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  3. I might respond to the rest of this later but I'll just do the first little bit rn. I read that health officials wanted to shut down the rally in Virginia today. The governor's orders limit gatherings to 250 people. The governor himself just tested positive hours before the rally.
  4. Damn, that's sad to hear. I'll be getting it ASAP after I get some gift cards from Rite Aid. I've always enjoyed the Horizon series more than Motorsport. Though it is odd that the third installment gets delisted while the first two are still up there.
  5. Well, we lost a series for once this season. Oh well.
  6. Final Scores for Friday, Sept. 25: Yoshi’s Island 6 Mute City 4 Wumpa Island 8 Zebes 4 Narshe 9 Skyworld 6 Avalar 4 Celadon 3 Popstar 8Los Angeles 4 Smashville 6Hau’Oli City 8 Mushroom Kingdom 6 New Donk City 4 *Star & Moon Cup**mushroom emoji* Kongo Jungle 4 Twilight Realm 3 Hyrule 8 Ylisse 7 Mayahem 5 Sonic 3 Koholint 6 Inkopolis 9 Sarasaland 7Carnival Night Zone 8 Tokyo 0 New York City 3 Bionis 3 Mimiga Town 6 Corneria 8 Great Plateau 10 Termina 7 West City 6
  7. I am basing the time off of this community post of someone I subscribe to on YT. https://www.youtube.com/c/HMKilla/community I can't remember if there were to presentations but if it isn't 7am wouldn't it be better to be up at that time for 9am? Just saying I'll be up at around 7am to see what happens.
  8. 7am EST? A 50m playthrough? I mean, they are re-releasing all the Champion amiibo so there should be some talk about Amiibo compatibility. Then there should be some talk about the playable characters and their own deals. Then, just the content in general for this game as the last game had TONS. They start their live stream at 9am..... so which is it?
  9. No, but I don't think it's a bad idea either. Attendees are screened and are offered masks and offered sanitizer should they want either. Most now seem to be choosing to wear masks, and I've seen that get questioned as to why they're wearing them now. I was considering attending his rally tonight in Newport News, but didn't think I would make it in time following work. He should be speaking soon if anyone is interested. The current narrative going on in the country and the reaction of cities to that narrative. Police getting shot, their vehicles and department buildings being set on fire...The whole "defund the police" non-sense, that's all getting in the way of full performance. I'm sure some now have concern about defending themselves if they are fired upon. I don't feel any particular way about it, because I know there's talk on both sides of contesting the election. I still don't understand how it would be unsafe for anyone, unless they're high risk, to vote in person nearly 8 months out from the initial Covid-19 shutdowns and both the individual and the polling place knowing what to do to significantly reduce transmission.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Yeah, outside of why the dialogue was changes I wonder why Koops is called Bowser in the west if all the names were English from the get go? At least we have a Doug Bowser, this will be remember for a time in history like, 'so long, eh Bowser'.
  12. Honestly as I've grown older despite the fact that I adore a lot of JRPGs growing up I almost find a lot of them unplayable nowadays and it's kind of a shame, but that's probably very much aligned with my growing dislike of very trope-y anime on top of that. A lot of the writing in JRPGs in most cases just feels very dramatized and hamfisted while being overly reliant on character archetypes. The Tales series in particular has mostly lost me because while the gameplay or RPG stuff is fun I'm very much over the very bland anime aesthetic and tone.
  13. I haven't played Berseria, but I thought Xillia was fine honestly. Was it rushed? Yes. Does it show? yes, particularly in the overworld copypasta maps; the last arc is also kind of short but I'm secretly thankful since the game is dragging its feet at that point. It has an interesting enough story, and honestly the final boss is probably Tales' best execution of sympathetic villain to date. I thought Xillia 2 was kind of weak though--mostly because the story loop is extremely episodic and repetitive and suffers from that sort of heavy-handed "but thou must"/"what the hell, hero?" morality that makes whatever semblance of story collapse on itself; but, hey, at least there's sidequests I guess.
  14. Berseria is pretty decent Just got Vesperia which I've heard nothing but good things about
  15. speaking of Tales, i'm bout to dive into a Symphonia nostalgia trip for the first time in ages. not really sure if i wanna play others but I was looking at the other PS2 era games. idk about the newer ones though. xillia looks like dump, berseria seems okay? you know that the original SNES version has a ton of text shortened or cut due to space limitations, right? i played the original Japanese version recently and the difference in some areas was pretty shocking (granted, i wasn't looking at an english script the whole time, but long scenes where i did were missing a lot of details). woolsey did good work and all but if you want the whole script it's really worth playing a romhacked version to keep the music but have the ability to appreciate the full script.
