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  2. Good races! I loved the random anime discussion, especially nerding out about FMA. FMAB is seriously one of the best animes. One minuet you're on the edge of your seat, the next you're laughing at something completely stupid, and then out of nowhere, it hits you right in the feels (OMG! My heart! 💔😭).
  3. Floor Semifinals: Q- Genie- 20- To “Never Had A Friend Like Me” from Aladdin. Q- Dee Jay- 20- To his theme song from Ultra Street Fighter IV. Q- Captain Ginyu- 20- To his theme from the anime. Q- Athena Asamiya- 19- To “Psycho Soldier Theme (International)”. Q- Rise- 17- To “Pursuing Your True Self” from Persona 4. Q- Star-Lord- 17- To “Come And Get Your Love” by Redbone. Q- Elena- 17- To her theme song from Ultra Street Fighter IV. Q- Eddy Gordo- 17- To his theme song from Tekken 3 (PS). Pauline- 16- To “Jump Up, Super Star!” from Super
  4. OBJECTION! I'M THE ACE ATTORNEY BOY! I'M THE ONE WHO- *looks* I'm overruled!
  5. Bowser's Fury (Switch): Collected all 100 Cat Shines and viewed the true ending.
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  7. I'm liking the look of this new DLC and new areas Looks like there's new Pokemon too - i haven't played it yet, so i wouldn't be able to tell which ones those would be or are - nice to see Typhlosion getting some spotlight in this, at least The miniaturized feature is pretty cool, though Considering i haven't bought it yet, this extra content will be nice - though i wonder what or if we'll see any future DLC in the future? Curious to see what else what else they could do in the future... I'll get around to buying it off the Eshop... at some point
  8. Weed makes you anything but fast.... But you could be blazing slow
  9. Huh, there's a guy out there with the actual name Speed Weed.
  10. Been bothering for a while with what I was trying post here about motion controls for SSHD. I remember now, (sounds like most who have posted here played buttons and I have played most of this game in motion controls from beginning to end) when you get the bow and arrow in this game, (the later half of the dungeons) if you recall the demo vids Nintendo released show the guy in the lower left corner gesturing like pulling back on a bow strap with the right JC, this is a misnomer. You don't have to, mostly everything in this is motion but gesturing no. When it comes to motion in this game is jus
  11. My province is doing away with requiring infected people to isolate themselves, how wild is that lol They're also ending covid testing for asymptomatic people and stopping contact tracing... wtf lol
  12. Day 6: Beach Volleyball Match 6: Mushroom Kingdom vs. Gallia 8-5 South Town vs. Hope’s Peak Academy 8-10 Wumpa Island vs. Corneria 1-0 Los Angeles vs. London 5-4 Narshe vs. Caverna 2-1 Green Hill Zone vs. Dimension X 0-3 NYC vs. Saffron 6-4 Neo Arcadia vs. Khura’in 5-6 Match 7 will be tomorrow. -------------------------------------- Golf Stroke Play Day 1: (For an interesting twist, these will be played in six NBL courses, two SBL course, one MBL, and one D+L c
  13. Cool ya shrink. Pokemon gone, 'Honey, I shrunk the Pokemon' sorta of. (not exactly but should know what I mean) I haven't touched this game nor am I nowhere near beating it as, I can blame my Switch backlog but the recent purchase of other Switch games after New Pokemon Snap got in the way. I am prioritizing games that will take a short while to beat compare to those that will take 12-20hrs or more to beat. New Pokemon Snap may be on the short list but from what I heard about going back the course for research point really adds up especially when you don't get to move fast till the
  14. This just popped up... You can now add friends from your phone’s contact list...
  15. Official trailer if you don't want all the noise
  16. Two more days and we’ll finally be done with June and onto the last month of Summer yay.
  17. Great that we've gotten bronzes but not a single gold medal yet. .I'm sure that omission gets rectified soon.
  18. Day 5: 3 vs 3 Basketball Quarterfinals: South Town vs. Popstar 3-0 ‘4- Andy Bogard ‘8- Joe Higashi ‘9- Terry Bogard Sarasaland vs. NYC 10-6 ‘1- Iron Man ‘1- Tatanga ‘2- Bowser Jr. ‘2- Black Panther ‘3- Bowser Jr. ‘3- Iron Man ‘4- Iron Man ‘4- Daisy ‘5- Tatanga ‘5- Daisy ‘6- Tatanga ‘7- Bowser Jr. ‘8- Thanos ‘8- Thanos ‘9- Daisy ‘9- Daisy Hope’s Peak Academy vs. Antarctic 3-1 ‘1- Maki ‘3-
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