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    So, I've been playing Fitness Boxing on the Nintendo Switch almost daily since May 2019. In that time, I've lost 102.8 pounds. There's still work to be done, of course, but dropping 100 had been one of my goals. Making it past that benchmark really feels like an accomplishment.
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    in other news, its my 1 year wedding anniversary today i can't believe its already been a year! time flies! especially when most of that year was spent indoors doing nothing! being married is still a dream come true tho we went on a hike, bought cake (at my request), i forced ty to watch hamilton with me, and we got drunk last night so today......i think we'll relax
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    bi-annual post to say the origami king is good and thank god it is after how bad the past two paper mario games have been
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    happy august folks, let's make the most of it!
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    Updated pic of my build: Specs: Intel Core i9-9900K 32 GB DDR4-3200 RAM @15-15-15-35 MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 2080 Ti Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER NZXT H500i case Noctua NH-D15 chromax.black EVGA 850W PSU 1 TB Samsung 960 PRO NVMe SSD Bonus pic, my (very much WIP) server rack:
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    I got the new case fans I ordered today. They’re not really the prettiest color but they move air like no one’s business mmm poo brown
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    hazy pic (camera likely covered in sweat or sunscreen) of the city from a long ass hike today absolutely fuckin exhausted gamers
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    I've come to bless everyone's day
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    Getting the Pro Controller made playing the Switch into a good time . It's the best investment I made on the system. I'm still just salty that Nintendo wouldn't let me use the WiiU Pro Controller instead.
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    i'm honestly kinda surprised they decided to keep the 'best friends' title, but i guess i shouldn't be based on my knowledge of lgbt issues in japan regardless, i will marry my gf popuri and we will live happily with our 50 chickens and i cannot wait
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    only a few days til FoMT....popuri girl...im comin for you
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    \(^o^)/ 🥳 B-day Messages: BTW, I got some B-day cupcakes... What I'm I supposed to do with these?
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    575 Bells per turnip this afternoon! 😲 Dodo Code is 77FV7
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    Pikmin 3 Deluxe - Available 10/30

    ---- Looking forward to the Piklopedia and co-op campaign.
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    i miss the spin in paper mario more games need fun travel options
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    DQ3 US manual literally had an entire game guide in it lmao so yeah def don't feel bad looking anything up
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    The old illustrations for Harvest Moon are cute. A shame they couldn't keep that style. Playing Mario Tennis Open and Mario Golf World Tour kind of bums me out, because I feel like I missed out on not getting these games much earlier. The online is no longer active, and I could see myself putting in some considerate time into these games over time. @Doc Brown Don't be shy of using a guide for Dragon Quest 2. The game at some point requires you to collect some mcguffins without any direction.
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    here's a video of a loud asshole yelling at me https://streamable.com/lh9r65
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    Smash Saturdays Returns!

