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  2. I keep seeing good things, despite it being a game I never even heard of before. Quick Google told me from makers of Alan Wake and Quantum Break sooooo I'm down to try it out.
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  4. Pose for the fans: Not every Pokémon likes having its picture taken: Some REALLY don't like having their picture taken:
  5. I get my second shot on Sunday. Two weeks from then it's time to see friends again for the first time in entirely too long.
  6. Got my second Moderna shot today. I'm sore asf, but I rather be somewhat protected than not.
  7. Just need to reiterate that Control is one of the best games that I've played in years. Such a fantastic, wild ride so far.
  8. Nothing too serious, I like every version of it a lot. The new anime doesn't have like a definitive ending but it stops at a really good point. The manga's art degrades to the point of scribbles at some points later on because of Togashi's health issues but the story is still amazing so it's not really a big deal. If you read it I'd recommend listening to the 1999 anime's OST during. It's really good, sounds like the soundtrack for a PS1 JRPG.
  9. Is there any particular reason to watch hunter x hunter anime over reading the manga? I'd at least hope or assume the anime has an ending 148 episodes is a huge commitment, so hmmm
  10. been out in GA for a few weeks enjoying time actually seeing people again for the first time in over a year since i got my vax hope everybody's been doing well since i've been away @Tyranogre i made wednesday my injection day cause wednesday posting is the only stable thing in my life time-wise
  11. The link at the top of the OP has links to all the places where you can purchase the book. I picked mine up in-store at B&N, though I had to go to customer service and ask for it (they had to go in the back to get a copy). They said they had a lot of people asking for the book, but had a hard time trying to find it in the store. IDK, why this wasn't put out on the shelf, given how many people had been asking for it and not to mention, their issues trying to find the book for customers.
  12. This is really cool and I'm sure people are going to make some wild stuff with it. Though, I'm not sure if I'll get this, because WarioWare D.I.Y. made me realize that game design isn't really my thing. I had way more fun with the music creator in the game, since music in my thing (Percussionist "drummer"). Some music I made in WarioWare D.I.Y...
  13. I got mine thru Amazon and I do see they have it at Barnes & Noble for in-store pick up.
  14. I forgot this was coming out, time to make a purchase! Any idea if local bookstores would have it or is it like an expect to get it on Amazon type of thing? I'd prefer to go to the Barnes and Noble in town to pick it up if they carry it.
  15. This is pretty cool looking! I wonder how much "game" you can create though. Seeing examples of a SHMUP and a platformer is pretty encouraging. I remember really enjoying how easy it was to make microgames with WarioWare DIY so I might be inclined to give this a shot if I have the time. Pretty out of nowhere announcement though, I wonder what's the occasion? Especially with no word of a Direct on the horizon as of yet.
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  17. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/05/nintendo_announces_game_builder_garage_a_quirky_programming_game_for_switch Trailer in article... Feels like Labo Garage and Super Mario Maker had a baby
  18. I'm now at that awkward point where I've finished all the start-of-month tasks at work and have basically nothing else to work on until the middle of the month.
  19. a shroedinger vaccine; you won't know if it's moderna or pfizer until you observe it
  20. no idea, the province website doesn't say but it does mention booking for a 2nd shot later so im assuming we only have the 2-shot ones
  21. which vaccine are you getting? Moderna, pfizer, or j&j?
  22. Old. I thought this was talking point about the invitations of Smash on MyNintendo that there will be Smash Invitational at digital E3. Wishful thinking as I don't think anybody or Nintendo want to host one with happened with them and supporting legacy Smash titles and the scandals last year. This probably would of been good post on the MyNintendo thread that this is restocked, it's cool but as I said old if no one didn't know about this.
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