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  2. Here to tell everyone to watch Made in Abyss.
  3. It's time for the next season to begin. Please take all discussion to the new Summer 2017 thread. Thanks!
  4. Welcome to the new and improved official Summer 2017 Anime/Manga/Light Novel Discussion Thread! Okay, so you can't see what's new about it like I can... But oh well! This iteration of the seasonal discussion threads for anime, manga, and light novels can now make use of querying the APIs for AnimeNewsNetwork and Anilist! This means that I no longer have to manually input in most of the information you see down below! You can surely expect previews to be faster than before going forward, especially as I make more adjustments in future threads. Make way for a summer full of promising shows and a huge helping of fun movies! Remember: You are free to discuss any and all anime, manga, light novel, or other Japanese media related content here, not just limited to what the current season has to offer! New to seasonal anime? New anime airs each season of the year at roughly these time intervals: Winter (January-March) Spring (April-June) Summer (July-September) Fall (October-December) Each new season is typically covered by a multitude of sites that compile the upcoming shows into charts with summaries and information about each show. These charts are an easy way of catching a glimpse at what is probably going to air in the upcoming season. Occasionally, shows on these charts may be delayed to later seasons; for the most part, the seasonal charts are fairly accurate, so if you’re ever confused on what is airing, when it’s airing, or what it is, please check the charts below for any questions you may have! Notable Seasonal Chart Sources: Additionally, there are PV (Promotional Video) trailers that air before the start of each season, which actually show footage of the show. There may also be CM (Commercial) footage, but these tend to have only a few seconds of content by comparison. If I am able to find these, I will include them below. Last, but certainly not least, the studio and staff that works on a show can be a very influential factor. Previous works done by the studio will be included as to give you an idea on what they’ve worked on, as will the staff involved. Summer 2017 Anime Information and Preview: Template Explanation: Particular shows that I recommend giving a shot will have their titles highlighted in green. Due to the high quantity of anime being released, while I cover all full-lengthed TV anime, all shorts, movies, and OVAs/ONAs/Specials are covered by personally selected highlights instead of full coverage. Please refer to the sources section at the bottom of this preview for in-depth information on shows not covered here. TV Originals: TV Sequels, Successors, Spin-Offs, and Continuations: Shorts Highlights: Movies Highlights: OVAs, ONAs, and Specials Highlights: Any other information on Shorts, Movies, OVAs, ONAs, or Specials can be found listed in any of the sources used below for this preview. Sources: Anichart/Anilist Anime News Network MyAnimeList Information for this seasonal preview made individual use of the corresponding anime entries on AnimeNewsNetwork and Anilist, using their respective APIs. I lay no claim to the information above as my own and fully acknowledge my usage of their resources in compiling this preview.
  5. As far as the Amazon Prime thing, the additional suckiness is that Prime members used to get discounts on amiibo, and now they don't. Now I guess we just get the privilege of buying them at all. (Not that I'm super offended by this; I use my sister's Amazon Prime anyway.)
  6. Gonna be a fun night.
  7. Does Old Spice count as a fragrance
  8. Well...that depends on what Smashville, Mute City, and Slateport do. If there is a 2-way tie for 6th, a one game playoff will be utilized to break the tie. Any other ties will be settled by head to head first
  9. Today
  10. My third roll for the Tempest Trials earlier this week got me some decent heroes, only just checked their stats: Reinhart is +Atk/-Res, Effie is +Def/-Spd, Jeorge is +Spd/-Res and Robin is +Def/-Res. I think these are all better than what I currently have but I may have to raise a few to lv 20 just to double check.
  11. Ok, so knowing that losing 2 games puts us out of the playoffs, what happens if the Coins split the two games tonight?
  12. 6 teams of 16 get in. 1 and 2 get byes to the division series...3 4 5 and 6 contest the wild card round. Effectively the top division of the NBL now has the same playoff format as the NFL. Sarasaland are sitting 6th right now. It's kind of s jumbled mess from 5 thru 8 but bottom line is you win 2 games tonight you're going through regardless of what else happens
