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    I'll just leave this here.
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    Full write-up and pictures on how I made my Fierce Deity cosplay: https://imgur.com/gallery/2JzmK0l
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    Thanks for the heads up Ridley Prime, I have the double pack digital version. It's not bad if it deletes my poke save but all content on the micro SD card. I really wanted to keep autosave on too, too bad. I hope there's a fix for this soon.
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    https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/11/video_smash_bros_ultimate_glitch_freezes_terry_and_one_of_the_ice_climbers_in_time LOL
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    Took home first in the group rankings and first among friends again, now up to rank 17. Just gotta make Top 3 to make it into rank 20 at the end of Paris Tour part 1.
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    Moving to Auckland this weekend. Can't believe how close it is already! Most of my stuff is packed now. Super excited.
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    my visa application to live and work in canada is finally in the mail aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ninfora please send me the strongest vibes you have so that i can stay here
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    Guess I can post my code here, 7745 0388 6407.
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    Another option for the "crash across the finish line" challenge. Try Waluigi's Pinball Reversed. Time your banana throw right around or just before you exit the tunnel. It might seem like the banana fell too far away from the finish line, but the momentum is just enough to send you across the finish line. Also there is a bizarre glitch where the challenge counts if you were to FAIL the "avoid obstacles" challenge, since the race would "finish" when you get wiped out and lose that last balloon, even if you didn't cross the finish line. So the game is only checking if you are in a "crash" state when the race has concluded, but not if it has concluded via finishing line. This might get patched out though.
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    N4A Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-Ups Open)

    Submitted, can't wait as always!
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    Why is it that Dragon Quest has never reached quite the same popularity in the West as it has in Japan? For over thirty years the franchise has been a titan in the gaming industry, though the vast majority of that influence and importance comes from Japanese sales. Perhaps it's because the series has never been one to stray too far from its classic RPG roots. The mainline games have always had a unifying similarity, one that harkens back to more text-based RPG adventures. Like its predecessors, Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age doesn't try to reinvent itself, instead relying on familiar design elements and classic gameplay. And the result is one of the best experiences you can have on the Switch. In XI S you play as the Luminary, a hero marked from birth, destined to defeat the Dark One and save the world. Upon setting out on your adventure you encounter all manner of hardship as every town you visit seems to be suffering from some problem that you'll need to help fix, and of course you'll find plenty of allies on the journey as well. The story in XI S doesn't try to be anything too fancy, and it really doesn't need to. Even across the long play time of the game the adventure never really flags thanks to the wide assortment of side characters you meet and help. More importantly, you can't help but be charmed by the playable characters. The main hero might be a typical silent protagonist, but getting to know the other characters and helping them on their personal journeys more than makes up for a few clichés along the way. XI S is all about classic DQ action. Familiar weapon/item names, memorable monster designs from over the years, and classic turn-based battles make the gameplay instantly familiar to anyone that has played a DQ title before. There are a few minor new frills, such as the pep system that gives a character a temporary power boost and access to special combo abilities with teammates currently in the battle. For the most part though, XI S follows the formula set by past games in the series, and it works beautifully. It may not be particularly new, but there's something to be said for just doing the classic formula so well. This is quintessential RPG action, and fans of the genre will love seeing the familiar mechanics at play in a game that is so vast and engaging. Because even if the basic gameplay feels standard, it is no less enthralling than any other modern RPG. XI S pulls you into the adventure with not just charming characters but a richly customizable combat experience that allows you to customize your characters' skills as they level up. Every character has an elaborate skill tree that allows you to build them as you like. Each character can use a couple of different weapons, but in the interest of using your skill points wisely you'll probably focus on one weapon for each character so you can reach the highest skills. It's a simple bit of customization but highly addictive, especially when you see a particularly powerful skill just out of reach, pushing you to level grind a little. And don't worry, you can easily reset you skill points at any save point/priest, so the game doesn't punish you for experimenting a little before finding the