  16. I love the concept of Tiny Huge Island but the execution sucks. It's full of the kind of level geometry where Mario slides off for absolutely no reason and there's almost nothing underneath to catch you if you do. Rainbow Ride might be my fav level in the game along with the Bowser levels, the difficulty level is just perfect. Some tricky platforming but not too tricky. It's got the structure of the more defined obstacle course levels but it also has tons of branching paths to keep it feeling open. Cool visuals too.
  17. Also Ys I & II are amazing kinda mid on the rest
  18. one day I'll finally play all the FF games...
  19. I find it's always good to temper one's expectations. You never quite know what Nintendo is going to pull, particularly with Smash. It does seem, with all this stuff popping up, however, that an announcement is imminent. There's been quite a gap since Min Min, though a very understandable one. There was about a two month gap between characters in the first Fighter Pass.
  20. Have you ever considered not using the language you do sometimes?
  21. As much as I love VI for it's characters, story, and music, but the actual gameplay is kind of balls. *Magic rapes everything; physical attacks are basically useless *Leveling up in the early game hurts you in the long run since you can't gain stat boosts from Espers *Personal skills range from useless (Celes's Runic; Cyan's Bushido) to ridiculously OP (Terra's Trance; Gau's Rages) V is my favorite.
  22. So I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but if I have here I’ll just say it again. So outside the micro transactions and the fact this mobile game has more content than Mario Kart 8 DLX, Is have to say my biggest problem with this “game” is it not letting me play the damn thing. This problem is most likely because I’m still on an iPhone 6+ that’s not at the latest(or final) update because I usually hear that most updates for the iPhones apple puts up screw things up somehow. So maybe that’s the reason why my game crashes so damn often. But when I do get lucky enough to have the race start, I swear that most of the times I get first, the game will crash before I get to the results screen. What sucks about that is you won’t get the tour stars for your race, and you’ll lose experience because the game either counts it as quitting or getting last place for some reason. I think it’s mostly on the tracks that have too much going on and are too long in general. I guess in general is is if I want to play this game anymore, I’ll probably have to get a newer phone. So until then i guess I’ll have to stop playing the game again. Also thank you @DranSeasona for the friend request, you and someone else got me the one friend registration challenge complete, and it finished off a challenge card. I’m just sorry my game has had problems witch hinders my ability to play MKT. It might be a good thing ironically.
  23. From what I looked up it is 7am edt and for you it is 6am. And remember it is a 50 minute playthrough of the game.
  24. Sunday is the day Forza Horizon 3 gets delisted as well as the DLC so if you want the game I recommend getting base game and expansion pass that had both Hot Wheels DLC and Blizzard Mountain. Hoonigan Car Pack adds some more achievements and that should be it.
  25. DQVIII is very good but in my opinion, the plot of XI is just more interesting, mostly because the characters all get a bit fleshed out more than in VIII. For the Ys series, so far I have only played Ys VIII, but I really enjoyed that one. Particularly they did one of my least favourite tropes very well, and the plot overall was quite unique and engaging. It does suffer from a bit of a lack of focus in the first arc, but it all pans out in the end! If Ys IX is anything similar, I probably would like it, too.
  26. The long-running rumors proved true and Nintendo celebrated 35 years of Mario platforming with a new All-Stars collection. Super Mario 3D All-Stars repackages Mario's first three 3D platforming adventures into one convenient Switch title, bringing with it some visual upgrades and controller adjustments to make each of Mario's landmark games more playable in 2020. It's easy to have wished for more out of this re-release collection, but in the end it still brings together not just wonderful pieces of Mario's history but three fantastic games to boot. Super Mario 64 Starting off with the original 3D Mario platformer, Super Mario 64 has the most significant visual upgrade in this collection—the game is 24 years old at this point after all. Smoothing out the original 64 graphics into crisp HD looks great, though obviously the game is still block and polygonal. Plus the simplicity of a lot of the textures is more glaring in full 720p. Technical looks aside, the visual style of Super Mario 64 is still absolutely charming. Blocky Goombas and Koopa Troopas may be simple but they have a delightful quality all their own. The gameplay also holds up in a lot of ways as a fantastically engaging transition to 3D platforming. The variety of challenges the game throws at you is excellent. There are plenty of stars that are simple to acquire, but there are just as many that provide unique challenges or clever ways of using 3D space, which was pretty novel in 1996. The level design is inventive, and oftentimes it's just fun to run around or try to explore with ridiculous chains of jumps. That said, there are some notable weak points in the game as well. The camera is the most obvious offender. It probably would have been asking too much to completely revamp the camera controls since it would impact how you collect a lot of stars as well, but it's