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  2. Opened up a window earlier and it feels pretty nice out today as far as i can tell Nice to have some fresh air again 🥰
  3. Any fellow Canadians: The BBY and Wal-Mart SS Joy-Cons went live about a hour ago, sold out in 3-7 minutes where BBY only had 700 stock and Wal-Mart 275. I am not posting that as bad news but the major retailers in Canada are going live with these PO's. I have saved this link from Amazon in when they will go live here: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08WWC1ZPV/ref=cm_sw_r_u_apa_i_H606HJTGN5NB0QGQSY3R since @EH_STEVE shared on the 22 of last month of Joy-Cons links of US retailers. The link is a heads up when they go live as I said BBY and Wal-Mart in Canada have went live not
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  5. @TheBarkinHyena: Well aren't you a riot. Glad you came on with us after observing the Smash night for a year, that would explain why you didn't say much on the mic. You speak up if the above post is what you can offer. That is great stuff.
  6. Well I found out Lucky (the dog with the bandages around his face) is camping on my island. Unfortunately I have a full island so I can’t really convince him to move to my island. And i think if I had probably logged onto my Switch earlier today I could have informed people here if they wanted to have him move to their island if that’s a thing. If anyone here is still up I can open my island to see if he can move. Though I can only stay up for around another hour and a half. edit: Okay sorry I guess I’ll just quit waiting since I guess nobody here’s awake. Just ignore what i said e
  7. Hoo boy, was that a night! Hanging out with you guys was just a chaotic as I thought it would be! After watching you guys for about a year, I was a bit hesitant about joining, but I'm glad I did! It was fun! I was pretty Darn Lucky to have gotten a few wins under my belt. Of course, That Kamikaze On the 2nd to last match was probably the highlight of my night. @purple_beard And to answer your question.... Probably Banzai!
  8. Update imminent! Usually when we get alerted like this it is like 3 days or less till the update. I do not recall it's been a week or more till the release of the DLC characters. So they might release same day or early next week. EDIT: Dammit PB, I was hoping I posted this before he did. If I didn't write something in post I would of, oh well. The post wasn't that long ago.
  9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 11.0.0 Is Arriving Soon - Nintendo Life
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  11. good lord it's terrible. i love it here, have the worst one i've ever seen
  12. Please tell me nobody's done this before; I spent the past two days on this.
  13. "Stew, what are you doing?" "Making chocolate pudding." "It's four o'clock in the morning. Why on earth are you making chocolate pudding?" "Because I've lost control of my IP."
  14. Please stop reminding me there is going to be a Rugrats reboot...
  15. The games are basically on every platform at this point. All of them are worth playing except DkS2 and generally build on each other in interesting ways.
  16. The note about Skyrim reminds me that i still haven’t started Skyrim Special Edition Have a selection of mods (all lore friendly for now) not that i can do too much until i get a high end PC Though I don’t think i know how to work some of them.. might be looking over something Not that i can do too much since i only have so much space on my laptop... mostly been fiddling with mods and trying to figure out what works with what last December But should really get around to starting a new game
  17. Also that one part of the 25 years reminded me that the Dream World was a thing - wish i had used it more often when it was still around - i took a liking to that site when it was around Looked at my PC boxes in Ultra Moon and i was able to get a good amount of HAs from it too..... unfortunately about half are male, though (going to have to triple check, but at least im pretty sure all of them are HAs, anyway) So I don’t think those are too useful for Shiny HA Breedng unless they changed that in S&M era And reminds me im going to have to figure out how
  18. I was one of those born in 1991 so was able to get into Pokémon early when it came out, i think - faintly remember getting Pokémon Blue for Christmas... not sure if also got a GameBoy as well, or if i already had that before, tbh Though I don’t think I’ve watched every single episode of the Anime, I think I’ve watched episodes here and there over the years until recently when I started the Alola & Journeys (on hold) anime I don’t have my original GameBoy or GB Color though, unfortunately - still have my original Blue (i think?), Gold, and Crystal cartridges at least
  19. Dark Souls Remastered Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Dark Souls 3. all on Xbox one/Series X The OG Dark Souls is probably one of the best games ever made. Definitely play it.
  20. I really wanna play these games, see what the fuss is about (never even really seen gameplay of it). But I feel like I'd want to play them all in order aaaaand I don't want to play old-gen versions....
  21. Now to go back to hoarding until the yearly summer drought.
  22. finally got a bike again and it's like... a real (used) mountain bike and not just a walmart tier one. i'm still not sure if dropping the money was a good idea but it's so sturdy and feels like way smoother/easier to ride quickly aaaaaa
  23. The 51-100 Cat Shine acquisition 2nd half of BF was a very interesting beast from the first half. Bowser appeared more, longer, and more destructive. The Cat Shine quests got harder/more involved. I kind of liked the increased difficulty and enjoyed going for 100.
  24. Got 'em! Pretty cool mode this Bowser's Fury is. I really enjoyed it. Felt like a not quite Odyssey in some respects but not quite 3DW either..... I think its style has potential for future Mario games. Cat Shine Comments. Cool: Not really any kind of spoiler and I noticed this in earlier battles... but.... you don't necessarily have to wait to have Bowser jump near you for belly stomps, you can use his fireball formed pillars as projectiles for yourself against him and, you can deflect his rock balls to him for hits to turn
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