except the people that made us re-fry their chicken order right before closing
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    Well, this is now a thing... IDK what it is with Nintendo and ASMR lately. First there was that video of a guy making a level in SMM2 at the beach and then there was that video of a Labo kit being put together. Now, TPC has jumped in and created their own ASMR videos. These are oddly adorable! I kind of want to see... Or should I say hear? ...More of these now. BTW, is it just me, or dose anyone else have a strange craving for cookies all of a sudden?
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    Character is ok, weapon diversity good, but I think closing out pass #1 this way seemed underwhelming. Stage is cool though and has some diverse mechanics. The Mii costumes were very solid. Cup Head + song is a nice bonus.
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    Despite the graphic novel genre being famously slow, I feel like I've just been thrown into the third dungeon of a Zelda game--with the seventh boss at the end. Immediately followed by the secret postgame DLC boss. It's the most urgent, dire, nerve-wracking video game I've played in a long, long time. I'm only about three hours into the first game, yet already I can't imagine how the plot could possibly escalate further from here. Whelp, time to buy the rest of the series anyway! (... Wow, Dual Destinies is the first M-rated game I've ever bought. Maya better drop some f-bombs to help me celebrate.)
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    @Ridley PrimeHe’s absolutely right. It’s silly to crucify Gen 8 specifically when the whole model is seedy. And I agree with him that this is frankly better looking in terms of optics at this point than any of the “3rd outings” were. We go through the same argument every year anyway where we complain the model isn’t changing enough, but now I guess Gen 8 is the straw that broke the camel’s back for people. And as Jim said, if this is your time of reckoning with this series, then that’s great. But maybe not everybody sees it that way or even cares, because they get a great deal of enjoyment from the series still. BTW, loved the new Pokémon miniseries pilot, not gonna lie.
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    Ah, I remember when I only played Nintendo games (along with Sonic) when I was young. I’m glad a friend opened me up to trying other games outside Nintendo. Otherwise I’d have super buyers remorse over pre-ordering the fighters pass, except for Banjo and Kazooie.
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    General Anime/Manga Thread

    azumanga daioh is one of the first manga and anime i watched, and i distinctly remember my first experience w yotsuba bought issue 1 at a school book fair in middle school and recognized his art style immediately lol, i was so excited i watched azumanga so much i can still recite a LOT of the english dub from memory even now and its the only anime i have a full box set of, good times
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    General Anime/Manga Thread

    Oh, I've never actually made a 3x3 before....I made 2 separate ones, one for anime and one for manga, and I took a couple liberties considering some of them are still currently publishing/not completed airing in entirety i put on single seasons, but in reality im counting the entire series as a whole i didn't actually finish watching 3gatsu (i watched the first season while it was airing, then had to wait once it was done), but something about it really hit home w me enough to make the list. and tho technically fruits basket is still 'ongoing', based on the quality of the remake and how i know the story will go, i can already assume its going to be an all time favorite based on my reaction to the first season of it (IE: crying every time i think about it) hq!! is a bit of an outlier for me; i don't even really know what possessed me to watch a sports anime since i genuinely just don't care about any of them, but holy shit, what a keeper. everything else is pretty straightforward. if i had to pick a single favorite anime ever, it would be anohana. 4/9 are technically still publishing, but they're important enough to me to put em on there so fuck it the last spot (that made in abyss has taken) was actually more of a free space tbh, it was a toss-up between that and the promised neverland, so honorary mention to that too i guess lol. if anyone is into very relaxing and beautiful manga, i cannot highly enough recommend tenju no kuni (Blissful Land). its art style is absolutely beautiful, the story is slow paced and enjoyable, and it has a very interesting setting of Tibet as for current stuff, i'm currently watching hq!! s4, somali and the forest spirit, and asteroid in love i plan on watching magia record too, but haven't gotten around to the first ep yet thanks for the new thread, pichi!
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    General Anime/Manga Thread