a real adjustment trying to handle this camera in 2020. Mario's movements also have a bit too much slipperiness to them, which makes the simple act of turning around more awkward than it should be. New players, especially anyone that started with Odyssey and is now working backwards through Mario's history, might struggle. Overall though, I don't think it's just the rose-tinted glasses talking when I say Super Mario 64 is still a wonderfully constructed 3D platformer, not to mention an invaluable piece of gaming history. Super Mario Sunshine Super Mario Sunshine has the benefit of a more polished, detailed art style compared to 64, but there are still some nice enhancements at work here, including widescreen support and a reformatted HUD. What's really surprising is how great the game looks with just a few adjustments. The art direction of Sunshine is still excellent and just exudes vacation fun (even if Mario is stuck battling monsters), and the paint/pollution effects look great. The controls also work well on the Switch, even without the pressure-sensitive GameCube triggers (now ZR allows Mario to spray water and move while R keeps him stationary). The only negative is that you can't customize the controls, so anyone that prefers inverted camera controls—as in the original game—is out of luck. Like a lot of GameCube games, Sunshine was a bit of an oddball experiment for Nintendo. Using the F.L.U.D.D. to clean up the environment, attack enemies, and propel Mario around each world provides for undeniably unique challenges, and some of the most difficult parts of the game are when Mario doesn't have his water jetpack available. There are some pretty unforgiving challenges as well due to how vertical a lot of the environments are in Sunshine. Parts of the game also feel oddly padded out, including the huge number of blue coins to collect and the repeated tasks of fighting bosses multiple times. Still, Mario's tropical adventure really is a fun break from some of the typical gameplay elements of the franchise. Sunshine is unusual in the Mario canon which also makes it rather memorable, and helps its strengths shine a little brighter. There's also a clear evolution from 64's first tentative steps into 3D platforming to Sunshine's more elaborate and tricky challenges, and it's particularly rewarding to play them back to back and see that development so clearly. Super Mario Galaxy Finally there's Super Mario Galaxy, which has the easiest transition to HD—largely thanks to the already gorgeous visual design that brought these colorful planetoids and striking lighting effects to life in 2007—and yet also has the trickiest controller adjustment. Motion and pointer controls were inextricably built into the controls of the game on the Wii, and it's hard to properly replicate that on the Switch, even with multiple controller options, including touch controls for collecting and shooting star bits when playing in handheld mode. Even with Joy-Cons the controls just don't feel quite right, but after a bit of time to adjust it's not a huge problem. It doesn't feel like the ideal way to play the game, but it's still playable. And once you get into the absolute joy of leaping around all of the planets and wild shapes of Galaxy, controller quirks will be the last thing on your mind. Granted Galaxy is the youngest of these three games but it holds up incredibly well, from the beautiful visuals and stunning soundtrack to the pure delight of flying through space and playing with gravity. Though it is also the most linear, it still exudes the kind of inventive design that has kept the Super Mario series as one of the most consistently fantastic game franchises ever made. The level design is dizzying—oftentimes literally—and simply full of wonder and excitement. The other major feature of the 3D All-Stars collection is the music player, which allows you to revisit the soundtrack of all three games and potentially even play it in handheld mode and just enjoy the brilliant music compositions (especially if they're filled with nostalgia for you). The music player is a fun addition and it is great to see the soundtracks highlighted, but one can't help but wish there was a little more to make this feel like more of a full celebration of 3D Mario. The most glaring omission is Super Mario Galaxy 2 of course, but even a bit more like a concept art gallery would have been nice. Super Mario 3D All-Stars doesn't fully remake these classic Mario titles, the games really show their age in some respects, and the collection manages to miss out on the plumber's second trip out to space. When you're immersed in a Super Mario adventure though, those complaints end up feeling small. These three games are still an absolute blast to play, and playing them back to back really highlights the progression of 3D platforming design and Nintendo's seemingly endless ability to create inventive, charming worlds that leave the player amazed. New players may need a bit of time to adjust to some of the dated aspects of each game, but the visual upgrades are more the reason enough to revisit some of Mario's best adventures. Rating: 9 out of 10 Power Stars
  27. Final Scores for Thursday, Sept. 24: Yoshi’s Island 10 Mute City 5 Wumpa Island 7 Zebes 6 Narshe 9 Skyworld 8 Avalar 6 Celadon 9 Popstar 0Los Angeles 3 Smashville 7Hau’Oli City 6 Mushroom Kingdom 5 New Donk City 4 *Star & Moon Cup* Kongo Jungle 4 Twilight Realm 6 Hyrule 7 Ylisse 6 Mayahem 9 Sonic 8 Koholint 8 Inkopolis 7 Sarasaland 5Carnival Night Zone 7 Tokyo 6 New York City 5 Bionis 8 Mimiga Town 5 Corneria 5 Great Plateau 8 Termina 10 West City 8
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