ideal set-up. It also helps that, on the game's standard difficulty setting, XI S is never very challenging. That doesn't mean you can totally drop your guard while playing, but this isn't the kind of RPG that requires heavy level grinding or sticking to one specific strategy to overcome bosses. You're pretty free to cook up whatever party composition or strategy you want, even swapping characters in battle at will. The overarching format of the game is classic linear RPG, but it has none of the rigidity that characterizes those games—you even recover all HP and MP every time you level up! Ultimately it feels like the best of both worlds. One final note on the game's customization options and ease of difficulty: early in the adventure you pick up an item called the Fun-Sized Forge, which allows you to craft weapons and armor with materials collected from monsters or found while exploring. Unlike games with similar crafting mechanics, this one is incredibly convenient and easy to use. For one thing, you can use the forge anywhere. Whether you're at a campsite or standing in the middle of a monster-infested dungeon, you can whip out the forge and craft new equipment, which is almost ridiculously convenient. You're also able to re-forge almost any of the equipment you already have, so even if you find a better sword than the one you've crafted previously, you can still spruce it up a little. Finally, if you're missing an ingredient you can purchase it right there in the forging menu—no need to find the right merchant who carries that specific item. Some materials can't be bought like this—generally the most rare materials in the game—but still, it's incredibly handy, especially since spending some gold on materials is pretty much always cheaper than buying new equipment outright. The forging process is also a mini-game where you try to temper the item to just the right quality which is actually pretty fun. And, perhaps not surprisingly, there's very little penalty for failing—you still get the item and can just re-forge it to try again. The Fun-Sized Forge is perhaps the best encapsulation of the game's sense of difficulty: incredibly lenient on the player, yet still charming and engaging. And it's particularly impressive that XI S maintains that charm and engagement throughout the entirety of its length. At minimum you can expect around sixty hours of play time out of this game, not to mention the various side quests you can tackle, including the Tickington quests that allow you to revisit the previous ten DQ games, which is a particularly fun feature for fans of the series that can recognize the key characters and locations of past adventures. On top of all of this, XI S also has a fairly extensive post-game with additional tasks for your party to accomplish. Suffice it to say you're getting your money's worth with this one. Another aspect of DQ that has never wavered over the years is the delightful artwork of Akira Toriyama. His style is so distinctly recognizable: it's always bright, colorful, and elegantly simple—even the monster designs have a goofy charm to them, notably the iconic Slime mascot. The recognizable artwork helps drive home the sense of DQ as an enduring, familiar pillar of gaming, a dependable friend for hours of classic RPG fun. And Toriyama's art style manages to stay just as charming with 3D character designs, though one of the coolest features in XI S is the ability to swap to 2D graphics, in case you want to really capture that classic RPG vibe. The best part is that every aspect of the game has a more traditional style as well while in 2D mode, e.g. battles play out more like old school RPGs where you select every character's action first then they play out depending on each character's speed. However, swapping between 3D and 2D can be a little inconvenient since you have to start from the beginning of a chapter/checkpoint, which means that if you decide to swap while in the middle of a chapter you'll lose all of your progress up to that point. It would have been great to be able to swap without that restriction in place. Like the visuals, the music also has plenty of familiar beats to it—longtime fans will no doubt feel a swell of nostalgia when the series fanfare first kicks in. There are plenty of great songs to enjoy in XI S, and like swapping between 3D and 2D you have two options at play. The original game was released with MIDI audio, which is one option here, or you can opt for the full orchestral arrangement for every song in the game, which is simply fantastic. This version of the game is also fully voiced, which adds a fun layer of personality to all of the silly dialogue found throughout the adventure. Plus you're able to choose between English and Japanese voices if you're the type to stick to the original audio as closely as possible. Dragon Quest has never been as flashy as other RPGs, but at this point I doubt fans would have it any other way. Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age has the same sense of heartwarming charm, classic battle system, and sprawling amount of content as past games, making it an old school RPG fan's dream. There's something to be said for taking a classic formula and executing it so perfectly, and that's really the best description of Dragon Quest XI S that there is. It may not have wild surprises for longtime RPG or Dragon Quest aficionados, but it's hard to worry about that while enjoying a sprawling, beautifully designed adventure. Rating: 9 out of 10 Slimes
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    Still alive. Sorry if I made anyone worry. The fires may have been close to my town, but at least for the time being, my house is safe.