    I can't keep up with seasonal anime because I'm too busy with work, vidya, and other shit. So instead, I look at whatever has the best waifus, wait for it to finish airing, buy the DVD at the next con I go to, and marathon it all at once whenever I have a free weekend.
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    Wow, I'm entering this amiibo tournament. @alienboyva: Yeah it was mentioned in the 2018 E3 direct that you can carry over you amiibo data from Sm4sh but either you retain your amiibo training style or simply start from scractch. When the game came out December 2018 I had a week off from work specifically to unlock, tryout all the character, play world of light and train all the amiibo I have collected up to that point plus the Wolf and Ridley amiibo to lvl 50 again. That was the longest thing to do outside of completing world of light. But I from the few time I had my amiibo fought others here in arena on Tuesday nights, they beat up player pretty well and got compliments with my amiibo are trained. What I do is simply train amiibo for like 2hrs but broken up in 15 minutes segments mixed with 1-on-1 free for all 4 cpu's + (all lvl). Some with me as 1-on-1. For items I make them play without up to lvl 40 then once there I add items. Make them play on as many stages I can in 2hrs, with custom stages. I found out later no matter how hard you train amiibo they can't find their left to their right on user created stages. So I train them for every possibility that may come their way. The whole journey thing is whack more so to me because my amiibo are already trained and I don't trust how anyone but me train their amiibo to taint what I taught them. I'm gonna make this exception once to see how this tourney would work since I'll be fighting other amiibo, anyways.
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    I kind of got inspired for this post listening to these videos: Only really watch them if you want to, as I wouldn't consider them essential viewing before posting your own thoughts ****************** ****************** Several things hit me from their discussion: Mario Kart X (if you consider Tour IX) vs. Nintendo Kart --MK has such a strong brand.... but the DLC to 8 and some of the tracks in general to MK8 mean other Nintendo franchises or characters aren't out of bounds for being chosen. I jsut don't know where that imaginary line will get drawn in the next one. --I'd be more worried about Tour's influence on the franchise with outfits, skins, and karts... --Where is the next gimmick coming from? Bikes from MKWii, Gliders from MK7, and Anti-gravity from 8 have gone over well... --Is it time for Double Dash to make a comeback to Mk? Is F Zero Dead? I think people would like it if they do the following: online multi, an easier difficulty setting, and keep the customization of your character from GX and X with the color changes and what not. If Nintendo doesn't want to do it, give the IP to someone who can. Rare and Nintendo make a Diddy Kong Racing 2 --Maybe the Banjo DLC is the spark to get this going. --Even if you don't play that angle, the DK games of late on Nintendo platforms should be enough to want to get someone to revisit the franchise. --I would like them keeping the custom handling aspects from the DS remake of the original. Where to go with Star Fox I think there are two ways to bring Star Fox back IMO. 1) A fully online dogfighting, land battling, naval batting set up between Team Fox and Team Wolf. The cast of characters is there to have a pretty large choice of characters on the good and bad side of things to set up teams. There is canon in Star Fox to where you don't just have to do space dogfighting, you can do land and sea battles too. And you can set up the planetary advancement system from the games as a way to unlock all the different arenas for the game. You could keep the arcade mode single player mode for earning unlockable gear, vehicles, characters ect.... 2) I am NOT opposed to revisiting a Star Fox Adventures style game. Where to go with the "Excite" series 1) the eShop seems to me to be a perfect place to bring back Excitebike World Tour from the WiiWare era. Allows it to stay bikes and feel like a new Excitebike game. 2) I think a retail release would be a good way to revisit ExciteTruck/Bots. The terrain transformation ideas, the multiple colors and paint styles for vehicles, multiple styles of vehicles, and the idea of doing tricks/stunts for points to earn higher rankings seems like a good mechanic to get back into. Legend of Zelda, where to go post BotW --I think its time to get Link past the land of Hyrule --is Hyrule a lone "world" or is it a continent on a much bigger world to where Link just hasn't gone out and sought (or other Hurulian explorers for that matter). --Playable Zelda needs to happen --I liked their idea of playable Sheik/Impa --I would LOVE to get a remake of A Link to the Past in a Link's Awakening style graphically. I also think there is a good way to do a remastering/remaking of Legend of Zelda and Zelda II The Adventure of Link. --Is it time to get a remastered bundle of the Oracle games and Minish Cap. Maybe in some of portable Zelda collection. Luigis Mansion 4 ideas -I get their point with how 1-3 are kind of the same and its time to expand it.... --My expansion ideas would be hunting the world for ghosts..... not just Mansions/Hotels....but haunted castles, haunted houses, maybe haunted woods ect..... like a world tour of ghost busting.... combining the travel element of Super Mario Odyssey with the need to bust ghosts. Splatoon 3 I've only played these casually as far as 1 and 2 go. I can only back their idea about going to all new territories in the world established in the game. Punch Out / ARMS I think one, the other, or possibly both get their own sequels but I also wonder if somehow if its best to tie these two together for a game based on the arcade style fighting mechanics. I know they are fundamentally different in terms of game play style but they both are kind of motion controlled arcade boxers as well. And maybe that free flowing arena/ring is what needs to happen to Punch Out to further the series. Mario: I find 3D World to be fundamentally different from Galaxy from 2D Mario from Odyssey style Mario. My goal would be: Super Mario Galaxy 3: take the planetary gravity concepts further but kind of go back to the world hub set up of 1. I don't see the concept cannibalizing an Odyssey 2. 3D World 2: Just come up with something as good as the Cat power up and I think you can be on your way. Work on camera adjusting though, as sometimes the perspectives were hard to work with. 2D Mario needs to abandon the NSMB aesthetic. I'd like to see inspiration from say the SMB styled levels out of Odyssey OR that crayon style stuff out of the level from NSMBU ... or just go with some all new style. I think there is merit to working back in the Gold Coin Flower concept from NSMB2 and expanding it. Obviously I think Dr. Mario for Switch is needed. --4p Local + Online + Battle Royale? --Work with the mobile game concept of different doctors with different "powers" --Dr. Luigi concept was good, apply that to all the other modes of said game. --Work with the mobile game's more puzzle solving mechanic versus core killing viruses dumping trash to opponents or just cleaning out viruses
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    SacAnime Winter 2020

