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  2. i also have had the pokemon itch recently, so i've just been playing gen 2 it's been a really long time though and my first time playing in japanese so- i actually tried heartgold first but it just doesn't hit the nostalgia itch, so i went back to crystal a side benefit is that unlike the gen 4 engine, the originals don't speed through parts of the battle text automatically, faster than i can read it
  3. Finally done organizing most of my Pokémon Home Boxes, making sure to save often so I don’t accidentally end up loosing progress and redoing anything.. - bloody hell I transferred a lot from Go Bloody hell that took a few days - had to spend time redoing a few sections because I kept overlooking a few Pokémon I don’t know why i think continually organizing them by Generation and level is a good idea Ugh 😑 Well, since that’s done, i can figure out what to get rid of
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  5. Whoops, almost forgot this: The second round C-Stick games! East Regional: 7. Carnival Night Ringers 3 5. Ylissean Shepherds 1 4. Sarasaland Coins 8 14. Las Vegas Darkstalkers 4 16. Ripple Star Miracle Matter 8 1.Mushroom Kingdom Fireflowers 9 10. Hylian Knights 4 3. Zebes Hunters 3 North Regional: 12. Tethealla Tales 4 1. South Town Wolves 6 8. Celadon Razorleaves 10 10. Goldenrod Nuggets 5 3. Popstar Runners 7 14. Tallon Sharpshooters 6 4. Koholint Dreamers 7 9. Anri Radicals 9 South Regional: 7. Jubilife Journeymen 9 11. Santa Destroy Mercenaries 6 10. Phantom Personas 4 8. Twilight Interlopers 2 6. Los Angeles Lawyers 8 5. Rogueport Bandits 6 2. Dragon Quest Swords 8 14. Inkopolis Squids 10 West Regional: 7. Dragon Ball FighterZ 1 3. Hope’s Peak Ultimates 0 10. London Lookers 5 14. Toronto Bombs 4 8. Great Plateau Adventurers 4 2. Bionis Xenoblades 6 12. Circhester Shields 5 6. Amazing Avengers 6 ------------------------------------------- The Sweet 16 Analysis! East Regional: 7. Carnival Night Ringers 4. Sarasaland Coins 1.Mushroom Kingdom Fireflowers 10. Hylian Knights Not sure about Carnival Night Ringers. But, man, that second match will be legendary. Mushroom Kingdom vs. Hyrule. North Regional: 1. South Town Wolves 8. Celadon Razorleaves 3. Popstar Runners 9. Anri Radicals Celadon and Popstar. South Regional: 7. Jubilife Journeymen 10. Phantom Personas 6. Los Angeles Lawyers 14. Inkopolis Squids I think the Personas will be the only Reserve team to move on. But, then there’s also Inkopolis from the Championship League too. West Regional: 7. Dragon Ball FighterZ 10. London Lookers 2. Bionis Xenoblades 6. Amazing Avengers I want to say West City, but London has been on a tear. And it’s maybe without a doubt Bionis.
