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  2. Turnip price pm is 135, may be a spike. Pango is neon green anteater? :0
  3. Same old, anything goes and this time I gonna see if I can remember to put amiibo in play.
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  5. Hollow Knight (Switch): Excellent Metroidvania. Might go back and 100% it sometime.
  6. The free-to-play Ninjala, just like Fortnite you do not need a online Nintendo subscription play online for Ninjala. Since I don't know the real ins and out of this game gameplay, I wonder if they will do voice chat through the system like Fortnite? But it is good you don't need a online subscription but with this game being free-to-play will it have aggressive microtransactions or will be more like Fortnite?
  7. Schools in my province are closed until May 4th as of this afternoon and last night all recreation centres and parks are closed until further notice. I'm glad they finally decided on the outdoor parks. Sorry to hear about the schools still closed further. There's a lot of concerns why government keeps pushing the dates of school closure instead of just outright closing the school. Their answers is they want to be hopeful and be realistic with what our medical professionals are saying we should close such service. We are still debating if construction workers should be one of those service to stop business right now.
  8. mine actually went up 3 times since yesterday, now at 185 afraid to sell too early since i paid 101 but its only 60k so maybe ill just unload
  9. I would think that the IR and HD rumble sensors in them would be better than Wiimote/WM+ for that game. Considering how off Wiimotes could get from hectic use as well as them reading that sensor bar too.
  10. Is the drift thing still free or whatever from Nintendo? Due to a recharging my Pros a few days ago I used my JCs via my grip and I was good till yesterday and then all kind of crazy stuff was going on with the sticks and the buttons getting into cycling through menus. Normally, I use my JCs attached to the Switch itself in portable mode and I have never had that happen till last night. My two Pros do sometimes act weird but I haven't had a serious issue in forever.
  11. Oh no, I for sure want motion in SS. Just with the Joycons, unsure if retooling is needed.
  12. @ MSS I was cool with Sunshine till the manta ray/ hotel level then I got so fed up with the game I ended up selling it off. I do think it deserves a remake though, but it needs some fixing for sure. It can't be a "here you go" kind of release. @ SS and Galaxy I don't know if I would want to play SS without motion controls, I actually liked it that way--it felt very well done, much more so that TP. The GX guys said in their discussion video that the Galaxy HD out in China on the Shield used the right analog stick to direct the pointer for collecting star bits.
  13. it was very good, a friend recommended it to me ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
  14. Lockdown started/starts today. It will be interesting to see how my town looks. ******** Observations from going around town the last few days... Gas stations had pulled their cups for their soda fountains, and I believe coffee too. So its the bottles behind the refrigerator doors. At a local grocery store they made some stands and had probably 3'x3' lexan/Plexiglas/plastic shields in in them to screen the cashiers from customers. *My brother said that sounded similar to how Lowes had their stuff done.
  15. I honestly couldn't care if they made Sunshine or not. I'm sorry, but it's terrible. I had to force myself to finish it the first time, and gave up my playthrough of it when I revisited it years later. I hope Galaxy is being used as trial of sorts on finessing out the motion controls using Joycons instead of Wiimotes and then giving me my Skyward Sword remake!
  16. My turnips also went down again, from 79 yesterday afternoon to 74 this morning and then 69 or 70 this afternoon.
  17. Turnips still on decline at 56 right now. Flick is at my island today so I ran around to catch some bugs and had a commission of the Orchid Mantis put in(shame you can only do one at a time).
  18. Okay, I have like so many theories on Flip, the monkey: My first time analyzing an AC villager of all things!
  19. Oooooh, I haven't heard of any game like that. I wonder why... *Japanese release only* Maybe my brother might be interested in this. He's gone through translating all of the Sakura Wars games, also on the DC.
  20. Same thing happened to me but I wanted to invite Kyle the Wolf over so he gave me a recipe for a Ukelele since he loves music and music instruments then gave me a corkboard I believe its called? Anyways he thought about coming but kindly shot me down so hopefully he reconsiders. I have since put a new plot of land for any villager to move in to the western part of my island where I currently am as previously I was only able to get there via pole vaulting but have since put a second bridge leading to it. I'm considering doing another incline somewhere.
  21. I barely played the original AC on GCN so I can't recall any codes. My turnip price seems to be on a decline so far, 60 today after 68 and 64 yesterday. Usually means there will a spike, just don't know when.
  22. ooh nice. i've been considering that one for a while
  23. Another series is ours. Great job.
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