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  2. Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    Ah. Irony is a bitch. That's great news.
  3. Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    Yep. He's the typical schoolyard bully. Heck I'm glad that people are roasting (comedic) him on Twitter. He's more than earned/owed it.
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  5. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Updated the racing list while I was at it.
  6. Team Rainbow Rocket Merchandise Incoming!!!

    a Team Skull one? where was that? can you post a pic.
  7. Well, that's something to do over New Years' at least... And yeah, the vast very majority of raids are organized over Discord or facebook.
  8. Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    Like hell would I watch the thing itself. Can at least entertain any videos of channels I follow about it though to see what they have to say but beyond that... Pai's original video of him dancing like a fool actually got removed for copyright infringement, from what I understand (so I assume the above posted one is just a repost/recapture of that vid). He used Harlem Shake without permission and now the DJ or producer of the music is trying to sue him.
  9. YUP! *sigh* Another legendary I'll never get. Seriously, I don't have a single legendary. This is mainly do to the fact I can never get get enough people to take one down. Usually when I see one it's just me and no one else is ever around. It's not like I live in area where nobody plays PKMN GO or anything like that. I guess the only way I'm going to get a legendary is find a local PKMN GO group to join.
  10. Haven't watched it. Don't intend to. Don't waste your bandwidth. Ignore provocation.
  11. Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    ... ... ... *repeatedly slams head into wall* 🖕
  12. So Groudon is out? That was quick.
  13. Team Rainbow Rocket Merchandise Incoming!!!

    Dope. I really don't have room for the plushies though.
  14. The Nintendo Baseball League

    BRING OUT THE BROOMS! *sweeps home plate to cheering fans*
  15. Ah, that's how it works, huh? Makes sense more activity more, the more the club have activity. Also, I rarely go the the recent activity tab. I may stay logged for godly hours but I sit and roam recent activity because I feel there;s no way to filter activity for the place you most frequent on the forum not everything. I do care for most that come cause I don't post every so that even worsens the fact with no activity on the forum for the club when everything else eclipse it.
  16. Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    I think he's trying to continue to disturb, disrupt and interfere with different countries and what not. Definitely. It's scary to say the least. But to be honest, I'm glad that we're all here going through this bs together. At least there's that.
  17. Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    I never realized we had all these data cables under the sea. When you think about it, it makes since, because where else would you put all these? IDK, what Putin is trying prove here, but if he actually does fuck with these cables, it could patiently start a WW III...That is if Kim Jong-un doesn't beat him to it. Just think how ironic that sounds in this day and age...WW III being started, because of the internet. Just goes to show you just how much as a society we rely on the internet. Kinda scary.
  18. MK8 / MK8 DLX Game Night discussion thread

    Nope. You pretty much have to click on the Clubs tab then click on a club to see new posts there (clubs are listed in order by recent activity, BTW). The main issue everyone has with clubs, is how segregated they feel from the rest of the site. We want this site to have more activity and clubs make it seem like it has less.
  19. The Nintendo Baseball League

  20. General movie discussion

    I felt bad for the movie since its fate was sealed.... Also I wanted a theater box to myself.. ... Unfortunately others had the same plan I did...
  21. Elysium - N4A Chat Thread, December 2017

    This is too neat. I like some of this companies stuff. https://us.musterbrand.com/en/bags/backpacks.html
  22. General movie discussion

    This film had the unfortunate chance to build up the same or more of the hype Episode 7 did. That was going to be a miracle!
  23. Ah, whatever the case that club forum for chatter is useless for sharing news like right now so anyone can see it.
  24. General movie discussion

    I enjoyed The Last Jedi, but get some of the gripes that were had with it. Kinda mixed on it but can give it a pass. It just seemed the hype for it wasn’t really there like with the last few or couple films.
  25. Elysium - N4A Chat Thread, December 2017

    I just asked my friend’s google home to play “that song that goes beep boo boo bop”. IT FUCKING DID IT IMMEDIATELY
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