    I'd say was tonight was a resounding success of the Iron Man Challenge/Smashdown. I'm glad I kept track which character was being used but I'd say we all had some good memory of who was used, it was just remember when in the night to make sure who was used like me and the Miiswordfighter and Pac-Man being used by Eli tonight. GGs.
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    I would like to subscribe to the Dinkleberg Now streaming service. I would definitely recommend a friend....
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    This has been the longest July ever.
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    the weather is so absolutely lovely lately, it really boosts my mood when it gets over 80 degrees so nice being able to wear shorts again
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    If anyone wants to visit.... I see I already had 1 visitor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * For anyone wants their full passport added to the whitelist, please post a screenshot of it. *NOTE* if you have any patterns that you want to share, make sure you go to the Design Portal at Able Sisters and set your Creator ID to be shown on your passport
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    Yeah as Joey said, don’t miss the post-game for DQ8 if you haven’t done it. It’s challenging but worth it. DQ11 was a great game, too, overall. Happily sunk loads of time into that one. Right now I am playing DQ3, myself.
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    Glad Dream Suite is returning; it gets annoying having to log in every time someone wants to see my island.
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    A Link Between Worlds is the best Zelda game of the past decade. I can't really bring myself to watch people's videos about their opinions on games. I don't care to have your cartoon persona tell me why a 20 year-old game is good, when it's been the consensus for decades. These days I usually find myself only caring for SummoningSalt's videos.
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    A few updates coming our way, as expected. Gonna enjoy the custom fireworks, and dreams being back is kind of neat. Wonder how the backup will work?
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    Look upon my majesty and weep
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    24 years and 01 months after release L IS REAL
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    posting this cause i randomly got super nostalgic about it used to listen to it a lot when i was living near the beach myself lol
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    Just caught a great white shark!
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    Switch Pro Controller is great, ever since I got mine it's what I use most of the time. It's a good backup for any Joy-Con drift problems and it also works nicely with PC games.
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    oh baby we got our label for our joycon so we're gonna send that sucker in good timing since our pro controller is being delivered today/tomorrow
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    this is ac related but i post where i want bc im in charge everyone on nookazon is clinically insane and my newest favorite pastime is browsing the discord and seeing what ridiculous things people ask for and pay for >selling kk bubblegum for 10nmt >raymond buyout for 400nmt flat >turnips selling for 500+, 10nmt entry fee uwu combined w extreme lowballs by people who are clearly in the wrong neighborhood >looking for judy, i have 500k bells and can offer 2nmt uwu >looking for raymond, only paying in bells >is anyone giving away nmt for free?? really makes for an extremely fun discord experience, 500k users strong and somehow all of them ended up being absolutely bonkers
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    I actually played a bit on Saturday after not playing for a week and a half. Did fine in a few matches with a bunch in between just being bad (couldn't make it out of the bottom 4). I would quote your post but it's too long while posting from my phone. 1. Going from top to bottom, I've noticed not being able to break combos even with my bar being yellow. Sometimes people catch you trying to block and wait for an opening afterwards. Some people are getting smarter. 2. I was guilty of stealing kills on Saturday but there were multiple groups of people fighting in the same area on both maps. It would sometimes work or fail. They were stealing my kills too and I hate when it happens to me. 3. Could be lag? It might have happened to me. 4. Good anime from what I remember, total BS special move. Agreed on a nerf. 5. I'm usually too close when people use the mixer but I do get that it has tons of range. The other two I haven't had too many problems with since the poop I usually get away since they miss their attacks and I only get caught in the blast if I notice it too late when moving towards it. It's good that they're trying to fix things. They might end up giving enough Jala to buy the season pass at this point. I'm tempted to get the 500 Jala "one time deal" for .99¢ and get the pass which is 950 Jala. Pretty sure you can earn enough for next season's pass if it stays that price. Just depends on if I end up playing this game more than I have.
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    A balance update is on they way. Plus, the game has hit 3 million downloads (another free 100 Jala)!... Hopefully they fix some of the issue I mentioned above.
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    I've been playing quite a bit of this game lately and have gotten pretty decent. I'm currently lvl 39 and tire 33 (Free Pass), though I feel there's some balancing issues that need to be addressed... Not being able to get out of a combo. If someone combos you, you're basically screwed and just have to wait until your ipponed/K.O.ed Stop people from being able to steal your kills! I can't tell you how many times where I'll be fighting someone and have them almost to where I'm going to ippon/K.O. them and someone will randomly swoop in and take it away from me. I know there's that shield that pushes you back when two people are clashing (only when parrying?), but the minuet it goes away, someone will come in to steal your kill. This seems to happen way too often. They need to do something to stop this. When people see two people fighting, they always jump in trying to steal a kill. One hit Ippons/K.O.s with full health. I'm not sure what the deal with this is, but there have been times where I've noticed I've been ipponed or K.O.ed with full health from a basic attack (no ninjutsu moves) They need to make it so this can't happen. Tenchi Muyo Ninjutsu needs to be nerfed. If they're going to have ninjutsu moves that give you a guaranteed ippon if you land a hit, then it needs to take quite a bit longer than other ninjutsu moves to activate. There have been times where I ippon or K.O. someone and there's a brief half a second where you can can't do anything and someone will be there waiting to immediately use the Tenchi Muyo Ninjitsu on me. Piercing Mixer Ninjutsu needs to be nerfed. I can't tell you how many times I've been ipponed by someone using this like a mile away hiding behind a wall. I know there's similar special in Splatoon 2, which can also go through walls and I've never had an issue with that. Though, I Ninjala I feel it shouldn't go through walls and it's range needs to be slightly shorter. Beyond the Gumb Special needs to be nerfed. I can't how many times I've been turned into this yellow poop while fighting someone and instantly got comboed to death, because I was too slow to escape and transformed for too long. There needs to be a way to get out of it quicker and/or last for like half the time. Fujiyama Rocket Ninjutsu needs to be nerfed. This thing is just BS! I know there was a similar special in the original Splatoon, but at least you could get away from it easier when you see the blast coming. In Ninjala it just can't seem to get a away from this fast enough most times. Also, it's total BS that someone can use this while to people a fighting each other and get two free ippons. Most people seem to use this when they see a big group of people. *Man, Ninjala sure is heavily inspired by Splatoon, even down to the specials (ninjutsu moves) Now with this being said, I don't think Ninjala is necessarily a bad game. It's not a great (has some flaws), however it's still pretty fun and for some reason I'm compelled to keep playing it. If they keep listening to the community and fix the issues, this could be a GREAT game. I mean they already fixed the issue people had with ranking-up, where you would lose way more points for losing a battle than you earn from winning a battle (even at lower ranks).
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    Yes (edit: well kind of) https://www.rpgsite.net/review/9956-story-of-seasons-friends-of-mineral-town-review More detailed info: https://www.xseedgames.com/2020/05/01/story-of-seasons-friends-of-mineral-town-localization-blog-1/ Basically, it's something that's only truly manifest in the stateside release. In the Japanese version it's called "Best Friends" with all that "no homo" pretext
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    Treehouse streaming tomorrow

    It's a Bakugan. I'm going home...wait I'm already home...dammit.
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    @Chrom thought you might appreciate this
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    https://www.gamespot.com/articles/animal-crossing-new-horizons-summer-update-part-2-/1100-6480338/ Picture taking QoL fix
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    Here is the dream of the dreamer's dream. Forum Name: Art_de_Cat ACNH: Teddy P Creator ID: MA-6893-8611-0384 Switch FC: SW-4880-2792-8406
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    They may have changed it for this game, i know some of them were changed. Like in new leaf its difference of angel wings, or bat wings. If it ends up real, itll br in museum.