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  2. I'm trying to find an old internet video from about 15 years ago, when YouTube either didn't exist yet, or was very new. It's about a teenage couple settling into a house getting ready for a romantic weekend together while their parents are away, but about halfway through, the boyfriend looks out the window and says "Is that a fucking midget?" Then the rest of the video is just them becoming increasingly paranoid at the number of midgets outside their window. Anybody else know what I'm talking about?
  3. Final Scores for VGWBC Quarterfinals Game 2s: Raccoon City 7 Mars 2 Warriors win series 2-0 A huge night for Chris Redfield including an RBI double and a 2-run home run, plus a 3 hit night by Ada Wong powered RC past Mars and into the semifinals Sarasaland 1 Arendelle 2 f/12 Series tied 1-1 This game was a titanic struggle with Maxwell and Elsa matching each other on the mound, with Wiggler and Kristoph taking advantage of their only errant pitches. In extra innings Sarasaland had chances to win in the 10th and 11th but failed to get the decisive hit and then the Icebreakers finished it in the 12th as Anna hit a bases loaded single to left to end it...we’ll have gamecast coverage for Game 3 tomorrow night. Midgar 0 Koholint 4 Series tied 1-1 Madame Meow-Meow was unhittable tonight, and Dark Link’s 3-run homer in the 4th put Koholint ahead for good...this one is going to a 3rd game as well and we’ll have coverage for this one too. Sonic 8 Great Plateau 2 Series tied 1-1 The Heroes pounded the Explorers as Sonic, Silver, Knuckles, and Amy Rose all had multi hit games and all stole bases in a scintillating display. This one needs game 3 as well.
  4. I've been playing Fallout 76 since they added it to gamepass. I'm a big time Fallout fan and playing this game is so upsetting. The world is super interesting to explore and with the Wastelanders update there's even an interesting story, but I can't help but see that this could have been a single player game. It's free and I have nothing better to do so I'll keep plugging along with it just to see what's here but it still makes me sad inside. This game single-handedly killed any chance of a Fallout 5 anytime soon.
  5. i also loved trace memory, also bummed the sequel didn't come here or the hotel dusk one :'[ i played lost in blue, but not a lot of it but it was very fun from what i remember, i love those survival type games
  6. I got my first over 10k pts (seems much easier to accomplish this in TBs, as I think drones a OP in this mode)! ...At least I think it's my first. I know I haven't done this in BR matches, though for some reason in TBs it doesn't add up your score for Ippon/Drone Master on there results screen like in BR matches. Instead you have to press - on the next screen where it shows the XP you earned, if you want to see your full points (IDK if this is a glitch or not). Need I mention carrying my team? For some reason I keep getting put on teams with novice teammates, where we lose, because I'm doing all the work. This gives me flashbacks to Splatfests in Splatoon on Wii U, where I'd lose matches do to incompetent teammates. Thus, making it take way longer to rank-up my Splatfest Rank (absolute infuriating ). Luckily I wasn't doing Ranked Matches.
  7. there are lots of untranslated 3rd party games in all eras. sorry to let you down lol
  8. Yes, I have opened my island. The next stars will be falling at 10:17pm EST (so 35 mins from this post going up). You can visit, water flowers, do some diving, bug catching, or fishing in the meantime. Stayed open until 10:45 and then closed. Thanks for visiting, Art.
  9. LEGO is usually ridiculously expensive these days, especially the branded stuff. I dunno I think with the amount of tech going into these things it is probably closer to the mark for this stuff, but yeah... overall still a rich man’s hobby.
  10. I am sorry that so many people appear unhappy with this direction, but it still looks to me that it could be fun. Looks like this time the story and characters will at least be there. I guess for those who want classic turn-based battles and the like this is potentially a nail in the coffin for the series, but for me at least this could be more along the lines of what I am looking for.
  11. Aw man there was a sequel? I didn’t know that. If I recall correctly that was fairly par for the course for the time, right? A fair few games didn’t make the transition from Japan to North America around that time...
  12. But not everyone has time for that. I have very little time in my day, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting a bit less obstacles in the way of enjoying the game. This is the kind of situation where game settings would make a good compromise, so people can play how is most fitting for their actual lifestyle. So am I irked? Yes. Is it a big deal? Of course not, nor did I mean to make it out as one. But I feel I am well within my rights to express my displeasure a bit.
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  14. Forgot i had that real one last time and ordered through my second character so i guess i could do that.
  15. Good job. Don't expect things to be easy though.
  16. I loved Trace Memory, and was always annoyed NOA didn't bother releasing the Wii sequel in America.
  17. Redd in town, paintings: Moving painting- fake Glowing painting- real Mystic statue- fake Valiant statue- fake At least there is a real one that i need.
  18. With finishing a RTS-RPG, I move on to another RPG if you can call it that. It's been one I've been trying to get to for years, Paper Mario: Color Splash! I start with Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom tomorrow! Details on upload schedule: Monday - Friday Alternating series Double Upload Bonus [Below requirement] Initial video less than 25 minutes 2nd bonus video from same series later that day (Will stop if views drop for 2nd additional video) Excludes Thursdays
  19. Tomorrow night I am going to have to put on a hard cap for me at 11/11:30. Gotta be up at 4:45 to get to work on time LOL. That said, I can't get myself to bed early so I am compromising LOL.
  20. no offense, but i think that just means you're not diving enough. Scallops show up every day, at any time - I haven't had a day since the diving update where I haven't found at least one, so you just need to be in the water a bit more
  21. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/07/nintendo_reveals_the_most_popular_games_in_clubhouse_games_51_worldwide_classics Hmmm
  22. I actually played a bit on Saturday after not playing for a week and a half. Did fine in a few matches with a bunch in between just being bad (couldn't make it out of the bottom 4). I would quote your post but it's too long while posting from my phone. 1. Going from top to bottom, I've noticed not being able to break combos even with my bar being yellow. Sometimes people catch you trying to block and wait for an opening afterwards. Some people are getting smarter. 2. I was guilty of stealing kills on Saturday but there were multiple groups of people fighting in the same area on both maps. It would sometimes work or fail. They were stealing my kills too and I hate when it happens to me. 3. Could be lag? It might have happened to me. 4. Good anime from what I remember, total BS special move. Agreed on a nerf. 5. I'm usually too close when people use the mixer but I do get that it has tons of range. The other two I haven't had too many problems with since the poop I usually get away since they miss their attacks and I only get caught in the blast if I notice it too late when moving towards it. It's good that they're trying to fix things. They might end up giving enough Jala to buy the season pass at this point. I'm tempted to get the 500 Jala "one time deal" for .99¢ and get the pass which is 950 Jala. Pretty sure you can earn enough for next season's pass if it stays that price. Just depends on if I end up playing this game more than I have.
  23. It bothers me because getting Scallops is not guaranteed or anything. I can go days without getting any so to put up another barrier on top of that is quite unnecessary. It’s like making Redd a rare visitor while simultaneously not guaranteeing an art piece, the two barriers to completing quickly are moot when paired together... one barrier would have been perfectly sufficient.
  24. he does indeed only show up once a day i'd assume its set like that so you don't just get the entire mermaid set of diys in a single day or whatever, which...honestly seems fine to me
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