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  2. purple_beard

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Box art for Simon. I guess that kills the idea of a Simon and Richter double pack. Others courtesy of https://twitter.com/AmiiboNews
  3. purple_beard

    Super Mario Maker 2 / June 2019

    More evidence for Luigi and multiplayer.
  4. purple_beard

    Mario Kart 8 Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

    We should do a mirror and the 200 cc nights IMO.
  5. Doc Brown

    Site News, Feedback, and Help

    Yep. And even the bundled ones. I've lived with a 250gb cap per month with AT&T bundled. Dang. That's horrible. Even worse than what I pay for it. Looks like they did.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Vector

    Does Captain Marvel really deserve the hate?

    Urg... I'm seeing articles now that say that Disney has confirmed that they manipulated perception of the film. Are these reports reallt true, or are they blown way out of context? Also, regarding Disney in general, they seemed to have garnered a lot of hate recently despite their recent successes. All around I still see more videos criticizing even its highest-rated films like The Incredibles 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet than praising them, saying they are just rehashing other films and the like. And then there's the fact that people think that Disney is bribing critics to give them favorable reviews. What exactly is making people so distrustful of Disney. Is there really any truth to their claims, with all the influence Disney has? I just really can't stand all this negativity.
  8. Is this the longest Nindies showcase. I swear the longest in NA was around 15-23 minutes max. I have to look up if this is true. Looking forward to this. It will be on my lunchtime tomorrow, yay! EDIT: Yeah, the longest it NA was 23 on August 30, 2017 and the longest one in the UK was 22 minutes last year on August 20, 2018. They must have a lot to share if this is 30 minutes, this is going more direct like in length, cool.
  9. DLurkster

    Smash Saturdays Returns! See Updated OP

    Oh manually. Ah follow it's like doing the ironman challenge for real because when it was first announced that Smashdown was a feature in this game, all the pros said that's the ironman challenge. This could work, me PB did a similar thing where I was playing all the characters in reveal order in Smash overall over the years and it was little tough to keep track but we managed, I think it took 2 weeks to do. But this Showdown challenge can happen in on night the more players we have tho.
  10. It's the month of Mario not Wario Twisted! Fine I'll bite just to be different for this month alone. There Mario, you got your twist, If I can I'll ride as Mr. L from Super Paper Mario. He's more of man than Dreamy Luigi form Mario & Luigi: Dream team. That can't be more twisted than playing the shadow of younger brother who's "L" is backwards.
  11. The Krazy One

    Site News, Feedback, and Help

    I agree with this mainly because most companies like Kodiack said want you to bundle TV/Internet. More proof of this are all the data caps they put onto sole Internet plans. The only way to get fast speeds are either paying top dollar to AT&T or Comcast, or living in a specific area lucky enough to have affordable fiber connections. I pretty much pay $90 ($89 and some change) for a 45mbps connection but get 50mbps on AT&T. In other news, which was my main reason for posting, the Clubs kinda fell off did they?
  12. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Missed this. I've chatted with a GamePress writer once, about a character with a unique tank statline who they were recommending to run as a standard aggro striker. You know, in the way that they always recommend the same sets for all units of a certain class regardless of the unit's individual nuances. They were stubborn and didn't really consider what I was saying. I don't even bother looking at their skill suggestions anymore. Are they still telling us to put Fury on defensive units? I can grind up even the chunkiest Nowis at a triangle disadvantage when an idiot puts Fury on her.
  13. Igneous42

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Agreed, I actually like her neutral art specifically pretty well, but the damaged art isn't great. I definitely prefer her original artist/art more but I like the spring ones colors a lot.
  14. The Krazy One

    TKrazyO on Youtube (Shovel Knight & Kirby Co-op series)

    Problem solving in the past for a present situation in this part of Ys VIII.
  15. Alice Phantasma

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'm okay with loki's art except for her damaged pose. Its distracting not 'sexy'.
  16. @fuzzPlayed in my first GP last weekend! Started off 0-2 sadly and ended up 5-3, barely missing day 2. Still played Hollow One as I feel Phoenix has too big a target on its head atm...
  17. I'm really hoping Tetris Effect gets announced for Switch. šŸ¤ž I mean they did announced Lumines Remastered last year during the March Spring Nindes Showcase, so... Seriously, this game needs to come to all platforms already. IDK, if Sony has it as a timed exclusive or not, but I know this will sell incredibly well on the Switch. Enhance Games has said that Lumines Remastered has sold best on Switch "by a mile". If you haven't noticed, puzzle games and portables are pretty much made for each other and given how popular the Switch is, this could end up out selling the PS4 version (if it comes to Switch). MAKE THIS A THING ALREADY! >_<
  18. Always happy to see what indie games are coming up. Right now the only ones that come to mind are Truberbrook, SteamWorld Quest, and Indivisible.
  19. Eliwood8

    Smash Saturdays Returns! See Updated OP

    We could do Smashdown "manually," it'd just require a good bit of Discord coordination to ensure no one duplicates picks.
  20. Once upon a time, Nippon Ichi Software created a side-scrolling puzzle-platformer that followed a princess and a prince on a storybook adventure through a dark forest. Playing the game isn't a complete fairy tale, though. Despite a charming story and a beautifully unique visual style, the gameplay in The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince leaves something to be desired. The plot of the game reads just like an old fairy tale: each night in a dark forest, a monstrous wolf sings a beautiful song, attracting the appreciation of a young prince. Separated by the darkness the two grow close, but when the prince tries to see the source of the beautiful voice, the wolf panics and accidentally blinds the prince. With the help of the old witch of the woods, the wolf transforms into a princess to try to help the prince regain his eyesight. The story is extremely cute, a little sad, and wholly charming from start to finish. It's not too often that you get to enjoy a modern fable with poignant reflections on self-identity and appearance that still captures the feel of a classic fairy taleā€”cutscenes in the game are even presented as a storybook. It's easy to be charmed by the fairy tale format of Liar Princess. The gameplay is a little harder to love, though. You play as the princess who is able to transform between a wolf form and human form. As a wolf, you can attack monsters with your claws and are mostly invulnerable to damage yourself. As the princess, you have to take the prince's hand and slowly walk him forward, avoiding obstacles and falls (you'll die from shockingly small heights as a human in this game). In essence, Liar Princess is one long escort mission, and I fully acknowledge the kind of baggage that comes with that term. Walking the prince around can be slow and ploddingā€”though thankfully it's easy to leave him alone to take care of enemies or hazards yourself, so you're not constantly worried about his safety. Still, the gameplay can feel quite meandering at times. To spice things up a little, there are plenty of simple puzzles you'll have to solve using both the princess and the prince, i.e. pressure sensitive switches that require you to leave the prince behind while you find another route. For the most part these are quite simple puzzles though. Anyone that has played a decent number of platformers won't be surprised by the kinds of challenges Liar Princess cooks up and, given the slow nature of walking the prince around, the gameplay can feel particularly sluggish at times. To be fair there are few bad puzzles in the game, outside of one or two finnicky controls moments or a particularly obtuse riddle (which, to the game's credit, the game even warns you about and offers you a chance to skip it entirely). Instead the puzzles in Liar Princess are, by and large, just kind of there. Not terrible, but nothing particularly inspired either. The game is also quite short, and can easily be finished in just four or five hours. Combined with the somewhat basic level and puzzle design, it can't help but feel like Liar Princess is a rough draft that was never fully fleshed out. Still, it has a certain charm while it lasts, and each level has a handful of collectibles which unlock concept art and additional story lore, both of which are well worth checking out. The presentation, like the storytelling, is the saving grace of Liar Princess. The storybook / sketchbook style to the graphics is gorgeous and totally charming for the cute fairy tale plot that unfolds here. There aren't a ton of different elements at play hereā€”you really only encounter a few different types of monstersā€”but the style is undeniably appealing. There are also adorable details like how the princess and prince smile while holding hands. The soundtrack is pretty great as well. There aren't that many tracks since there are only about twenty stages in the game, but the music hits the right balance of whimsical and eerie that feels perfect for this slightly dark fairy tale. The game's cutscenes are also voiced, but only in Japaneseā€”somehow it doesn't feel too out of place, though. The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince offers up an adorable little fairy tale that will easily charm you with its endearing protagonists and simple story of bonding. The gameplay rarely manages to feel like more than a mostly by-the-numbers side-scrolling adventure though, and your progress isn't so much limited by challenging game design as it is by the prince's slow walking speed. Still, players interested in a beautifully designed and charming story should appreciate the brief journey of the princess and the prince. Rating: 7 out of 10 Fables
  21. Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Spring Bruno... yep, the developers really are just fucking with us at this point. Conor Kelly is by far the best VA in this game, because she just talks like a normal fuckin person. Not a chipmunk waifu. Not a moaning sex slave. Completely natural. That said, though, this set is a hard pass from me. Also, Spring Loki's art. If Loki really was a shapeshifter trying to distract me, she's pretty fucking bad at it.
  22. Someone asked that, he's not going to ZD for first time, he's collecting Koroks
  23. Tyranogre

    Sluggy the Unshaven's Fort - N4A Chat Thread - March 2019

    How could he not have been to Zora's Domain yet if he already had Mipha's Grace?
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