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    That was the best show I’ve ever been to, hands down. Holy SHIT
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    My favorites of each game I've played. And the ones I refuse to play: (The Generations and Mania versions are great too.) (Kind of cheating with that one, but whatever.) (Mania version is great too.) (Mania version is great too.) (How it completely destroyed the G.G.s. EDIT: RIGHT SONG NOW.) (Corny, but I love it.) (Closest we'll get to Casino Night Zone. Edit: Sorry, wrong one.) (One of my favs.) (No Escape From The City, but still catchy.) (Totally underrated.) (Crush 40 at it again!) (Only the music saved this game.) (Great song, just WAY TOO OVERUSED.) (*shrugs*) (Forgot this game existed.) (TEE LOPES KILLED IT!) (This has no right to be so good.) (The game might be so-so, but the music is jamming! My favorite of the racing games!) ... Couldn't tell you about THOSE GAMES though. Handkerchief and all. I'm not counting most spin-offs, or any of the storybook games. If there's any game I missed, tell me!
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    are you implying its 4am right now?? or just in general, 4am needs more people posting
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    I got to see the new Gundam movie premiere tonight with a forward by Tomino himself. It was cool.
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    They are here! Simon Incineroar Chrom
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    LOL! How the hell did none of these green shells hit @Kezay?
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    The thing I wonder most about Mai is how many other characters simply didn't make the cut for a similar reason. I'm sure she's not the only character who was rejected for such a reason, she's just the one we were told about. Midna is coming to mind; I know her Imp Form is all over the place, but I don't think her true form ever made the cut. Not as a sticker, a trophy, an assist trophy or spirit. I might be wrong about that; but it seems an odd omission.
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    General movie discussion

    Seeing the two versions side by side really emphasizes the question: what the hell were they thinking with that first design? Granted, this is only a single screenshot, but just look at how much more expressive Sonic is in the new version, and how he doesn't look like an unholy abomination anymore.
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    I liked both gens, and herein really lies my point. So much of this is subjective, and if they do get it right for me and manage to scratch that itch, then it is worth the price for me. As I said though I want to at least wait and do some more research first before diving in. Potential leaks aren’t enough for me to make that call, it’s why I like Serebii and other sites to help me fill in those gaps. But I do like some of the official things they revealed so far.
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    I know that tweet was sent back in July, but it's also present day, present time. I haven't seen Lain in ages. I should rewatch it.
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    I finally got my first High-End driver...
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    https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/11/super_smash_bros_ultimate_is_now_the_best-selling_fighting_game_in_history Smash Ultimate, the King of Fighters
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    i showed my buddy who's a longtime crazy MM fan your skull kid cosplay thought you'd appreciate (i sent this one too but he hasn't seen it yet)
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    Yeah I am almost 70 hours in, in the “post-game”, and I love every minute of it. Although the difficulty does spike in the post-game (or what I prefer to call Act 3 due to its size and breadth), in my opinion. I was perfectly fine all game without grinding, but about halfway into the post-game I am finding it much more challenging all of a sudden. Which is fine, I mean this is a traditional JRPG, but the sudden change was a little jarring. Still a fantastic game though and I really can’t recommend it enough. Especially the Switch version, which appears to ironically be the superior one with how much extra love it got, some of which you mentioned above. From what I can tell as well the graphics hold up fairly well when compared to other versions, so that alone wouldn’t be much of a reason to choose any other system over Switch if one had the choice.
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    It's only the third of this month and I'm already seeing X-Mas stuff in stores. Like stores calm the fuck down XD.
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    Congrats on completing that challenge alienboyva! It really does suck that triple shells and triple mushrooms are character specialty items, on top of them being used all at once too. Guess that means the gold mushroom from past Mario Kart games isn’t in this with Frenzies pretty much giving the star invincibility boost, making the gold mushrooms pointless.
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    despite seeing that pokemon comic in every ylyl thread we (collectively) have ever had, it still makes me fuckin laugh happy november folks! anyone have any big plans for the month? november is annoyingly empty in canada...but it still feels like fall so i'll take it as it is
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    Kinda is a lie because the one I got is the Pokemon one that doesn't come out till 7 days but in spirit I do have one..
