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  2. I wander if Chie would like Kung Pow: Enter the Fist?
  3. Good you got power back but I had long since moved on...
  4. Oh, dang again. I just got power to my neck of the woods a few minutes ago. Setting up arena, on laptop, cellphone charging.
  5. So a go or no go tonight? Fine with me, I got movies and sports I can watch instead. As well as wrapping up laundry LOL.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I wasn't planning on playing tonight either. Sorry PB.
  8. @purple_beard, @TKrazyO, and @Eliwood8 I know Krazy is not gonna be playing tonight and Eli may or may not come tonight. I won't be on tonight, we had tepid thunderstorm that turn into monster winds and that took out power across the city at noon today. I was gonna post this later at 8pm but my cell battery on data is on 13% as of this post. And power still not back. If you don't hear from me past 8pm, the power is not back.
  9. I got it yesterday but was too busy to open it yesterday. I played with it this morning and it the nostalgia it me hard with the controller and playing N64 games.
  10. Comments disabled predictably, but the main thing that stood out to me was rollback, though NASB had that too. Bigger corporations don't care about robust internet/netcode, while smaller companies and indies do because it's one of their main selling points. Took me awhile, but slowly but surely added Slingshot and some of its variations to my gameplay and applied to some real matches. While it's basically a fancier if not easier way of turning around or doing turnaround attacks, as an advanced nuanced tech it did feel as meta changing as it was initially hyped up to be. Basically, wavedashing is to Melee as slingshot is to Ultimate. Mostly every Smash game has had some kind of defining thing though when you think about it... Smash 64: Jank, lots of it Melee: Wavedashing Brawl: Tripping Smash 4: Perfect Pivot Ultimate: Slingshot Oh, and I'm glad Smash is actually getting consistent competition, with the platform fighter genre it started expanding now. Also means with any future game, Smash can't just rest on its laurels and will have to keep up somehow. Thankfully a mechanic like tripping should never happen again with any such game. It certainly wouldn't fly now, but it was bad even back then with Brawl, designed only to screw you over and allow the opponent to randomly get a free shot in, or vice-versa but a momentary win that didn't feel earned.
  11. I plan to be on. My game today is at 1pm.
  12. Final Scores for Wednesday, May 18: Heliodor 1 Fodland 3 Wumpa Island 4 Forest Haven 3 Narshe 6 Bionis 4 Avalar 2 Twilight Realm 4 Popstar 7 Termina 4 Zebes 4 Sonic 8 Celadon 6 Lanaryu 7 Smashville 4 Carnival Night Zone 7 Saffron 4 Great Plateau 7 Los Angeles 10 Tokyo 7 Capcom Cup Jubilife 5 New York City 9 London 9 South Town 7 Mushroom Kingdom 4 Arms 3 Sarasaland 8 West City 5 Hyrule 4 Ylisse 8 Blade of Legend Cup Rogueport 8 Koholint 9 Final Scores for Thursday, May 19: Heliodor 8 Fodland 9 Wumpa Island 9 Forest Haven 5 Narshe 6 Bionis 7 Avalar 4 Twilight Realm 5 Popstar 8 Termina 7 Zebes 2 Sonic 4 Celadon 7 Lanaryu 5 Smashville 8 Carnival Night Zone 9 Saffron 5 Great Plateau 6 Los Angeles 7 Tokyo 9 Capcom Cup Jubilife 8 New York City 4 London 4 South Town 5 Mushroom Kingdom 8 Arms 6 Sarasaland 2 West City 4 Hyrule 1 Ylisse 0 Blade of Legend Cup Rogueport 5 Koholint 6 Final Scores for Friday, May 20: Heliodor 4 Fodland 5 Wumpa Island 9 Forest Haven 6 Narshe 8 Bionis 7 Avalar 5 Twilight Realm 6 Popstar 8 Termina 7 Zebes 4 Sonic 5 Celadon 10 Lanaryu 5 Smashville 0 Carnival Night Zone 1 Saffron 0 Great Plateau 2 Los Angeles 8 Tokyo 9 Capcom Cup gi emoji Jubilife 4 New York City 6 London 5 South Town 10 Mushroom Kingdom 4 Arms 2 Sarasaland 6 West City 7 Hyrule 10 Ylisse 9 Blade of Legend Cup triforce emoji Rogueport 3 Koholint 4
  13. Last week
  14. 3 weeks ago, when no one came on that night I held amiibo arena match up. Well obviously before the arena closed (I think it was 15 minutes after 10pm, I think the arena closes after 20 minutes of no activity) So I played with 2 Min Min ppl rest were any that own whatever amiibo. I will do that again tomorrow and anyone is welcome to come in.
