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  3. The End of the Wii Shop Channel - All WiiWare/VC titles to disappear

    real talk, the wii and wiiu have just blended in my mind software wise. I genuinely thought it was on the wii.
  4. The End of the Wii Shop Channel - All WiiWare/VC titles to disappear

    I'd say it's tragic, but my Wii's been disconnected for six years. And if people can't buy or redownload Shop Channel games, the Wii is Pirate City anyway. (And if the games are no longer obtainable at all, then I guess there's no moral dilemma to grapple there.)
  5. I think you might be misunderstanding? It isn't the Nintendo eShop on Wii U that's ending its service anytime soon, it's the Wii Shop Channel on the original Wii that is. So you can download Tropical Freeze again whenever without worrying about this.
  6. I had a fair few VC games on the Wii, more than on my Wii U or 3DS, since it felt more new and novel at the time to be able to replay some of my favorites all on one system. And despite the awkward restrictions on file size there were some great WiiWare games too: World of Goo, the Bit.Trip series, the Lost Winds games, NyxQuest, Swords & Soldiers, Mega Men 9 and 10, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, And Yet It Moves, etc. Thankfully a lot of them have been ported so they're not going to be lost with the Wii Shop Channel, but for those that haven't it's sad that they're just going to be gone soon.
  7. The End of the Wii Shop Channel - All WiiWare/VC titles to disappear

    I think I have to go re-download DK tropical freeze. blech, I gotta figure out how I will fit that file on my wii.
  8. The End of the Wii Shop Channel - All WiiWare/VC titles to disappear

    My life as a vc/wiiware whore...... the affordability of most titles kept me coming back for more, or would be cheap enough to give new things a try. The vc side of things gave me a chance to play games from other systems that I missed. Landstalker, columns, Paper Mario for a few. Wiiware had some fun offerings, despite the memory limit. World of Goo- addictive puzzle game, I initially balked at its high price but everything went well together. Cue Sports- fun pool game with online. Worth the price. Art Style games- most of these were great, I am surprised art style series has not made a return to a system yet. Orbient and Cubello were my faves, Rotohex.....not so much. The small playing field for later stages..... Dr Mario was fun for matches, Nurse SafariSuz was a sadistic opponent with that smile on the mii's face while whooping butt and taking names. Alien Crush Returns- the visuals for online matches.....
  9. Thoughts on the 8Bitdo SNES30 controller?

    I might end up getting some kind of wireless controller for the SNES Classic and could very well be this one cause how I set the controller down now, my cat will sometimes try to rub against it or just one of his moods he bumps the cord and it falls down so a wireless controller would cease that issue.
  10. General movie discussion

    I guess it all depends on how they play that prison they were all in at the end of Civil War..... but then again, Antman in the Wasp is coming this year too so....
  11. The End of the Wii Shop Channel - All WiiWare/VC titles to disappear

    I sunk so much money into Wii shop games and when I transferred games to Wii U I was not thrilled about having to redownload every single game I had(only picked my favorites at the time). My account balance for Wii is empty thankfully and there is nothing left I want as far as I remember.
  12. I still remember being really excited at the prospect of the VC and eventually WiiWare when it was coming around. I never dipped around too much in some of the best WiiWare had to offer primarily because I bought so much physical software for the console that I spent a lot of time on, but I played some good ones and those that I enjoyed and remember really well. One WiiWare title in particular that stands out is OnSlaught which most probably remember for a certain "and that's why you're still a kid!" line while you fought the alien insect menace. It was also online cooperative which was cool at the time for a WiiWare game fairly early on in the system's life.
  13. Toys R US shutting down

    I'd be surprised if something goes through since this was part of the plan prior to a hearing that took place last Thursday. It's part of the reason why the rumors had been circling most of that week but officially nothing came down the pipeline until Thursday evening. Would be nice though if it did happen to keep some element of the business around. As for the second part, I honestly don't know. When we were talking about the situation at work when the whole 200 stores plan was circulating as a possible back up it was mentioned that a buyer would have to take on all the assets of the remaining stores as well as the debt. I'm assuming they meant the remaining debt since the consolidation and liquidation of all the other stores that don't make the cut (if this plan goes through) would be generating the capital to begin paying dues to their creditors.
  14. Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 12

    The official Twitter showed off today the aforementioned Ike promo from Nintendo Dream, featuring Ike as a Hero, wielding Ettard. He has another cost 3 from the third set, and by comparison, I wouldn't say this is either better or worse than that, it more depends on what you think you may need at the time. The old one offers a valuable one-turn range bonus, but for more raw power, this card gets the job done. By the way, that same issue of Nintendo Dream also has an interview with one of the directors of FE Echoes. There are plans to have that translated soon, so that may or may not be of interest.
  15. The inaccuracy of VC emulation and Nintendo's nonsense approach to adding titles really left a bad taste in my mouth. It's super embarrassing when fans can create better emulators for Nintendo games than the actual company, and then they proceed to shut down all fangame work they possibly can while piggybacking off the success of the concept (stuff like Nintendo shutting down romhack videos all over youtube right before the release of Mario Maker). Many VC games don't run at the right speed or don't emulate correctly at all. There's really no reason Nintendo couldn't have the resources to emulate most of their library and then release everything they can. They were swimming in money in the 2000s, after all. And then the Wii U VC emulator is even worse somehow! They changed it and there were only improvements for a few games (like Paper Mario). It seriously baffles me. I hope that the subscription-based VC-like service comes to fruition, at least. It'd be much less of a rip-off. In the meantime, play your games on FCEUX, Higan, or elsewhere. It'll be much more like playing on console. Especially since you can't get away from wireless lag on the Wii without modding it anyway lmao Wiiware is a different story, but I never played most of those games, so I can't speak on it. My buddy had Dr. Mario and some Pokemon stuff back in the day, but I haven't even thought about it in a long time.
  16. Toys R US shutting down

