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  2. Looking forward to Alan Wake 2 and that John Carpenter game
  3. Sorry I wasn't battling or last week or racing this week. Stuff popped up at the last minuet... Well, technically only this week, because last week my little bro. was showing me a video about UFOs he randomly came across on YouTube. Then we ended up watching an episode of Ancient Aliens (I didn't realize The History Channel had some full eps of their shows on their YT channel), do to something alien related I was recently telling him about, and I completely lost track of time. Anyway, I should most likely be there next week.
  4. Hm - i heard something about that, but haven't seen anything thankfully Personally have no interest in FF or Mortal Kombat myself.....
  5. Don't forget those early Persona game leaks that were supposed to be shown tomorrow. And Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. It looks soo amazing. And maybe Mortal Kombat 1. The second reboot of the series. But it does have potential.
  6. Skimmed through the first Stream earlier using timestamps on a video and only things of interest are: Sonic Superstars Honkai Starail Lies of P Sandland Throne of Liberty Warhaven Pal World Land of Morning Light LotR: Return to Moria Under the Waves FaeFarm Space Trash Scavenger Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior Immortals of Aveum Fortnite Wilds? No 100% guarantee i’ll get or play most of these, just things i thought were interesting Sonic is a definite though Reminds me I’m not exactly sure how to deal with the first boss in Star Rail… Hm… The new LotR game sounds interesting— haven’t played a LotR game since one of the GameCube games I rented once…
  7. I will…. BURN MY BREAD! And Persona 5 Tactica too!
  8. Yesterday
  9. I’m kinda excited for Sonic Superstars, but the person I was watching watch the SGF stream said that the modern “Classic Sonic” parts look too much like Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Then someone in their group call said they saw it’s going to be a $70 game. I have no idea where they found that out, but I do remember hearing Sega was going to price some of their games at $70. I hope the game is good though.
  10. Yooo New Classic Sonic game coming out in the Fall! This looks really good graphically - and includes Amy, too! Looks like there *might* be alternative character specific paths? Not sure 100%, but it might look like it And has 4 player Multiplayer! The question is, is it local only, or is it online AND local? The new Poweruos look pretty interesting too And looks like Nack is back, too! Not entirely familiar with the character, but nice to see another classic character come back as well Nice to see those specific special stages come back too Really looking forward to this game coming out
  11. NBL Division Playoffs (Game 4 of 5) Mushroom Kingdom Fireflowers vs. Sarasaland Coins @ Chai National Stadium, Sarasaland, Arid (2-2) 3-2 Lubba, Toadette, and Toad beat Tatanga and Wario. Back to the Mushroom Kingdom for the climax! Celadon Razorleaves vs. Hylian Knights @ Three Goddesses Stadium, Hyrule Castle Town, Hyrule, Temperate (2-2) 8-9 Brock, Misty, Erika, Pikachu, Venusaur, Vileplume, Pichu, and Bellosom lost to Ruto, Darunia, Saria, OoT Ganondorf, OoT Link, OoT Rauru, Phantom, Yuga, and Nabooru. This will be one for the record books, indeed. Bionis Xenoblades vs. Amazing Avengers @ S.H.I.E.L.D. Stadium, New York City, NY, USA, Temperate (2-2) 6-5 Fiora, Riki, Melia, Shulk, Reyn, and Elma beat Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow, Groot, and Star-Lord. Back to Colony 9! Promotion Advance Semifinals (Game 4 of 5) Megaman Bombers vs. Valley of Koopas @ Koopa Kolosseum, Valley of Bowser, Dinosaur Land, Hot (2-2) 8-6 Duo, Flash Man, Centaur Man, Roll, Bass, Guts Man, Mega Man Volnutt, and Tron Bonne beat Koopa Troopa, Bowser, Boom Boom, Dark Bones, Paratroopa, and Pom Pom. Mega Man has to be the one! Kongo Krystal Koconuts vs. Yoshi’s Island Eggs @ Watermelon Stadium, Yoshi’s Island, Dinosaur Land, Tropical (2-2) 10-8 Cranky Kong, Krusha, Tiny Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Kritter, King K. Rool, Ukiki, Otus, and Pointy Tuck beat Baby Bowser, Green Yoshi, Baby Mario, Blue Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Purple Yoshi, Brown Yoshi, and Orange Yoshi. A climatic battle will happen at the Kongo Jungle! Tethealla Tales vs. Lanaryu Loftwings @ Sand Sea Stadium, Lanaryu Province, Great Sky, Arid (2-2) 9-7 Zelos, Lloyd Irving, Magnius, Genis, Presea, Sheena, Colette, Rodyle, and Matthew beat Demise, Beedle, Ghirahim, Groose, Fi, and SS Link, and Ravio. This will be a close call! Orsterra Travelers vs. Wondaria Beasts @ Wondaria Amusement Stadium, Wondaria, Temperate (2-2) 6-5 Yun Jou, Olberic Eisenburg, Ophelia, Osvald V. Vanstein, Agnea Bristarni, and Ocette beat Awooy, Clawlorline, Elfilin, Bandana Dee, Leongar, and Morpho Knight. This will be impressive! --------------------------------------------------------- NBL Division Playoffs (Game 5 of 5) Mushroom Kingdom Fireflowers vs. Sarasaland Coins @ Toadstool Stadium, Toadstool Castle Grounds, Mushroom Kingdom, Temperate (2-3) 7-8 Lubba, Yellow Toad, Toadette, Toad, Purple Toad, Blue Toad, and Pac-Man lost to the Infield Trio, the Outfield Trio, Tatanga, and Wario. … What. A. Series. Celadon Razorleaves vs. Hylian Knights @ Razorleaf Stadium, Celadon City, Kanto, Temperate (3-2) 7-6 Brock, Misty, Erika, Pikachu, Charizard, Venusaur, and Pichu beat Ruto, Darunia, Saria, OoT Link, OoT Rauru, and Nabooru. Looks like Celadon is still reeling from that original anime farewell tour. They’ll be facing Sarasaland next, which is obviously week to grass types. Bionis Xenoblades vs. Amazing Avengers @ Xenoblade National Stadium, Colony 9, Bionis, Temperate (2-3) 8-9 Fiora, Riki, Melia, Shulk, Reyn, Nene, Kino, and Elma lost to Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow, Nebula, Mantis, Hawkeye, Dr. Strange, Thor, and Star-Lord. Another year, another victory swept from Bionis. As for NYC, they’ll have the daunting challenge to face Great Plateau with a bit of a disadvantage. Promotion Advance Semifinals (Game 5 of 5) Megaman Bombers vs. Valley of Koopas @ Monster Town Park, Monster Town, Temperate (2-3) 5-6 Yellow Devil, Flash Man, Roll, Guts Man, and Metal Man lost to Morton Koopa Jr., Larry, Iggy, Roy, Wendy O, and Lemmy. Not even the Battle Network series helped the Bombers. Looks like Bowser’s trying to stay relevant! Kongo Krystal Koconuts vs. Yoshi’s Island Eggs @ Kong’s Banana Stadium, Jungle Japes, Kong Island, Tropical (3-2) 7-6 Cranky Kong, Tiny Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Kritter, King K. Rool, and Pointy Tuck beat Poochy, Baby Bowser, Baby Luigi, Green Yoshi, Baby Mario, and Orange Yoshi. What a comeback! The Kongs now face the Koopas in what could be territorial overload! Tethealla Tales vs. Lanaryu Loftwings @ Symphonia Stadium, Alamira, Tethealla, Temperate (3-2) 2-1 Lloyd Irving and Colette beat SS Link. Looks like the Tales are still moving. Orsterra Travelers vs. Wondaria Beasts @ Orsterra National Stadium, Highlands, Orsterra, Cool (2-3) 8-10 *breathes* Yun Jou, Hong Hakka, Olberic Eisenburg, Lei Kugo, Ou Di Wan Li, Hikari Ku, Temenos Mistral, and Earthen Heart Shifu lost to Awooy, Clawlorine, Elfilin, Bandana Dee, Game-Shop Waddle Dee, Wise Waddle Dee, Sillydillo, Leongar, Morpho Knight, and Waddle Dee. Orsterra might have had a new game in the OT series, but Wondaria’s rhythm won’t slow down. Wondaria now faces a divisive Tethealla team. Who will be on top?
  12. LOL https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2023/06/random-some-fans-think-theyve-spotted-a-mario-kart-10-teaser-in-the-mario-movie
  13. it's pride month again y'all. keep your wits about you and avoid contact w any stray allies and we'll make it through rainbow capitalism month in one piece lotta good things happening in the next couple of months my partner's top surgery went well and they're past the worst part of recovery, and we'll be moving in together in about 6 more weeks c: once that happens, we're gonna finally get started on a lot of documentation and other stuff i've been putting off for uh. way too long also going in to do paperwork for a new job tomorrow. although actually i'll be doing the same thing anyway, because i'm going from starbucks to a grocery store. with a starbucks in it lol. i'm supposed to be moving to the bakery at some point, so i'm hoping it doesn't take too long. though it is nice to already know what i'm doing for a change lol i've also been incredibly obsessed w chess lately so u nerds should hit me up if you like to play at all thus concludes the june april update
  14. About how long after surgery does it take for the pain to go away? I was too delirious to remember when it happened last time.
  15. I'm not against pastels being offered.... but, where are black, non-neon, mario red (don't say bundle), zelda totk set not sold separately, .... where are the N64 controllers getting restocked....
  16. Last week
  17. What's the matter, you don't like pastel in general? For me I like pastel, I would say over a decade ago, hell no. As for these controller, I neither hate them or like them really neutral about and have interest of getting them. I am sure I have more than enough JC's but if there's some I actually like and can be sold separately, you bet I buy for no good reason. When I make somewhat impulse buys like that. I call that amiibo brain syndrome. I will buy almost any amiibo for no reason at all. Just glad it isn't full case for JC. Tho, another commentary observation, we are going into summer and I hardly think anyone thinks pastel this time of the year and more associate it with Spring but Nintendo will Nintendo.
  18. Didn’t realize that Summer Games Fest is tomorrow Thought it was next week Huh Not sure what the scheduling is though So dunno when each developer is showing things of if it’s a mix of things Might wait for things to wrap up each day to slim through things because dunno if I really have interest in watching things i have no interest in Or wait for individual trailers/showcases to be uploaded Also wonder if Nintendo is doing anything or not this year- haven’t seen or heard anything yet
  19. https://www.nintendolife.com/guides/where-to-pre-order-nintendo-switch-pastel-joy-con
  20. Of course may not be your taste in music but..... Hmm, just gotta wait and see, huh?
  21. It's funny you bring this back up Krazy. I was curious if you had any Friday game plans, another funny aspect tho I wondered, I won't be able to play this Friday and at least for a few Fridays. It is undetermined if I might partake in these nights. I will have an idea after June 23rd. I have been trying to take care of things leading up to this date and why I feel I have been more busy more than usual as of late.
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