  6. It's hard to think of something more quintessentially 80s than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Anthropomorphic animal mascots, "cool teen" energy, a healthy bit of martial arts violence—the turtles are just made for that time period, and that includes rapidly churning out some repetitive action games. I say repetitive but these side-scrolling beat 'em up games are absolutely charming as well, even if you didn't grow up playing them. And putting 13 of them into a single game makes The Cowabunga Collection one shell of an experience. You might assume there are some pointless additions with a 13 game lineup, and…yeah you'd be right, at least a bit. With three versions of TMNT: Tournament Fighters (NES, SNES, and Genesis) you really have to question what was the point of including all of them. SNES and Genesis might make sense since there are roster differences between the two, but is anyone really all that interested in diving into a 2D fighting game on the NES? Still, it's an interesting move to include all of them, and shows how comprehensive this collection is really meant to be. Aside from the fighting games you've also got the classic arcade beat 'em ups, the original and Turtles in Time, as well as their adaptations on home consoles. There's also the infamously difficult TMNT game on the NES, and the three Game Boy games which arguably hide the hidden gem of this collection, Radical Rescue, which is more of a Metroid-style adventure game rather than a straight-forward action game. So although the majority of The Cowabunga Collection is beat 'em ups, there's a bit of variety that helps round out the package here. All of the games play great as well—or at least, they play as you remember they did, whether it was on an arcade cabinet, console, or handheld. The experience is well preserved here and it really does feel like stepping into a time machine when you've got some friends together on the couch, beating up wave after wave of Foot Clan mooks. This collection also adds some content though, in arguably the best possible way for a retro collection like this. You're able to turn on enhancements to tweak the experience, such as reducing the slow down lag that happens when there are a lot of enemies on the screen in the older games, as well as turning on easy or god mode settings for many of the games. You can also save at any time in each game and even rewind several seconds to fix any little mistakes that might have cost you a precious life. It's wonderful that The Cowabunga Collection is able to cater to both die-hard old school players as well as new ones in this way. If you want the classic experience it's all here, but if you just want to make it through the game without throwing your controller through the television, you can turn on enhancements like infinite lives to make the stiff, clunky mechanics of late-80s/early-90s games more bearable (and the NES game is still incredibly difficult even with these enhancements, so there's still a point of pride in beating it). The other major addition is online play for four of the games: both of the arcade games, Hyperstone Heist on the Genesis, and the SNES version of Tournament Fighters. It seems like your online experience will vary quite a bit depending on your own connection and other players'. Playing with just two players is mostly okay, but when you turn it up to three or four the game becomes a lagfest. It's still a nice feature if you're lucky enough to not face too much lag, but the couch co-op experience will always be the definitive way of getting four turtles together. Finally there are all of the bonus materials included in the collection, which is a treasure trove of turtle content. You've got old box art and concept sketches from the games' developments, screencaps of the cartoons (both the classic 80s one and newer ones), comic book covers—it's an awesome little museum of the turtles, and best of all it's all available as soon as you boot up the game, you won't need to unlock it by playing. When it comes to repackaged re-releases of retro games, The Cowabunga Collection may be one of the best based on the breadth of content and gameplay options. Even if some games are technically repeated, 13 titles is a huge value, plus all of the bonus content provided, and most importantly the enhancements that make these tough-as-nails classics a little more manageable for modern players. The online experience isn't quite up to par, but get some friends together and order a pizza and you're in for a radical Friday night with The Cowabunga Collection. Rating: 8 out of 10 Turtles
  7. Final Scores for Wednesday, Sept. 28: Mushroom Kingdom 10 Forest Haven 8 Hyrule 5 Rogueport 4 Zebes 9 Los Angeles 10 Sonic 6 Sarasaland 7 Termina 5 Ylisse 6 Smashville 5 Narshe 7 Carnival Night Zone 4 Bionis 8 Wood Oak City 7 Hope’s Peak Academy 8 South Town 4 Great Plateau 8 Jubilife 10 Tokyo 9 Twilight Realm 0 Popstar 1 London 1 Koholint 3 Epoch 8 Dimension X 7 Wumpa Island 4 West City 5 Fodland 1 Celadon 3 New York City 9 Avalar 8 Final Scores for Thursday, Sept. 29: Mushroom Kingdom 6 Forest Haven 7 Hyrule 10 Rogueport 8 Zebes 6 Los Angeles 4 Sonic 2 Sarasaland 1 Termina 10 Ylisse 8 Smashville 10 Narshe 8 Carnival Night Zone 2 Bionis 1 Wood Oak City 5 Hope’s Peak Academy 3 South Town 6 Great Plateau 5 Jubilife 4 Tokyo 5 Twilight Realm 6 Popstar 4 London 4 Koholint 3 Epoch 4 Dimension X 8 Wumpa Island 8 West City 6 Fodland 6 Celadon 5 New York City 6 Avalar 5
  9. As much as it was a stupid idea that never should've been greenlit in the first place and deserved to fail, the fact that Google is acknowledging this and giving everyone their money back is a good thing, and should be praised. Usually when a pipe dream of this caliber inevitably fails, the best thing investors can hope for is a half-assed "we appreciate your support".