    Welcome to the first convention thread of the decade! Dragon dildos, day 1: I also got to speak to Brianna Knickerbocker for a bit: *Bridal Charlotte is her favorite seasonal alt in Fire Emblem Heroes. *Halloween Charlotte is an alt that she would most like to see. *Her fondest memory of recording for Fire Emblem was Sakura's support with Camilla in Warriors, as Wendee Lee and the audio technician were constantly giggling whenever Sakura had to react to Camilla's touchy-feelyness. More tomorrow. Sleep soon.
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    Here's the last tournament of the last decade! I rushed the thumbnail. At the end I explain my future stream/video plan with these tournaments after tonight's Tournament!
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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons (3/20)

    Got a pre-order for New Horizons for Christmas so I'll get the game on Day 1. And man, as someone who's played all four main AC games, the player character designs sure have come a long way from 2002.
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    Nintendo World Series Game 2: Great Plateau 0 Koholint 2 Dreamers lead series 2-0 Man, what has happened to Great Plateau’s vaunted offense. They were shut out again as Young Link, Toon Zelda, and Marin finished off another dominant pitching performance. A sac fly by Grim Creeper and an RBI single by were the only runs by Koholint but it was enough to take a 2-0 lead. The Explorers will hope home cooking will help them figure it out
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    OMG... am i ever glad I’ve let Xander run the majority of the season and playoffs this year. This guy is pure fire right now. 20 inning game 7 between GP and Sarasaland? My goodness gracious. maybe the most unlikely intra-franchise NWS we’ve ever seen, the defending champion Great Plateau vs the upstart Koholint who won the LCS in their first season in the Premier League.
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    (Oh, boy. This is gonna be the last heartbreaking series of this decade.) LCS Round Game 7s: Koholint 7 West City 6 F/15 Koholint wins, goes on to the NWS! Thief Girl and Moblin got in runs at the second inning, while Gohan and Goku got some in the third. Leila and Cyclos followed in the fourth, followed by Yamcha and Tien. Cadence and ReDead Knight ran in the seventh, and then Androids 17 & 18 tied the score in the eighth. Then... nothing. Dark Link ultimately saved the night with a home run. Koholint are on a crash course to the NWS! But, will their Zelda counterparts make it? Sarasaland 5 Great Plateau 6 F/...20! Great Plateau wins, goes on to the NWS! And, the answer is... Yes. But it was rather hard for them. Sumo Bro, the Outfield Bros, and Tatanga had an RBI and a home run consecutively in the fourth inning. Prince Sidon, Yunobo, Daruk, BOTW Link, and Deku Scrub did all they could to tie the game by the end of the eighth. Then... nothing here too. But, because of what happened next, this match could be considered the best of this year... perhaps this decade. Because of the rivalry, there was no DQ finish, no time out, or the like. Good ol' fashioned baseball. Until either got ONE point, the match would continue. None of the relief pitchers for both teams allowed a score to happen in the late hours. So, it was up to the starters this time. Because both sides needed to win to prove their worth, Sarasaland a defining victory, and Great Plateau another chance of the gold, the game took longer than expected. The crowd grew silent. It was the final inning... the record-breaking 20th. If there was any clash of two teams that would last this long, it would be the red-hot Coins and the calm-headed Adventurers. Something that rivals that of the Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada show-stopping matches of recent years. The last two pitchers of the night were Daisy and BOTW Zelda. One shot. One hit. One last chance. ... As much of a star she was for the whole team, Daisy threw the ball that made fate happen that night. Happy Mask Salesman swung his bat. He hit the ball. It flew into the crowd. Home. Run. The main BOTW couple embraced each other, cried, and kissed, while fireworks came out. The rest of the team celebrated with their own groups, like the Ganons bizarly circling the field. The GP fans went into a shock of happiness. The Sarasaland fans... were hard to read. Some felt like that GP's win was