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  2. God no. I give out Meltan Boxes on Community Day all the time to people who've never finished it.
  3. Odd question about meltan and mystery box, do people connecting to your system to transfer mons need to have completed that task in Go to get box or did they get box at the beginning? I have a friend wanting to connect to my lets go to get box activated for meltans.
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  5. yeah, it's usually very quiet. I mostly study. but it gets lonely sometimes. lol
  6. If I'm up at 4AM, I want to be by myself and enjoy the peace.
  7. o heck ye. i get up ideally around 4am to begin my day as well, but lately i've been really messed up and waking up more around 10 to midnight love waking up at dark-thirty, though. i feel like my mind is the most clear around that time, but if i wake up at that time instead of staying up super late, i feel good during the day too. whereas waking up like noon or later, i feel like ass for half the day
  8. I wake up at 4:30 during the week usually, to catch the train into the nearby city, so I was up when you posted.
  9. Another series needing a rubber match. Oh well.
  10. Final Scores for Sunday, 11/17- Yoshi’s Island 9 Mekanos 7 Megaman 4 West City 5 Popstar 9 Celadon 7 Zebes 0 Hau’Oli City 4 Mushroom Kingdom 7 Hyrule 6 *NES/Famicon Cup* (They've never battled till now!) Valley of Koopas 1 Koholint 7 Twilight Realm 4 Tokyo 3 Sonic 7 Corneria 6 Smashville 6 Great Plateau 10 Tortimer Island 3 Venom 1 Mute City 9 Los Angeles 8 Skyworld 6 Kongo Jungle 1 Mayahem 7 Moleville 4 Sarasaland 2 New Donk City 3 *Daisy-Pauline Cup* Ylisse 6 Bionis 9 *Change The Future Cup* Inkopolis 1 Termina 2
  11. - Gato Roboto (Switch) A fun micro-Metroid game, though I wish it were longer (and that the controls weren't so slippery; I definitely crashed into things a lot). [image] - My Friend Pedro (Switch) Honestly, didn't like it as much as I thought I would. There's a surprising difficulty curve to really getting the hang of the game's sense of flow which means if you don't take the time to really train with the game it isn't that interesting. [image] - The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) Stealth kills are always satisfying—honestly I could do without any of the gun fights, just give me the stealth sections. The "puzzle" elements of the game are definitely meager, though. [image] - Astral Chain (Switch) Stylish and satisfying combat—pretty much what I'd expect from Platinum Games. [image] - Banner Saga 2 (Switch) Another great entry in "Excruciating Decisions: The Game." Looking forward to playing the third game and being similarly paralyzed with indecision. [image] C : 103 H: 2 P: 0 M: 0 O: 105 Challenges: 16 points
  12. Yeah, I never been successful in find actual players when I initiate Max Raid Battles but when I join and on time not one where it's been sitting for a while and wasn't accessible because I was in battle, (that is the only time the Y-Comm is not visible, obviously) I can get in and at least 3 out of 4 are actual players. I'll try again to see if I can launch Max Raid Battle but for now me joining one isn't much of issue as long as it is not out of my league per se. I'd almost lucky we won that Butterfree raid.
  13. I’m guessing that’s why, but I’m not real sure. But right now I’m only seeing that one raid battle, after joining some’s raid battle and the Butterfree one earlier. Also pretty much every Pokémon I’m finding in the Wild Area after beating the game is around the level my team was when I beat the game. Also that Ludicolo raid battle is pretty annoying. Tried it again with just one random person joining me and we got kicked out of the den for 4 faints. If the game could ever find a full group of people then maybe I would consider doing the harder dens.
  14. @The Albraskan: Oh that is why your raid levels are so high. In the last one one with Ludicolo, that one was really hard. Couldn't hit, keep failing and not missing my hits. Then ultimately blown out of the den.
  15. @DLurksterThere’s no need to apologize. I’m not mad, I’m just curious to who was who. I’m glad to hear you also got that Butterfree. I’m sorry that battle was pretty difficult. I’m not seeing so much raid battles since I beat the games story, or at least ones that aren’t so high in difficulty.
  16. Nothing like trading random stuff on Wonder Trade in Moon Version .
  17. are you implying its 4am right now?? or just in general, 4am needs more people posting
  18. Ninfora needs more ppl up at 4am man it gets lonely out here
  19. So I played handheld twice and my first experience was without the hi-tech ear buds, I'm playing handheld now and I turned the all the sounds to max and why isn't that everything from the backgrounds sounds, cries and music sound muffled. When it is docked it fine but freaking loud. Has anyone experienced this? 4th Gym?!? I have two versions and I'm just making it to the 2nd badge. Well, I think the first 3 badges must be straight path, not necessary easy. I guess I'm about the find out.
  20. Sorry, AL that was me. I was the Victor. I wanted to name my player the name they were given this time around. I did the same in my Shield, I named myself Gloria there. I hope anyone who see those name who I am friends with, those are my names. And I was able to catch the Butterfree. I felt like I wasn't much help, I was scared I was facing 5 star Dynamax Pokemon. I felt I was help by accident by my max lightning from Yamper.
  21. Ok I’m kinda not liking how the game shows your friend’s names to what they named their in game characters and not their NNIDs, because I don’t know who’s who on my friends list. So I don’t know if they’re someone I’ve added from here or from friends I’ve met in person. Also whoever on my friends list that helped join in on the Dynamax Butterfree raid, thank you. I hope you guys got rewarded good from it. I don’t know how it rewards participants who aren’t the ones who throw the poke ball to catch it.
  22. Yesterday
  23. On the way to second gym, main characters......are too nice so far. Team Yell is no Team Skull.
  24. I'm a little over 5 hours in and just outside of my first gym. Early impression, I enjoy Sword more than Pokemon X and Pokemon Moon. I'm still dealing with the same story leash at times that hurt my experience with X and Moon; however, aside from Hop, I don't dislike the characters so far. Hop probably is my only issue with the game. If he had Grookey, I wouldn't mind his talking as much, but he picked a type disadvantage so I just want him to shut up most of the time. A rival at the start should always have the type advantage in my opinion. Bede on the other hand is exactly what I want from a rival character. He doesn't have Grookey, but he's arrogant and has a preference for a type I generally associate as being powerful. I look forward to interacting with Bede again, where as I dread seeing Hop. The Wild Area has been probably the biggest surprise for me. No trailer did it any justice, and that footage almost turned me away from the game. Trailers gave me the impression that there would be a large, empty area aside from a Pokemon here and there and the occasional Max Raid den. The Wild Area turns out to be mostly the opposite of that and provides a fair amount of Pokemon spawns to encounter along with the occasional rare spawn that tends to be too powerful to deal with early game. I don't feel any Breath of the Wild when I've been in the Wild Area, but I have felt Xenoblade Chronicle's Gaur Plains which I think is much more ideal for an RPG like Pokemon. Every time I see a rare spawn, I take note and do my best to avoid while still being in a bit of awe of what I will eventually be able to catch and potentially shiny hunt later in the adventure. Rolycoly's line is my favorite Pokemon line in some time, definitely since Gen. V's Trubbish line. The middle evolution from the line at first seemed forgettable next to Rolycoly and the final. The creativity with how that evolution is encountered though is perfect and elevates the design. It's likely going to be my first shiny hunt for Sword, probably after I clear the first gym.
  25. Completely missed this community day partly because of being distracted by Pokemon Shield but mostly because I'm still not used to them being on Saturdays and starting so early.
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