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    I knew he wasn't supposed to be the long-term replacement, but I thought he'd stay a bit longer. At at least he did one thing right as president...
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    have a good thursday my dudes
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    Destiny Hero

    Physical or Digital

    What's the point in downloading a game if you can't taste it?
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    Nah, that title belongs to the paper bags at Safeway. You can't even put a six-pack of Chef Boyardee in there without the damn things ripping off. They are the worst handles ever.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    So, @Ephraim and I were brainstorming what the next Legendary Hero might be last week. I'm just going to leave this here...
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    It's my birthday or some shit
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    Forget clubs, why can't we just have...

    or we can also pack just several dozen socially awkward recluses into a single vent server where we all use laptop or low bitrate webcam mics with push-to-talk off, listening to linkin park while the increasingly dissonant hodgepodge of white noise drives everybody to madness, and in their incoherent stammering would still come up with a better idea than adding additional boards to a forum with a low enough active user base that each individual poster could claim each one as their kingdom actually that sounds dope, somebody give me a deo forum so people can enjoy my #bangindankasscontent
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    Lost Mangroves - N4A Chat Thread, May 2018

    Don't care this is the wrong tradition
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    Looks like a heavy focus on Smash Bros which leads me to think it'll definitely be a new title and not a "Deluxe"
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    y'all remember in FE7 how lyn taught you the weapon triangle. Well, she's here to do it again: found courtesy of the bf.
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    Enemies that are a pain in the butt

    Depends on the game. SMB1 is effortless if you have a powerup since you can just run straight through him to get the axe. Likewise, NSMB can be cheesed if you keep a Mega Mushroom in your inventory. But 64 can be tricky if you’re bad at timing when to throw him.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Should feel like Lisa here in a way, but ultimately siding with Smithers... ...because Lyn and her differently colored cape.
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    Maybe we'll get a president that understands the value of fangames and Youtubers I-it could totally happen haha ha
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    Super Mario Odyssey

    I think this looks pretty legit IMO. I get the whole Leprechaun from Lucky Charms vibe from this LOL.
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    And Gamevice is getting slammed on their Facebook page for this lawsuit and rightfully so. Have a look: https://m.facebook.com/gamevice/ And here’s their Twitter account for good measure, also getting criticized there too: https://mobile.twitter.com/Gamevice?ref_src=twsrc^appleios|twcamp^safari|twgr^profile
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    UGHHHH YES!!! And the Scuba guys in Zombii(u)
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    He may be easy, but I'm over-easy...
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    Nintendo Labo Launch Thread

    This is pretty impressive! Nintendo should work with UPS to make this an officially licensed accessory.
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    Not too much longer until then - less than a month and a half to go (rough estimate- I don’t know how many days left exactly offhand) Also what time are these going to start Central time? Would be nice to know ahead of time Also I believe this obligated to be posted: