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  2. Don't need one at this point. And if they end up phasing out the old one, a lot of Switch owners would be screwed over. If they think that people will just go and buy new ones, they're sorely mistaken. Not everyone plans to.
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  4. Only sucks the new jcs are mixed because that purple and blue are right upy my alley. I do like the orange too but the yellow looks like the yellow already out.
  5. @purple_beardTheres this whole opening shift at work thing.
  6. Any now the standard model will have better battery life
  7. Latest update is available for Android and iOS devices. Includes the new appraisal system, the new battle change, and likely the info for when the new "things" start showing up. Also, if you go into your Pokemon and do a search for " 4* " it will bring up any 100% Pokemon you have.
  8. Hit Tier 3 last night, STILL stuck on that level in Solo. I even swapped to Bowser Jr and used an item so he can blast his skill right away (popping bubbles) and not enough capsules to finish...
  9. I'm a weeb and went to get Volume 15 of One Punch Man and 16 was the only one left there I haven't got but I have a feeling it's going to be the point of Season 2 of the anime. And I have been hearing it's the most disappointing thing ever. I could be wrong
  10. Good stuff @DLurkster @Marxforever @Art_de_Cat *but why you leave so fast? I think Inceniroar and DP did my best work tonight. Ganon got some love. I also think of the FE characters that only Corin, Roy, and Marth work for me now. I kind of still want to get into Robin more though. I think the only three I didn't get to tonight of my normal rotation were Pac Man, Bowser, and Young Link.
  11. Well, yeah of course not but this trailer had no Japanese dialog so this trailer can be viewed by anyone so to me I don't know for certain this just Japan only.
  12. It’s about as pornographic as a Rob Schneider movie.
  13. That's quite the out of left field announcement. Not quite on the level of Panzer Dragoon from E3 but it's still a bit unexpected!
  14. Will probably be a hot seller. But unless it's sold on its own I already feel sorry for the poor souls working in toy departments that will be asked multiple times to check in the back and open a whole new case just for this specific one.
  15. I would prefer a remake of the original. They lost something in the later sequels.
  16. Shit. I forgot about that. But Joker or at least P5 was global success so that's what I feel cause the meltdown of their server. As most ppl know DQ is not that popular in the west so I think we will run into sever overload, at least on NA can't say for Japan.
  17. iirc that game's only sin is being offensively bad, not really anything too gross. it even calls you out for trying to be gross lol
  18. This month? Possibly, and with word of maintenance soon, hopefully the servers won't break again when the character/update drops like what happened with Joker initially.
  19. Interesting. I was thinking yesterday that like last year at EVO it was announced that there would be Smash Ultimate direct that revealed the likes of K. Rool, Chrom Dark Samus and Simon and Richter. I feel they did to hype each other and if weren't seeing news of the Hero coming out this month then EVO for sure like last year that direct reveal but that showcase of games this month is pretty convincing. I hope to be wrong and want the Hero to come sooner this month.
  20. @1m in WOW, that looks kind of sweet.
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