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  2. This is my first time seeing Purrloin on its hind legs and it looks weird after playing Black for hundreds of hours. So far I've gotten 4 of the new Pokemon: Patrat, Foongus, Lillipup and Purrloin. Generation V might be the first new generation since the game's launch where I go out looking for Pokemon outside of raids, limited research and community days.
  3. Skip. SIRIUSLY, who asked for Norne, AltCamus, another dancer, and NNaki? *shots fired* Still waiting for MoreMyrrh!
  4. (Yoshi's Island vs. Popstar in retrospect should have been the Cuuuuuuuute Cup.) Final Scores for Tuesday, Sept. 17- Yoshi’s Island 2 Celadon 6 Megaman 4 Hau’Oli City 7 Popstar 10 Mushroom Kingdom 6 Sakurai vs. Shigeru Cup (Not letting this one slip!) Zebes 9 Valley of Koopas 8 Hyrule 8 Tokyo 6 Koholint 10 Corneria 8 Twilight Realm 6 Mekanos 8 Sonic 8 West City 9 Super Cup Smashville 6 Los Angeles 7 Tortimer Island 10 Kongo Jungle 7 Mute City 0 Mayahem 4 Skyworld 2 Sarasaland 4 Moleville 0 Bionis 6 New Donk City 9 Termina 8 (Almost the ONE!) Ylisse 2 Great Plateau 4 Inkopolis 3 Venom 0
  5. Yeah, I could do Sunday And despite not liking TL in Ultimate, this is true it is the best fit. I get the snakes because they are in this LA again? But where does the PT represent?
  6. I... did it. Thanks to the power of savescumming, I did it. I beat it. Still, it's not a perfect game. I think KOF XIV is better, then again... *looks at the other KOFs I have yet to play... and Fatal Furies...* After what I've been through, that's enough of that. Time for me to move on. Meanwhile, I did something stupid. I... recorded a theme on a project I've been thinking about. It's been on my mind for some time. Not sure if it will pay off. Just for fun-sies for now, I guess.
  7. Guys, with the big launches this weekend I have a theme in mind. However, with the game I am covering Saturday, Smashing on Saturday won't be an option. Who would be up for Sunday night? The theme will be Link and Amiibo themed: Toon Link for Link's Awakening (fits better than YL, and obviously regular Link won't work) Pokemon Trainer for Squirtle and Ivysaur Snake for, well, Snake Also throwing out any of the Smash stages that feature Zelda, Pokemon, or Snake's stage.
  8. I have two different GS's in my town. One I'd call a super store compared to the other which is more like a hole in the wall. The big one has lighting that is way to dim, poor fixture setups, and doesn't seem to have its layout thought out very well and it looks kind of cramped with bad merchandising. The other small one is brightly lit and is way more inviting on the inside but it to, is way to cluttered and not merchandised well. I bet if they do close one out of my two, it will be the small one. If the large one could just get the lighting right. And if GS would go back to buy online/pick up in store on amiibos I might get back into them a little more. I do agree though, that their overall selection and depth make them a good place to look for game accessories and stuff.
  9. Ok, so if we go with Hudson Bonk Bomberman Higgins from Adventure Island I got no one else that would have any cachet.
  10. I know it is ancient to be using photobucket but as it stands now, all my early art work are there and I never had the right mind migrate the that stuff to better...wait. Hold I think there is a place I did migrate something. But I know for sure the signature below isn't there even if the sig itself is dated in someways, I like its retroness. EDIT: Nope non of my old art is on imgur and I know for sure it is not this laptop. EDIT 2: I found more stuff on laptop but no old art. I have nothing before 2014 online or my laptop. EDIT 3: Fixed. Man I forget how slow photobucket and that could explain why I never migrated my old images there. Just doing this one took 10 minutes just DL back to my laptop. Also photobucket is charging if anyone has over 25mb with of pictures. So basically anyone, they probably charging cause of how slow, because they can because they been around for a while now.
  11. I haven’t looked at that in a minute. I’ll pat myself on the back for the theme though
  12. https://backloggery.com/Ace_Defective
  13. @pichi Not sure what happened to photobucket but they locked me out like two years ago, couldn't even resign in to get all my old photos that they hosted back online. URLS work but... I haven't found something better and haven't really looked.
  14. The best part about mobile is that signatures are hidden Speaking of which what is mine? I don’t even remember.
  15. I came online for the first time in months and forgot that my signature was linked by Tinypic, lol. Looked around and redid mine. :b Using an old sig from like 2007, but I still like it.
  16. @Bowser81889 @DLurkster @purple_beard y'all... honestly... why are you using ancient horrible hosting services photobucket's been shit for like a decade. don't you even have to pay for it now? lol you can even just upload your tags directly here
  17. Gotta say, if Gamestops start looking more like that then I would be more compelled to shop there. Right now the only time I pop into a GS is to track down a game I simply can't find anywhere else and because I haven't fully embraced the digital culture yet there are times where that becomes an issue. But this looks really nice and is a nice step up from the current cluttered thrift store-ish look that always felt like a holdover from the days of Babbages and EB Games. Gotta agree about the furniture bit though which seems a little much. Then again, it might not be so bad if the Gamestop is large enough to where they can have days for socializing with table top gaming, tournaments and things like that. If they do want you to be a pro member to play the retro systems then that's a bit much especially if it's only on retro stations and not the gaming stations for current platforms. All in all, I can dig it and I'd like to see how something like this might turn out!
  18. The new look definitely seems interesting to me. I do think they're modernizing it well enough, but I do think they need a few more things on the walls as far as decoration goes. Maybe it just depends on the store, because I know that not every Gamestop is going to be that big to accommodate these newer aspects. The two near me are certainly not going to have the room to be able to fit that back area of the store or a couch for customers to sit around in trying out new games or having tournaments. For smaller stores, it'll be intriguing needless to say on how they decide to incorporate the modernized look compared to their bigger counterparts. I will say though, that I'm liking how the front of that store looks when it comes to the extra game-related merchandise they're trying to sell. Kind of reminds me of a clothing store in the mall as soon as you walk in, which is kind of neat. Best of luck Gamestop!
  19. Obviously, the "H" stands for "Humongous Entertainment". Putt-Putt confirmed!
  20. Thanks for the heads up. I was about to make arena. I'll make it around 9:20pm.
  21. @DLurkster On around 9:30 tonight... Supper ya know
  22. Yesterday
  23. Yeah, that part was great from the Tokyo one. I like the ones in there where they were shooting fireballs in the sky and when the one of the Toads were whisked away on glider. EDIT: The fireball one was the NYC one, my bad. So just the glider flight and lightning bolt for Tokyo. I don't know what's up with me and Toads being tossed or whisked away, I find hilarious. It shouldn't but it is.
  24. I like this part from the Tokyo one. LOL the look on all the toads faces! ⚡ ZEUUUUS!!!
  25. LOL! They ain't got no money for that. They can't even keep all their stores open and all their corporate employees employed. Also, need I mention Game Informer? 😏 In all seriousness... Yeah, they've been in the news a lot lately, so...
  26. Lol, the best one and the best part was the New York one where Toad puts down one of those speed boost but the one that launch you in the air. I thought I never see the day where a Toad is blown away by one. That made my day and should not be funny but it is and at the same time has me worry where that Toad is at.
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