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  2. okay, i watched parts of the video and he adds a disclaimer for this part... but then doesn't show the line where he got "stick Lady up your ass" from. don't think capping that out of context was a good idea for the thread lol. i agree somewhat with the tone shift making her sound too fond of Adam, but some of the things he criticizes are seriously pedantic and are very typical of localization, like using various different adjectives in place of child to make things less repetitive. i'm not sure i agree that this would have seriously affected perception that much. he does it again here, not properly showing the context from which he pulled his translation and lining them up with parts where the official text shown at the bottom matches correctly with the japanese text, but presenting it as wrong. lit translation: "my heart, which holds a tragic past,"
  3. -uses Google Translate's camera function on phone- Huh. I know he said the translator of the "true" version took liberties, usually on the how the dialogue flows. Makes me wonder how that particular monologue actually went.
  4. uhhhhhhh what? he completely made up the top line here. the bottom one is exactly what it says ブリーフィングへの絶対的な合意を表す仕草だった a literal breakdown: ブリーフィングへの: towards the briefing ("briefing" is just in english) 絶対的な: absolute 合意を表す: signify agreement 仕草: gesture だった: it was
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  6. I always knew the dialogue came off as stilted, so it's bizarre to see how much was changed tonally and in characterization. Maybe whoever in NoA thinks it might be too hard for their audience to recognize Adam as one of the antagonists at that level. The story would make a lot more sense in Japanese on that front. Though I still have to disagree on the game's structure.
  7. OK, while cool in its own right, I never saw GG being that big of a deal for Sega to a mini like this. Also, why only put 4 games per color and then sell a collector set for all 5 finishes to get all the games. Maybe there is some ROI to what they did but why not make it a) larger, b) with more games, and c) handle the colors differently. But I do kind of agree with things I have heard about why not a SMS mini or Dreamcast or Saturn mini. It just seems that would be a better play. I think a SMS would go along side the NES mini very well.
  8. A cool way to figure that out. My brother, who is a bigger MM fan than I am said these looked pretty faithful for the games so.... I like how he overdubbed the MM music to play for the videos.
  9. One more win. That's all we need to move on.
  10. tfw the forum server has more processing power and RAM than my dedicated gaming PC
  11. Server migration complete. For anyone curious, Ninfora's now running on a personal server of mine with 16 cores, 32 threads, 64 GB RAM, and multiple SSDs in a RAID configuration with a dedicated controller. It's been a long time in the making, and I'm glad to have this done! Your upload limit is now 4 GB, up from 512 MB.
  12. I hated how tonight went for me, in one way my method of dealing with it is to write it off as going portable but using proc but kind of keeping tabs on tv show. So many misdirection moves ...grrr ...just never caught the flow. When I switched over to proper tv play I did kind of fare better....
  13. Some good matches, actually better than some I'll never forget that win with Ryu with Incineroar. That will forever be priceless to me.
  14. Final Scores for NBL Division Series and Championship Promotion Semifinals Game 3s: Sonic 3 Twilight Realm 4 f/10 Interlopers lead series 2-1 Koholint 3 Corneria 8 Dreamers lead series 2-1 Smashville 5 Bionis 4 Savages lead series 2-1 Sarasaland 4 New York City 0 Coins lead series 2-1 ———————————————————— Neo Arcadia 5 Rogueport 11 Bandits lead series 2-1 Yggdrasil 4 Narshe 7 Rebels lead series 2-1 Hocotate 5 Tethealla 6 f/12 Tales lead series 2-1 Avalar 5 Zaphias 2 Dragonflies lead series 2-1
  15. That is still early if the reveal and release happen on June 16th. Even with the cross-over with the 7th fighter maybe Pokemon, I don't think it will overshine. It's relatively a easy guess that it will before June 17th or after. I don't know for some reason I feel the week of June 22nd will be it,
  16. I've seen the date June 16th being brought up in some YT comments for the DLC. No rumor, they just felt like the ARMS fighter for Smash Bros. should be revealed and/or released on ARMS 3 year anniversary. That makes sense to me. I don't think the Isle of Armor DLC release will have an impact outside of the possibility of Urshifu being Fighter #7, but that would make even more sense for the Smash news to occur the day prior. If the next Smash rep isn't Pokemon-related, they should be handled separately. June 16th would be the perfect day for an ARMS character reveal in Smash. If they're worried about taking attention from Pokemon, make the actual release for the new rep. be closer to the end of the month. They don't have to reveal and release on the same day.
  17. I didn't post pics of mine when I usually did for the other Xeno games, whoops XD But hey, congrats on getting it finally!
  18. Been in the hospital for almost two days (no coronavirus). Had a crazy onset of vertigo Monday morning and a CT scan and IV Contrast Catscan and here I am still. One neurologist thinks it’s BPPV a type of peripheral vertigo, another thinks a virus in my inner ear. So here I am, with a crazy case of the dizzies with no apparent cause or firm diagnosis.
  19. What Remains of Edith Finch- XB1
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  21. This is bizarre learning now about 10 years later, but whoever translated & dubbed Other M seems to be responsible for most of the discourse that came of the game. The original Japanese lines were much closer to Samus’ previous characterization like in Fusion and the manga, like this instance here with the latter, with the top part being the original Japanese line. None of that infamous shit like the Adam authorization is in the original Japanese script. What the hell. Obviously, this doesn’t absolve the game of all its flaws and faults, but NoA or some division failed everyone with the localization. I wouldn’t bring up such a dead horse otherwise, but this is an important revelation. Had Other M been localized correctly, things might’ve been different. It probably would’ve still been divisive in the same vein that like Fusion and Prime 3 were, but it may have not been volatile enough to be the franchise killing/brand damaging game it became...
  22. That online mode analysis video... I don't think I've ever seen a video so desperate to hit 10 minutes. I stopped playing the online modes at all and I'm so much less miserable for it. Apparently the lag even got Smash dropped from EVO online. Understandable considering that almost all moves are impossible to genuinely react to even offline.
  23. Yeah, we can do that for like a hour. I need to go random tonight.
  24. Yes and No. Yes that the announcement of additional fighters were announced on 9.4.19 and no that Pokemon DLC was announced on 1.4.20. We actually didn't know there would be 6 fighters till Byleth presentation on 1.26.20 and then 2 months later we found out one of the six fighters is an ARMS characters. But I'm not looking at all those date to determine Pokemon DLC release to when ARMS will release this month, just simply June 17th is already half way through this month so I don't think it would be far off for ARMS release or even before.
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