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  2. I know there was that mosque attack a few years ago, but other than that does New Zealand have even remotely the same level of civil baggage that the US does, @Kodiack? I’m just saying it probably would not be a surprise that most politicians in other developed countries can behave better, as they look at the state of the US political climate and gape with incredulity. I know everywhere has problems to some degree (in Canada for instance our indigenous track record is awful), but that the US is facing such a crisis of this magnitude is really quite insane. It worries me how many people who I see are usually well-meaning could support Trump and the modern GOP at all. Agree or disagree on certain policies but nobody should be courting terrorists, caging people, performing forced hysterectomies, supporting a militarized police state, etc. I should hope New Zealand could do a debate better, I mean. I am hoping that even the right there is for the most part amazed at what is happening in the States.
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  4. Assuming you’re talking about Xenoblade here, that really salvaged the concept for me for those games, actually. That they were no longer going full on Gnostic made the overall plot more compelling to me, and made Alvis and his random preachiness at the end more bearable. Knowing what was behind all that just made it better, IMO. On the other hand, you have FFX which was just like “let’s just crap all over the concept of religion and the idea of God just because we’re clever or something”. It’s just not interesting to me. Again, goes back to the preachiness element. YsXIII though was to me SO much more interesting than either. In that game you’re literally killing God (or a facet of creation, anyway), but it’s not because God is “actually evil and stuff”, it’s just a conflict of will. And there are actual consequences to it, too, a very novel idea with these games that dabble with this trope. So yeah, my problem isn’t so much the trope itself (some of my favourite games, like Bravely Second, have it and don’t even handle it that well, IMO). It’s that I feel if they’re going to use it, they should at least try to not be lazy with it. It’s actually a really heavy concept (defying a theoretical being that would be responsible for holding the universe as the characters know it together in one way or another has a lot of implications), so really should not be treated so shallow. That’s just my two cents.
  5. But what if I'm in the mood for a movie?
  6. Game #28 with Super Mario 64 beaten on Mario 3D All Stars. Even though I have literally beaten every mainline 2D Mario game out there, Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy 2 have been the ones that have alluded me for years. A lot of that has to do with my completionist tendencies with these titles. I never wanted to beat the game until I had all 120 stars and would always get stuck on the Secret Star “Wing Cap Mario Over the Rainbow.” Didn’t seem to have too much of an issue with even that stage this time, idk if it has to do with the controls or something about the increased resolution. Had a great time with it and I can now cross this off the backlog after 24 years of trying and failing.
  7. We just had our second leaders debate here in NZ and it was such a refreshing experience after the absolute mess between Trump and Biden. There was some common ground in the quickfire questions at the end, which was really surprising and lovely. Our election is in just a couple of weeks and the polls are looking solid. We may have our most progressive government in decades with New Zealand First out of the picture.
  8. barely even brought up the other comments he made that seem to be encouraging voter intimidation lol
  9. Gacha mechanics are shitty and all, but the REAL issue with Genshin Impact is that it’s made by a Chinese developer, and the game censors you if you try to say anything positive about Taiwan.
  10. I mean, yes. Yes they are. There's hundreds, arguably thousands of hours of footage of BLM protests being peaceful or non-violent across the country, with police officers aggravating them into defending themselves and gassing them or just fucking people up, and far right groups and militia showing up to attack protesters and destroy property. You don't get to harass and beat up on somebody and when they decide to punch back or get violent point the finger and go "WHY ARE YOU MAD, THIS ISN'T THE WAY TO HANDLE THIS". What exactly are you implying with this? Are you saying we should nullify the thousands of people who have been killed or brutalized by the police because of the riots taking place? Are you questioning the validity of the BLM protests just because stuff is being damaged? Are you equating the value of human lives lost to the property damage occurring? Just curious.
  11. I thought I would be done with FFX after I beat the game. I thought it was just adequate. There was no real need to go back. Better question: What's preventing me from finally playing Super Mario Galaxy and Final Fantasy XII?! Why did I put in about over 150 hours of a game I thought was just competent?!
  12. i received this email of LIES and for 0.01 of a femtosecond thought I had a chance of getting one haha. Ha. Good joke
  13. Um... I think you're missing the point that there are far-right extremists, including the KKK, that really want to destroy lives. Trump might be saying "JUST KIDDING!", but who knows if anyone is going to take that seriously as a joke. There are ways of indirect persuasion, and Trump is a master of that. Suggestions are just as harmful as demands. His words have consequences, whether he means it or not. HE. DOESN'T. TAKE. RESPONSIBILITY. If you don't understand what I mean: "Would you kindly find a book to better educate yourself of what's going on besides the debates?" And, after seeing that now, I'm 100% convinced of voting Biden. I don't care if that debate was a huge train wreck; WHY THE HECK WOULD A VOTE A GUY WHO DIRECTLY/INDIRECTLY TOLD A HATE GROUP TO KILL PEOPLE OR STOP PEOPLE FROM VOTING?! He is afraid, and has to resort to tactics like this.
  14. yeah, a friend of mine was playing a touhou gacha a couple months back (idr the name sorry) and even spent a ton of effort building a resource for it only for them to almost completely eliminate the ability to play without spending money. gacha games are a fucking plague
  15. So your defense here is to do the exact same thing by A) failing to condemn a terrorist group and B) saying BUT WHAT ABOUT THEM!!!?!?! actually can we discuss how fucking disgusting it is that you’re comparing an actual terrorist group to people protesting the MURDER of people of color by police?
  16. Are the riots that have been occurring recently across the country in certain cities caused by far right groups? They've been associated with Black Lives Matter protests. I'll agree that he shouldn't have said that regarding the Proud Boys following Biden's mention. He also agreed to condemn three times, unless "sure" and "I would" don't show agreement.
  17. "babe, tell me you love me" "yeah i could do that. i would absolutely do that. i want you to be happy"
  18. “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by, but I'll tell you what, I’ll tell you what, somebody's gotta do something about antifa and the left because this is not a right-wing problem, this is a left-wing problem." This statement is indefensible
  19. this is embarrassing dude just stop
  20. I made a mistake. He did it three times, and you're not accurately quoting him, "Sure, I'm willing to do that, but I would say..[interruption by both Wallace and Biden]..I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing not from the right wing. If you look [interruption from Wallace] I'm..I'm willing to do anything. I want to see peace." That final sentence is the third time. I want to know the source for your quote from the debate. I'm making it out from listening to that part of the debate around the ~52-53 minute mark as best I can since the debate wasn't handled very well.
  21. and he's lying because they explicitly mentioned Charlottesville where a right wing fascist murdered someone so he absolutely can't say he doesn't know about it
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