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  2. I was thinking whether to do my first incline or second bridge so in the end I decided on the incline. I moved my house from the beach towards the western part of the island in the green. Once I sell my tarantulas I can pay off the incline and then keep some around for the second bridge tomorrow as sadly I can't have two projects going on at the same time.
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  4. Yeah prehistory would not have had much in way of boxes to put our dead in, and likely cremation in a lot of cases was common, too. Bear in mind that we’re living in a pretty densely populated time compared to basically any other era, so these problems are mostly cropping up now. People have been quietly relocating the dead to larger or more convenient spaces for centuries too. But different parts of the world deal with death rites differently anyway, and even now not everyone is buried six feet under in a box. But I know for sure my local cemeteries still have room... and other options (again, cremation, mass mausoleum spaces, etc.).
  5. Oh yeah went Tarantula hunting and cane out with quite the haul and just in time before 4am as after that I’ll have to wait for 7pm. Going to wait for Nook’s Cranny to open to get those bells. It was not a Tarantula Island per se but I followed some instructions on the web to make it close to one. Cut all trees and rip stumps out, rip out flowers (not shovel them), destroy all rocks then just go around until they spawn which in my case I had to chase out Tiger Beetles and Wharf Roaches.
  6. i think the matter of coffins and such is a relatively modern thing. natural burial means decomposition.
  7. The Ring Fit dragon would be more interesting tbh if I had to choose.
  8. How long ago did people first start burying their dead? How many people have died since then? How is it that we still haven’t run out of spots to bury dead people?
  9. @Destiny Hero @DLurkster @TKrazyO Good games, and the lag was almost non existent. My Ken was trash. All my others were ok. That said, I was ticked at how my Bowser finished that last match. I am surprised we never got to Yoshi's Island, Onett, Green Hill Zone, Gerudo Valley, and Coliseum....we usually hit all of those before we end things. Dang, also surprised we didn't get to Dracula's Castle, Hyrule Castle, or Castle Siege too...
  10. I’ve been meaning to see what tarantula island is, might as well look that up on YouTube. Unrelated, I don’t know why, but most of the clothes that I’ve gotten from balloon presents have either been pink/purplish clothing, skirts, and dresses. I’ve sold most of them guessing nobody on my friends list would need them, but I guess I forgot to sell a red figure-skating dress and a blue dreamy dress. Anyone here want those or should I go ahead and sell them? Edit: Also blue striped tights, which I don’t want either.
  11. forgot to post in a while. Resident Services has since opened so I can now finally get that good hourly music. Trying to see if I can get Mable to move in but I guess I need to wait a bit longer. I had thought there was a purchase threshhold I needed to fulfill before she can ask to move in. I did my campsite for new villagers that may be interested on the Island and also caught the Oarfish which took me a good week to finally get it and the crazy thing is that since then I caught three of them. Anyone done the tarantula island to rake in those bells?
  12. thank you! this was actually really helpful and i am indeed eligible fuck yeah a paper check is fuckin annoying tho since my mom will have to send it to me and but free money is free money
  13. Besides Animal Crossing, Ring Fit Adventure is one of the hottest Switch games out right now. I keep reading over on Nintendolife that they're having trouble keeping up with the demand, especially with what's going on with the quarantines. Since Wii Fit Trainer is in, I can imagine the Ring Fit Trainer being a representative in this pass and I think there's a more obvious pool of potential moves for the character than there were for Wii Fit Trainer. I don't think the Smash community will like that pick, but considering Nintendo is responsible for this second pass I can see this as a real possibility.
  14. Finally caught a Stringfish tonight!! Sturgeon is the last one I need.
  15. I have so much stuff to cram down Blathers throat when the museum opens. First bridge, three new houses, plus second tier house as well. Ran into Wisp as well. Tarantula Island was a hoot.... I thought one tarantula was bad. But four at once? And had two combined before jumping apart was freaky. Hopefully quick vid captured it.
  16. Even though I never did play ARMS I really would like Min-Min to be the representative.
  17. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/coronavirus-checks-direct-deposits-are-coming-here-s-everything-you-n1168936
  18. I just popped in..... I was seeing if we had earlies..... I'm showing up right at 10p.
  19. I'm not seeing anyone on the Discord.
  20. For no other reason than I was, I was listening to Spawnwave's Spawncast a moment ago and someone suggested that Ring Fit girl could get a nod since Wii Fit Trainer is in.... and she could toss the ring like Captain America does his shield. That sounded kind of cool.
  21. Interesting.....
  22. *Runs in* Here's the link: I'll be playing! *Runs out*
  23. oh really? i was wondering if I'd be eligible since I've been in Canada a year now...ive been unemployed for a year too tho so i wonder if that matters we could use the money here but i do think ill be sending some of it to my mom and older brother
  24. That said and it is true, arena set up with just 4 could get boring despite what lag could get involved. Waiting sucks but what can anyone do with that.
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  26. LOL. The lag with 4 is bad enough. I'd be down for 8 if it was in person.
  27. We always welcome more to join. The Saturday variant is the most likely to have a theme based on something big that week if applicable. This Saturday, we are theme-less so WINNING is the theme. As far as needing the discord, no, but it does make communication amongst players better. We use the text and voice chat via the Ninfora discord. We have been getting a little stricter on letting non-Ninfora/non-MK8 regulars join the Ninfora discord due to some issues.
  28. The target challenge took me nearly 20 tries. Max Brass with Hedlok was using a bomb ARM whose rush attack I could dodge at long range, so from there I'd take my usual strategy of charge, paralyze, grab. Trying to fight anywhere closer got me clobbered, as did attacking when he still had one side ready. I can't find success with Ribbon Girl at anywhere but long range. I'm struggling to beat anyone in Versus at level 5. About a 25% win rate, so maybe I am just plain bad after all. This AI is much more threatening than Smash's.
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