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    Qualifying results for MKRA Grand Prix of Mexico: 1 - Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach 2 - Daisy, Rosalina, Birdo, Fuzzer 3 - Triforcemaster, Toad, Toadette, Zelda 4 - Sonic, Bowser, Koopa Troopa, Donkey Kong 5 - Megaman, Fox, Wolf, Banjo 6 - Kirby, Pikachu, Dash, Diddy Kong 7 - Zero, Krystal, Captain Falcon, Jody Summer 8 - Pichu, Pit, Palutena, Kazooie 9 - Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Sonic, Amy Rose 10 - Louie, Olimar, Ryota, Akari DNF - Krystal, Captain Falcon, Palutena, Megaman, Louie, Akari Hayami, Kirby 10:05pm - The drivers are on the circuit for the formation lap. This might be the craziest crowd we've seen in the MKRA this season. Thousands of fans, many wearing costumes, many wearing traditional garb, and almost all sporting the traditional dia de los muertos masks, have crammed into Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. This is going to be good. Lap 1 - Lakitu signals green and its time to bring the action! With such a long straightaway leading into turn 1, the drivers separate enough to where there are no problems until the baseball stadium, where Krystal and Captain Falcon crash into each other on turn 13. Unlucky 13 for them, and the crash also catches out Palutena. Safety car out as the marshals get the karts out of the stadium area. Lap 4 - The race resumes and Mario leads from Luigi, followed by Yoshi, Peach, and Daisy. Mushroom Kingdom denizens did very well in qualifying here, as with the long straightaway and the tight technical stadium section, this circuit is a true driving test. Lap 8 - Interesting here, Yoshi sees that Birdo is in the top 10, and despite his misgivings toward his partner a week ago, he's dropped back a few places to link up with Birdo in an attempt to work together. The team Corona leaders will like to see that on their home turf. Lap 12 - Yoshi and Birdo's strategy might be especially risky given that team Amazon Plumber and team Delta Sarasaland both are in front of them. Daisy and Fuzzer are presently mixing it up with Peach and Rosalina. Team Tesco Princess will need a big night tonight to gain back ground they've lost on teams CVS and Chevolet in recent weeks...with Krystal and Falcon crashing out early they've got a good chance. Lap 15 - Bad break for Megaman, who has a power unit go dead. His kart rolls to a stop and his night is over. Lap 20 - First time into the pits...no real changes here as Mario and Luigi get out 1st and 2nd, with teams Delta and Tesco still entangled, with team Corona behind them. Tm3 and Zelda round out the top 10. Lap 23 - We've got a crash in the back of the field as Louie and Akari Hayami collide entering the stadium area on turn 12. Akari took way too aggressive a line and left Louie with nowhere to go. They're out. Lap 27 - Whoa...holy moly! Disaster for team Corona as Birdo gets his line all wrong going into the hairpin at turn 6. He collides with Yoshi, spinning him around and knocking them both from the track! Lap 28 - It now appears that this crash was no accident. Birdo gets out of her kart and Wart, Mouser, and Clawgrip appear from out of the crowd, and the four of them unfurl a banner at trackside that reads "estoy termina, adios", literally translated, "I'm done, goodbye." It looks like Birdo has intentionally crashed herself and Yoshi out of the race and is declaring that she is outta here. Yoshi can only shake his head in disbelief. It appears his rather public complaint about Birdo's poor driving a week ago has come back to bite him big time tonight. Lap 30 - The race is going again, and it's a little less congested at the front now. The question is now whether team Tesco or team Delta can hang with team Amazon, who has led from the start. Lap 33 - Daisy makes a big move, going past Peach and then past Luigi on the hairpin to move into 2nd place. This is going to be very interesting now. Lap 36 - Now Princess Peach passes both Luigi and Daisy within one lap and gets into 2nd behind Mario. The top 3 teams in the race are all separated now. It will be very interesting to see how the teams work the 2nd pit stop. Will they try to coordinate and team back up or just go for speed and make it every racer for themselves? With so many of these drivers near the top of the driver standings, will somebody ignore the team orders here? Lap 40 - 2nd time through the pits and Fuzzer collides with Rosalina as both are exiting their respective paddocks! They have to go back and have damaged repaired before exiting. This knocks both of them out of the top 15. Race control may look at this but this could be a simple case of one driver being in the other's blind spot. Yikes. Lap 42 - Mario has led from the beginning, but Peach is right behind with Daisy third and Luigi fourth. Banjo has made a huge move up the field into 5th and Koopa Troopa and Toad are running 6th and 7th, with Tm3 and Zelda falling back a bit after a lackluster pit change. Lap 45 - Bad break for Kirby as his braking unit fails and he crashes on turn 16 heading back toward the start/finish line. He was up into 11th place as well at the time. Lap 47 - For the first time tonight we have a lead change as Peach goes past Mario into 1st place. Meanwhile Luigi goes past Daisy into 3rd. Further back, Fuzzer is starting to recover from the pit crash, and is back into 