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  11. Boo hoo, but anything Google have no business making (to be clear cause Google is good with some stuff) usually goes the way of the dinosaur. At least they have the decency to refund all hardware and games you bought from Stadia, how smooth it will be is beyond me. Hope this part goes well.
  12. TBH, I am more excited for the removal of the gacha mechanics. I am really curious in what way it will be completely gone or it will remain in a real small way. Part of mobile games, I don't like (I would say some to most) is the free to play with microtransactions. In the few times I have played mobile games the most in total of all mobile games combines is $20. That's nothing to someone spending $20 for the first time on one mobile much less one they really like and spend $250 to $1,000 of dollars on. To each, their own but not me. That's not to say I never suffered with that kind of impulse, Nintendo Badge Arcade, anyone? I'm sure I spent hundreds of dollars there. I'm sure it is under $250 the most I ever pay for pay to play anywhere...ever. I can't say it will be the last but that was a while ago so who knows? Either way, looking forward to the gacha being possibly eliminated and battle mode. Two great welcomes to this mobile game.
  13. Yes, how did you all feel when you first saw written dialogue for Isaac in Golden Sun: TLA? It was a shock for me when I first seen this coming up on almost 2 decades ago. I was really taken back not that Isaac would be in the sequel of Golden Sun but to speak was quite the surprise. Tho at the time, I should of knew Isaac would speak here as Felix barely spoke at all in TLA, as opposed to Golden Sun he did. Also, at the time Dragon Ball GT was starting to air on TV and when I seen I Isaac speak, to me he would sound like Kid Goku but with a slightly deeper voice. Imagine a slightly deeper voiced Kid Goku saying these lines: The memories of Isaac in TLA were the fondest in that house after the Jupiter Lighthouse. At the time, it seem like so much was going on and I am just a mere witness of this event unfolding before my eyes. Was Isaac speaking in Golden Sun: TLA a shock for you as it was for me?
  14. Oh, right… I forgot. … But maybe Adult Tiki too? There’s something about her child legendary that seems off. I don’t know what it is. I almost forgot Nah and Nowi. … thinks… pushes them away… Then there’s Lillith… She doesn’t do much in her game…. pushes her away. And I’m not sure about the dragons in the Tellius series. They’re more of a race than the divine dragons of the other games.
  15. We've had Legendary Tiki for four years now. Unless you mean her adult form?
  16. I think before this 3.0.0 up all we knew that it was coming in early Oct. Adding Battle Mode to the mix is great way to celebrate the game's 3rd anniversary. Also, they said they well be removing all the gacha mechanics, so we'll have to see how that effects the thigs, with people being able use rubies to get exactly what they want/need (when available in the shop, of course). IDK why they're making this change, but I assume it's because of the EU cracking down a gabling in video games and they just want to stay clear of that. Makes me wonder if FE: Heroes will be making this change as well. Yeah, I down play mobile games that much. They're usually just quick pick-up-and-play games for me (EX: Crossy Road, Pac-Man 256, etc.), besides things like Pokémon GO/Pikmin Bloom. Games like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Mario Kart Tour, for me, are just mini versions to quickly get that AC/MK fix. However with MKT, I do all they daily stuff just to earn rewards and only do other stuff if there's some badge/reward or something I want to unlock (same for AC:PC minus the daily stuff). I currently I have almost 1,300 rubies and I haven't spent any money on the game (only use them when there's something I really want). Then there's CYTUS (free on Android w/ ads & $1.99 on iOS)...The one mobile game I absolutely love! If you love music/rhythm games, I'd highly recommend this and also, playing it on a tablet!! There's even a definitive version on Switch
  17. Cool. I knew this was coming but we didn't know when. I can't remember the last time I played MKT (not that I was waiting for this mode) but I might give this a try. Like with most mobile games, if I have a passing interest, I play for a while and then suddenly drop off for whatever reason. Now and again I hop back to mobile game because maybe of a even but very rarely randomly for no reason. It's just the way with me and mobile gaming. No matter how much interest I have I never stick around long enough and say, 'yeah I can play this anytime I want'
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