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  2. Saw the eclipse in new york. To bad it was only partial. Cool to see, though.
  3. I didn't get any good pictures but I can say that that was the most incredible thing I've ever seen.
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  5. MK8 / MK8 DLX Game Night discussion thread

    I got up with Nintendo today about that battery cover plate because there wasn't one to order via their website. I managed to get one @ $7 + $5 S&H but somehow my cards had issues processing ( I got no idea why) but with the issues in them processing the order for the plate I ended up getting it for free.
  6. What is this coming from? I didn't hear any complaints about Forrest from Fire Emblem Fates. They did have an abusive father, but then again a lot of the fathers in Fates are weirdly abusive. Not much fuss about Fire Emblem's openly gay characters either, which also include Ike, Soren, Raven and Lucius from years ago. No one's really complaining about or offended by any of this stuff, except for organizations like One Million Moms that rage about damn near everything. Nintendo's "playing it safe" in recently years has been in the form of bland games like Sticker Star.
  7. hell yeah k comes through in the fucking clutch AGAIN
  8. My dad's pretty cool. I'd be willing to share.
  9. I think that's the one I'm going for
  10. Tell your brother to go to the camp and challenge him to get with all the male counselors. Destroy the institution from within.
  11. i knew he was an asshole but i still thought he had some redeeming qualities about him but now i know he's really just a bad person
  12. Gross. What a fucking shithead.
  13. Considering the fact that Nintendo never confirmed that they were working on localizing Mother 3 and haven't announced any Rhythm Heaven game in the works this doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Though I admit I'd like to see Mother 3 localized and don't really care for the Rhythm Heaven games.
  14. my ex-father told my brother to go to a conversion camp so as of right now i don't have a father anymore, now taking applications
  15. Never played the original but it sounds interesting. PS1-era games aged so poorly that I would probably never would have bothered to try this game before this remaster.
  16. I like Fortunae Se Committere, all of them sound cool though
  17. Favorite Fire Emblem?

    Lehran's Medallion is a good one. I always liked the idea of it being a dangerous token, and the way characters had to sing to it to keep its power down. And then your understanding of what the medallion really is changes between the two games which is also a clever way of expanding the story and lore of Tellius without betraying the concepts established in PoR.
  18. Do we have many charger users here? The Classic Squiffer was released on Friday: So we've been getting new weapons (I mean, "new," since many of these are from the first game) each Friday, but I think we're overdue for getting a new stage. Splatoon 2 started out with a lot more content than Splatoon had at launch but they still need to spice up the stage rotation soon.
  19. Thinking of getting one of these as my next tattoo: Omnia Deo Permittere - Leave it all to God Omnia Caelo Permittere - Leave it all to Heaven Fortunam Deo Permittere - Leave luck to God Fortunam Caelo Permittere - Leave luck to Heaven Fortunae Se Committere - Leave oneself in the hands of Fate Sortes Manibus Fati Committere - Leave the drawing of lots in the hands of Fate Sortes Manibus Caeli Committere - Leave the drawing of lots in the hands of Heaven The idea is to get a Latin phrase similar to Nintendo's meaning* of "Leave Luck to Heaven" *I know the meaning is up for debate but I still like the phrase.
  20. This is the most wholesome thing i've read regarding league. Bless your heart.
  21. Eclipse day today y'all. I'll see if I can't get some good pictures.
  22. Watchpoint: Gibraltar - N4A Chat Thread - August 2017

    I loved that the first thing I did with her when deciding what special move to use first and it's the one where I throw this thing on the ground to explode because yeah.
  23. play her mid like a fucking man
  24. Deku Link Cosplay - A Work in Progress

    Well, thank you fucking humidity. Good thing I waited on making the second parasol because I decided to see how the first held up under long-term closure. Went to open it Saturday. Stuck. Like practically glued to itself. Maybe I fucked up the textile medium, maybe it was just too much paint, maybe it was the heat and humidity. Whatever it was, that parasol was fucked beyond use. So I cut everything off the umbrella frame, which need some repair itself from all this, and set it aside. Then I went to work on the head, and the pieces I cut out weren't fitting right so, defeated, I gave up and had a nap. Woke up, hit up the fabric store, bought some pink fabric, went home, and sewed my own umbrella panels. Attached it to the frame. Tested it's deploying capabilities and success! Added a touch of paint (mixed with a little more textile medium) and was back on track. Made the entire second one as well. They're just drying now. They're not as vibrant a before, but I'm still fairly happy with the results. The head still troubles me...
  25. https://nintendowire.com/news/2017/08/21/fear-effect-reinvented-heading-nintendo-switch/ Man I remember this game even though I never did play it but it sure had unique graphics at the time that caught my eye.
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