14th. Lap 50 - Peach is still leading but Mario and Luigi are working together to try to catch her. Koopa Troopa and Toad seem to be, oddly, working together, they perform a nice double drs maneuver to get around Banjo and move into 5th and 6th respectively. Lap 60 - Coming down the stretch, Mario and Luigi just couldn't do enough to reel Peach in. She rides to victory on the night of the dead, with the two Mario brothers coming 2nd and 3rd with Daisy 4th. Fuzzer impressively fights his way back up to 10th place after having major difficulty in the 2nd pit stop. Final Results: 1.Peach - 25 pts 2.Mario - 20 pts 3.Luigi - 18 pts 4.Daisy - 15 pts 5.Koopa Troopa - 12 pts 6.Toad - 10 pts 7.Banjo - 9 pts 8.Triforcemaster - 8 pts 9.Sonic - 7 pts 10.Fuzzer - 6 pts 11.Bowser - 5 pts 12.Toadette - 4 pts 13.Pikachu - 3 pts 14.Donkey Kong - 2 pts 15.Wolf - 1 pt
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    the spouse brought me home a cinnamon bun flavored hot chocolate....im love.... big tasty
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    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Upon arriving at Sarasaland last night, Fuzzer and Daisy would go to sleep unaware of what had just transpired in Syria. Earlier today, President Trump announced that US forces had killed ISIS leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi in his compound in northern Syria with no casualties on the US side. Daisy told reporters the following: "The United States once again sent a powerful message to terrorist groups that you can run all you want but your end will be inevitable. A man who committed worse atrocities is now officially gone for good and now whatever is left of ISIS has no guiding leader to look to. Sarasaland stands with the Americans and thanks them for continuing the fight against such heinous people " Fuzzer followed that up with this: "In May 2011, when I was a senior in high school, the big deal was the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, being as he was the Mastermind of the awful attacks on 9/11 back in 2001. Today, we have heard of another leader who has meet his demise at the hands of American forces, even if al-Baghdadi blew himself up though. Terrorism has no place in our society and we will stop it for good."
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    I think it's just right. As a big fan of the game... I do admit the game does have a few problems. But, nothing overall major to stop playing the game. If you want to know more from my perspective: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: LINK AWAKENING REMAKE FOR THE NINTENDO SWITCH... and my thoughts. I gush a lot over this game, and I'll take no shame in that.
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    Here's the tournament!
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    Super Monkey Ball Returns

    My son just saw the trailer and immediately asked me if I could buy it on its release day. I told him, "Say no more." Even I love the Super Monkey Ball franchise.
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    What are you listening to?

    jesus it's been like 13 years since i've watched it and i still can see the video of the two dudes lip syncing it in my head
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    This is my favorite. There's two versions of this song, this one and this Crush 40 one... I like the songs Crush 40 sings for Sonic but I like the the other version better. It just sounds like it as more soul, like I can hear the turmoil in the of the woman voice with what she is saying with lyric statement. Something about Crush 40 though it sounds more brutal sounds sterile than the other versions. Which version do you guys like more, the one with the women or Crush 40?
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    Delta Sarasaland officials were asked about Xander's suggestions for the 2020 MKRA schedule and any possible real world tracks being removed like Road Atlanta, Laguna Seca, and others save for Silverstone and Suzuka as nothing truly concrete saying that: "This list is really comprehensive and puts us in new gaming realms yes, but there are plenty of human tracks that could be dropped before even hosting a race, as is the case of Road Atlanta and Laguna Seca, but it's important to not jump to conclusions that this is the official schedule. It's just an idea and one that should get a good look at too."
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    I live in a decent size city, but after 3 years, new locations dry up.
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    Little Town Hero Review

    Awesome review, Eliwood! I've seen a lot of back and forth on this game, but I believe your review has sold me, or in the very least, I'll grab it for myself during Christmas seeing as I'm shoulder-deep in Switch backlog as it is! Just gotta add this to it now...haha!
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    What are you listening to?

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    Fun fact neither of these are in the new Pokémon game
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    Results Connection was acting up and I tried everything. It wouldn't let us connect at all to the tournament. So sadly there won't be a video next week. We now know who those random two people are.