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  2. Yell at him with "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I bet the problem will go away.... .... .... or make this worse
  3. Just used almost 200 bait on a 'Fistful of Fish' day in the first week of the Ethereal Moon and earned about 16,500 Exp in Professor Level, jumping from B rank to A rank, only 7710 exp from reaching A+
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  5. Banjo Kazooie for Nintendo 64. Looking back, it is a rather fun and quirky game. Currently at Treasure Trove Cove. Music is my favorite part so far, and Grunty's rhymes.
  6. My next door neighbor has a motorcycle and I swear all he ever does is sit in the driveway and rev the engine. I have never heard it go down the street. This wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t do this at 11:30 PM or 7:00 AM.
  7. Holy! Alright, yeah that's pretty rough. I think it was a pretty rough go of things all around this past Thursday night.
  8. It was the first time I had played online in months and using my upgraded capture card to play the game online with instant gameview. Gets a bit cramped playing for a while sitting near my computer monitor. So, I only use Incineroar when I want to take people to Suplex City. Surprised that I was able to use Endure correctly. I can never get K.Rool's counter to work. With Mega Man I'll probably have to use the pro controller. "I'm Lemmy!" Was also surprised how well I did with Dark Samus. Might use her more. Some of those deaths kinda sucked with the stage killing me. Otherwise those were some good games.
  9. I never played a Red Faction game, but I still remember how much buzz there was for Red Faction 2 when it first came out (on everything but the GCN, grumble...grumble...) but I always wanted to give it a try. Never really had much interest otherwise and even when Guerrilla came out I didn't have much interest even with me owning a platform the game released on back then as well. I'm usually a bit more interested when a game that formerly wasn't released on a Nintendo platform sees a release on one down the line but even then I'm not really looking out for this one especially when it sounds like the rest of the game doesn't seem to support itself well beyond the gimmick it's centered around.
  10. no worries. it's gonna take a long time. didn't post here expecting anybody to pop in right away haha
  11. Recently discovered Cartoon Planet. You can’t tell me that Brak and Zorak didn’t at least partially serve as the inspiration for Homestar Runner and Strong Bad.
  12. Good stuff. I can tell I really need to get back into Cloud. That was kind of my focus tonight. Also, since Ken arrived I have preferred him over Ryu, so I wanted to give Ryu some love tonight. I hadn't done Sonic in a while so... I wanted to work on my Pit play and didn't want to go DP. Pit did pretty well for me tonight IMO, but its still uncanny how I am more successful with DP. My Simon play was mainly for just using him again, I like the feel of Richter better. **************************** 8/31 NOTES: I may or maynot be able to play at 10pm. Covering a road game and not 100% sure about back home time that evening. 9/7 I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY. Start time of game puts all my duties probably not being home till 12am and I got to hit the sack because of getting up early Sunday to attend the Rams @ Panthers game. ************************* One thing that is killing me with Smash Ultimate is that.... I played/liked Toon LInk, Bowser Jr., Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game N Watch a good amount and in Ultimate I just flat out don't care for them and hardly every play them now. Villager is in that position too now that I think about it. I still haven't been able to vibe with Mega Man--even if I like him and want to use him.
  13. Tonight’s game 2 of the VGWBC Finals was postponed due to driving rains and storms in the Wakanda region this evening. We will resume the series tomorrow
  14. Taking a shower in the pitch black darkness after a long day is one of life’s greatest secrets.
  15. Beat the Rectangle's levels tonight. 12 levels of about 6 stages each. I like the Rectangle's deal. Use him upright or on his side of which he can be right or left oriented on his side so making sure you are facing the right way is key in some areas. I have to admit that figuring out how to use him in the right orientation and how to star rank for stars and box usage goals is quite the chore. I really hope this series doesn't stop and that they might try to expand on the idea of different shapes doing different things but being boxes you only really have square and rectangle shapes although I could see a snaking aspect being introduced with say trapezoids or get into some weird stuff with triangles.
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  17. Chapter 2: The Bucks Stops Here Chapter 2x may or may not be out tomorrow. We'll see.
  18. aw fug 3 hrs late sry pichi-chan :'[ - today i made homemade potato chips w the spouse, n they're very tasty! it took a lot more effort than just buying a bag but considering how small the batches are, maybe i'll just switch to making my own and start eating less lmfao
  19. Did a bit of work last night, getting up to 34th place and getting 10 points so far. Hoping to do a bit more tonight.
  20. I'm doing a challenge on stream now to play the Top 100 SNES games, except the 100 games are decided by their speedrun popularity haha. Dragon Quest 3 has been pretty great so far. Y'all should come check it out sometime if you have the chance
  21. Zero Time Dilemma Deadly Premonition Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Shantae Half Genie Hero Ultimate Edition (Ninja Mode) Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse - Boy, of all the Castlevanias I've played so far, this is the one that frustrated me the most. But Classicvania is about patience. If you try to rush through it or find shortcuts, you die and get frustrated, which leads to more deaths and more frustration. There's something about how this series teaches you to calm down, play methodically, and be patient that makes it incredibly gratifying. By the end, you know you overcame the challenges by your own wit and cunning. Admittedly the respawning enemies and scrolling screens make for some unforeseeable deaths that led me to feel cheated at times, as well as some downright sadistic placements of the knife subweapon. I lost track of how many times I had the cross with the III modifier and happened to whip the one candle that held the knife and immediately jump into it. Ouch. But that MUSIC. I heard some familiar tunes that I didn't even know got their humble start on the NES, like Riddle and Aquarius. I think Rondo and Ecclesia are still my favorites, but with competition this stiff that's a tough call for me to make.
  22. This is coming to the dsports battle session event for Taiko no Tatsujin Drum Session and I can't wait.
  23. Ordered my first figure from Amazon this morning Should arrive at my parents house on the 30th, unless it arrives sooner
  24. I got it myself a few minutes ago. I like the background but the actual Tetris tiles are kind of lackluster... just look like some shaded stone textures.
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