  13. How many teams per league are in the playoffs for the NBL Premier League this time given the huge number of teams?
  14. NBL Premier Standings with 2 games remaining: Miyamoto League: Zebes - 61-30 - divisional bye Hyrule - 59-32 - divisional bye Yoster Isle 56-35 - playoffs Mushroom Kingdom - 54-37 - playoffs Celadon - 54-37 - playoffs Tokyo - 53-38 Arendelle - 51-40 Mayahem - 49-42 Sonic - 48-43 Corneria - 45-46 Megaman - 44-47 Popstar - 39-52 Bern - 36-55 Hocotate - 36-55 Onett - 34-57 Orange Star - 24-67 - relegated Yamauchi League: Termina - 58-33 - divisional bye Kongo Jungle - 56-35 - playoffs Laurasia - 55-36 - playoffs Los Angeles - 53-38 Smashville - 51-40 Sarasaland - 51-40 Slateport - 51-40 Mute City - 50-41 Ylisse - 44-47 Inkopolis - 43-48 Bionis - 39-52 Skyworld - 38-53 Tethealla - 36-55 Nimbasa - 34-57 Lanayru - 33-58 Halfmoon - 19-72 - relegated NBL Championship League: Arakawa League: Goldenrod - 58-33 - at least playoffs Valley - 57-34 - at least playoffs Agrabah - 57-34 - at least playoffs Moleville - 55-36 - playoffs Star City - 52-39 Koholint - 50-41 Marble Zone - 49-42 Ripple Star - 48-43 Guangzhou - 47-44 Blue Moon - 45-46 Katina 40-51 Neo Arcadia 39-52 New Pork - 35-56 Gallia - 34-57 Tallon - 33-58 Distant Planet - 31-60 - relegated Iwata League: Epoch - 55-36 - at least playoffs Labrynna - 55-36 - at least playoffs Subcon - 53-38 - at least playoffs Venom - 53-38 - at least playoffs Wild World - 50-41 Khurain - 49-42 Mekanos - 49-42 Weyard - 44-47 Jubilife - 43-48 Lumoise - 43-48 Port Town - 42-49 Valla - 41-50 Mechonis - 41-50 Forest Haven - 40-51 Cavios - 37-54 - relegated Underworld - 35-56 - relegated NBL Reserve League: Twilight - 60-31 - promoted Delfino - 59-32 - promoted Sauria - 54-37 Valentia - 53-38 Rogueport - 53-38 Castelia - 49-42 Saffron - 49-42 Ultratech - 44-47 Tortimer Island - 42-49 Magvel - 41-50 Anaheim - 41-50 Tortuga - 41-50 Wuhu Island - 40-51 Goldwood - 35-56 Sylvarant - 34-57 Big Blue - 33-58
  15. Yesterday
  16. Gonna be fun tonight. Cant wait to see where we are in the standings.
  17. I rarely wear anything and I have no idea what it is that I do have. It's in a bottle with no markings that I got from a friend a long time ago, doesn't smell strongly of much and the strongest smell is probably anise but also has some other smells to it.
  18. This is decision day in the NBL. Today we get the answer to a lot of questions. Who will make the NBL Playoffs? Who will secure automatic promotion out of the Championship and Reserve? Who will be relegated? Who will be seeded and where will they play? With the playoffs all different this year due to the expansion, lets review: Reserve - The Reserve League is simple...the top 4 teams in the standings on the final night will be promoted to the Championship. All other teams stay in, there is no relegation as this is the bottom of the pyramid. Championship - The bottom two teams in each league in the Iwata League and the Arakawa League will be relegated to the Reserve League. The regular season champion in the Iwata and Arakawa Leagues will secure promotion to the NBL Premier League, and will face off against each other in the minor league World Series, where the winner is Championship champion and will earn the right to play against Season 26 minor champion Star City for a spot in the Video Game World Baseball Classic. The teams that finish 2-5 in each league will play a 4-team tournament on each side, with the winners of the Arakawa and Iwata tournaments earning promotion to the NBL Premier League NBL Premier - Here the bottom 2 teams in the Miyamoto and Yamauchi Leagues will be relegated to the Championship. The teams that finish 1 and 2 in each league will receive a bye to the Division Series round. The teams that finish 3 through 6 in each league will contest the wild card playoffs, which starting this year will be a best of 3 series hosted by the better seeded team. ill have a Standings update out between 8 and 8:30
  19. While I agree it will probably be one of those three, a lot of people thinking Elise, at least it doesn't feature one crazy popular character this time. I think it's gonna be hard to get much more balanced than this without just not including any Awakening/Fates characters. I'm starting with Mist myself, but then will likely go Elise myself as well.
  20. Nautica Voyage is great for the price since I'm poor as fuck™ Other than that that I just use old spice fiji soap and deodorant
  21. G Eau. A pretty good knock off of Acqua Di Gio. Seriously. They got it close to the real thing.
  22. maybe this not so dead forum will be more responsive to my query what fragrance(s) do you wear
  23. I hope for the best.. But at least he's leaving this world knowing that he's loved here.
  24. Now I just hope we can change the theme for the HOME menu like the 3DS can.. I really hope so.
  25. I'm going really miss the arcade bunny, he was pretty funny.
  26. Completed my first Raid Battle, a 5000+ CP Croconaw, and ended up catching it during the bonus (around 900 CP). Considering I hadn't seen a single Totodile since Gen II rolled out, I am pretty pumped.
  27. What's the numbers for the US? Still pretty impressive.
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