    I seriously don't understand nostalgia for marketing and brand names. This store wasn't any different to me than walking into any other one when I was a kid. Unless they had, like, cool game preview setups, I couldn't have cared less back then which store we went into so long as I got the game or whatever it was that I wanted. Actually, the only one I held in some esteem was a used bookstore when I was 12-13 that still carried NES/SNES/N64 games after they disappeared from everywhere else. God I can only dream. That place has been a scamfest since its inception. One time I bought a fucking disc with a triangle-shaped chunk missing out of one side.
  17. This is extremely easy with a SNES controller, too. Though I recommend a super famicom controller for Y and X buttons that aren't stupid
  18. As far as "last minute purchases", I bought Fluidity (haven't finished yet, but seems interesting so far) and Excitebike: World Rally (only 16 courses, not too hard to S-rank. Can't unlock all of the bike colors though, because they required online). I was considering getting: ReBirth series (Castlevania: The Adventure, Gradius, Contra) - I'm kinda surprised Konami never released this on other platforms. Blaster Master Overdrive - I beat Blaster Master Zero on Switch and liked it a lot. Not sure if I should get Overdrive. Art Style series - I've heard they are fun, but a combined 3000 Wiiware points is kinda a lot, so out of all of these I probably won't get these. I really don't have a lot of WiiWare titles. Mostly just the two I bought recently, and Dr. Mario Online Rx. I have a lot of VC titles though, several of which I first played on VC, like ALttP, SMRPG, Kirby's Adventure, and StarTropics. I probably won't be buying any more VC games (for Wii or Wii U) until Switch rolls out whatever its successor will be.
  19. General movie discussion

    He's there, you just can't really see him
  20. So as many of you know, the Wii Shop Channel is in its twilight days and we are fast approaching the end of the service. You can no longer add points to your account on March 26, 2018, and all re-downloads will cease permanently on January 31, 2019. This means you have about a week left to add WiiWare and Virtual Console titles before they forever become unbuyable, or extremely difficult to obtain, respectively. The Wii Shop Channel was Nintendo's first foray into digital distribution and we've come a long way since. What were some of your favorite WiiWare and Virtual Console titles on the service? Which games would you recommend to others before it's too late? Discuss.
  21. Thoughts on the 8Bitdo SNES30 controller?

    Honestly, I don't see any reason why you couldn't just take one apart, take the board, and replace the shell, pads and buttons with a standard SNES controller. Then it would look and feel 100% authentic, no?
  22. Should Mario Odyssey get a Sequel?

    This is a really good question and I've honestly been wondering the same thing. Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Odyssey are comparable in that they both have a "helper" character that drastically affects gameplay: Luma in SMG and Cappy in SMO. I was very surprised that SMG got a sequel but that was because Shigeru Miyamoto couldn't incorporate all of his ideas into one game, which was probably because the SMG series was a fully-fleshed realization of the sphere-gameplay from Mario 128. However, Miyamoto was less involved in SMO than SMG while Koizumi had an expanded role. Though I would be carefully open to the idea, I do not suspect that SMO will get a direct sequel. This is because the premise for SMO is so circumstantial and the "capture" mechanic would seem overplayed unless they had all new abilities and ways to use them. Personally, while I do not want a direct SMO sequel, I do want a new sandbox Mario game like SMO. SMO did things for the Mario series that were huge steps in the right direction, like a vocal score; huge open world gameplay; and involved, unique, and fun game mechanics. I would love a Super Mario Sunshine sequel, especially on 3DS, but I feel like so much time has passed that the prospect has become unrealistic. So while I do hope we get another Mario platformer this generation (the Switch isn't going anywhere anytime soon), I don't think it will be a direct sequel. Further, Mario's next new game doesn't necessarily need to be theme-based, which I feel has been a real focus from Sunshine onward.
  23. Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    Anyone here from the very first insider familiar with the nin10doh chat site? A lot of OG Nsiders talked there but when I tried typing it the web server couldn't be found. Wondering if they changed names or closed down?
  24. it's going to be really hard to top what Odyssey did. It's a really solid game in the series, and even my favorite. Unless there's an evil Cappy or whatever, I don't know what might come next. Odyssey pulled off an amazing feat with Breath of The Wild, that creating possibly better games in those games could be impossible. That's my current dilemma with Kirby Star Allies being my second favorite behind Robobot.
  25. The Walking Dead

    Damn missed tonight's. Gonna have to see if it's on again/On Demand.
  26. The Walking Dead

    Despite that one death... this season’s still been looking up for me. Savage Rick was back this episode, and like how Negan kinda still held his own too given the shit situation he was put in. Epic off the wall this ep was.
  27. This game is huge, so if we never got a sequel, I would be totally fine. But I was just thinking about the future of Mario and where they can go from here. Obviously Mario doesn't have to release anything else this generation and we would be fine. But I was thinking maybe a new game with some new worlds, some familiar ones kinda like Galaxy 2. Or would you rather see a new Galaxy, Sunshine, 3D World entry? Personally all I really want from Mario for the rest of the Switch's lifespan is for a good Mario game and a Paper Mario game that returns to the series' roots. I can do without an Odyssey 2, but wouldn't mind it.
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