  15. I like Caspar look and Bernie (oh forgot she doesn't want to be called Bernie, lol) Ferdinand, pompously saying is full name is still annoying. Apparently this trailer from GX is the UK version of last week and again they have LE, I want this more than the XC 3 SE. (I haven't decided if I gonna get that one yet, tho) Just the little more stuff than XC 3 SE is worth it to me, not that Europe is only getting this?!? Also, they are releasing these weekly. That was my latter though from last week.
  16. Not sure if I had anything to do with me not there last night and you noticing you could/want to talk more. (I'm really not that self-adsorbed) I can be wordy guy in text and talkative in general once I get know ppl, otherwise I appear shy and reserved with ppl at first. (Observant, I would like to call myself when I am quiet) Not sure if that is the case with you, to warm up but if this feeling is something you know to be true to yourself, then speak up, if not go at the pace you want to till you want to speak more on Discord. From the last few times I heard you, each time you raced with us, I have been hearing more so I would like to think your warming up to us. And lol sorry if it seems I'm taking your voice. I joke in all seriousness but just go at your own pace, you're comfortable with.
  17. Here is the 2nd half of the challenge:
  18. Since there's no general Gen 8 thread, or nothing talking about the progress of everyone's Pokedex in Bank or Home, I just felt like doing this. Including a general trade thread too, since the Mobile version can do that? I know I hated this new storage, but the Gen 9 games gave me some hope, so I finally got a Premium one. I have a lot of Poke'mon as of now. Since there's the Home's National Dex is how things might be looking forward, I'll give myself a pat on the back for getting almost every Poke'mon. Here's the Poke'mon I have yet to get as of writing this (and some plans): #804- Naganadel- I have a Poipole, but I really don't want to evolve it and don't have Poipole. Maybe I'll restart my game then. I wonder about the pass... #805- Stakataka- I didn't get UltraMoon, so... thankfully the pass helps there. #810-812- Grookey line. I got Inteleon first. Maybe game reset? Or trade. #813-815- Scorbunny's evolution. Somehow, I have a Scorbunny. #816-817- Inteleon's line. Breeding. #819- Skwovet. Catch one. #821- Rookidie. Catch one. #824-825- Blipbug line. Catch one. #827- Nickit. Catch one. #833- Chewtle. Catch one. #838- Carkol. Get a Rolycoly and evolve it. Or catch one. #840- Applin. Catch one. #843- Silicobra. Catch one. #848- Toxel. Catch one. #850- Sizzlepede. Catch one. #852- Clobbopus. Catch one. #854- Sinistea. Catch one. #856-857- Hatenna line. Catch one and evolve it. #859-860- Impidimp line. Catch one and evolve it. #864- Cursola. Evolve my Galarian Corsola. #868- Milcery. Catch one. #873- Frosmoth. Evolve my Snom. #878- Cufant. Catch one. #885-886- Missle dragons. Catch one. #889- Zachrias whatever. I'll need to get one from a trade. But I still want my Zachian. And all of the expansion pass Poke'mon from 8. And their Galar form guys. Hopefully, none of them are exclusive, or one of those branding path Poke'mon. If you'd like to share your Poke'Progress, just reply and comment. I've been off doing this because of personal bias, but this year, it seemed to have changed me.
  19. No joke, this game has been one of my favorites, despite Square’s odd moments this year.
  20. This sounds like the plot to a great romcom.
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