justified and the match quality was so amazing, that losing didn't make them feel like losers; while others felt like something was off about the whole match, the 20 innings notwithstanding. Like there was a trick to how GP won by chance... or by some kind of trick. Sarasaland fans wanted vengeance for what happened to them a season ago, and GP's triumph over them again seemed to sour the Coins' fans' opinions on this seemingly fresh team. Maybe those fans felt bitter of how it seems Great Plateau might be their Goliath or Achilles' heel for now. Some fans of the Coins now chant "KOHOLINT! MAKE GP FLINCH!" in protest of the result. Yes, a new record will be in the works, and the Koholint Dreamers will face the Great Plateau Adventurers in the first inter-franchise NWS. (Unless there was something else.) After 32 seasons (I think), which one of the bright Zelda teams will win? Will it be Koholint, who have risen after 26 years of dormant power, or will it be Great Plateau, a shining new example of what awaits for the future of the series?! Will dreams be crushed?! Will adventures be ended?! This all will begin... on the second of 2020! STAY TUNED! *sleeps*
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    I just glanced at r/gaming and there's a post with 92k upvotes of a screenshot of somebody's Twitter joke, even though they specifically have a rule against that. I think you're fine lol. That's probably the best place to post it. If it gets popular, you might get a few people complaining who spend their entire life on that site, but nobody else is gonna care.
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    I gotta admit, I started with the Type Combo and went from there. I really wanted to make a Fire/Grass work, and tried to think of a way to bring those two diametrically opposed types together in a somewhat sensible way. Though, if I'm being completely honest, I think I'm the most proud of Jack-O-uar. Maybe a little too proud of that, lol. As for the marking, you're close, man. I wanted him to have some form of spots to work off of Jaguar, but I wanted to make them (hopefully) thematic and less random, so I was going for traditional Jack-O-lantern eyes. You know, the triangles with the little pupil?
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    they look really cute and the concept is neat. i'm not really good enough to give you valuable criticism. i'm sure there's another one you can post it on. like a general gaming page or art subreddit
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    Shiny Golurk for Christmas! Calling him Ing Smasher! Only battled 45....
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    can't move singular posts but its now Not Here no one ever asks sarah to do anything ;__;
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    also i don't trust anyone who eats egg yolks hard except for my spouse, who i love and cherish, but they are on thin ice
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    What are you listening to?

    good lord
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    Yo if egg yolks aren’t runny and gloopy I don’t want them
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    @IU Looks pretty cool, might get him.
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    STEAM SALE STEAM SALE STEAM SALE im broke this christmas but i think i'll still get my dearest something lil from the sale... i want more cute christmas emotes
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    I wonder if it will get patched out in the future, but this phantom footstooling has definitely taken a lot of what was known about Ultimate's meta and turned it on its head. Being able to footstool some things like Palu's u-air is nice in hindsight though.
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    Typically, though there are four different dates used by different Christian groups to mark the holiday; the others being January 6, January 7 and January 19. Part of this is because certain denominations mark Christmas using the old Julian calendar date, rather than the modern Gregorian calendar.
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    Is COPPA really that bad?

    20 minutes long, but does a good job of explaining it.
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    Good morning. I slept for 5 hours and now I’m at work and want to dietm If working here for so many years has done anything it’s made me despise Christmas