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  2. Here is this week's video. Sorry that it's late: About what we talked about during the races with a few of us appearing in other gaming media, when I bring up Mew2King I show my proof in this video. I also dug for a little something with me appearing in a Call of Duty: World at War Wii Online Multiplayer video on IGN. https://www.ign.com/videos/cod-world-at-war-wii-online-multiplayer ^I was in a clan at this point but I was going by TheKrazyOne at the time before swapping to "TKO TKrazyO." Surprisingly, it was a Bozon but I don't know which one it was.
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  4. Call me Legion, for I am many. ****** I am playing next week, but I won't be on till 11+/-...actually, anywhere between 10:30 and 11. My school plays a game that starts at 7... and normally games go about 3.5 hours. I'd play portable that final 30...but I'd be too invested in the outcome to play portable respecitably.
  5. As of now, 723 clips down and uploaded, 80 to go (granted, not all the deleted clips are from Arceus, but majority of them are from that game, so...) That's excluding what i don't have transferred from my Switch and the various Shiny clips i need to clip together and upload In other news, still around Vermillion City and grinding out mons in Infinite Fusion... i forgot how grindy these games were until recent... at least i have the EXP Share to throw on other mons... so that somewhat helps... Sure, i could knock it down from Normal to easy, but dunno if that would be fun...
  6. Last week
  7. Well, you can't play in Smashdown (Normally first Saturday of month) because you don't have the DLC characters. (For that we need ppl to say if they are coming) For you, just come on anytime you are free or feel like playing mostly every Saturday outside, again when we are gonna do a Smashdown. I'm not saying that for me or anyone who come to play and no one is here but show come on when, if you want. That is all. P.S @TKrazyO doesn't play every 3rd Saturday of month(That's his cooldown stream nights, he doesn't play Smash) which was last week and I knew that. Just thought to let you know if you happen to drop in on 3rd Saturday of the month and no is here to play for some reason.
  8. I'm new to butting my way into this friend group, so I don't know how any of this works or even who most of y'all are.
  9. With the exception with you last week, where was anyone else last week to play?!? At least to me, I don't think one has to announce if they gonna play Smash on Saturday night outside the player mandate of Smashdown. If no wasn't gonna show up again, I was gonna pass tonight and next week till next month and when we might have a Smashdown next month. (I have a lot of games to catch up, when another wave games next month, I wanna tackle) Sorry, just had to get that out. I will play tonight Krazy.
  10. Watching Mrs. Doubtfire and Daybreakers. Still love the former so much and the latter is good so far.
  11. MKRA Driver Standings after round 26 (of 34) 1. Daisy- 245 (2 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze) 2. Fuzzer- 236 (2 gold, 3 silver) 3. Peach- 163 (1 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze) 4. Rosalina- 155 (1 gold, 2 bronze) 5. Mario- 131 (3 gold, 1 silver) 6. Kirby- 127 (1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze) 7. Crash Bandicoot- 125 (2 gold) 8. Sonic- 122 (2 gold, 1 silver) 9. Amy Rose- 121 (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 10. Koopa Troopa- 114 (1 gold, 2 silver) 11. Donkey Kong- 107 (1 gold, 1 silver) 12. Diddy Kong- 104 (1 silver, 1 bronze) 13. Luigi- 99 (2 silver, 2 bronze) 14. Timber- 99 (1 gold, 1 bronze) 15. Phoenix Wright- 91 (1 gold, 1 bronze) 16. Jody Summer- 90 (1 gold, 1 bronze) 17. Metaknight- 84 (1 silver) 18. Bowser- 83 (2 bronze) 19. Aqua- 79 (1 gold) 20. Miles Edgeworth- 79 (1 silver, 1 bronze) 21. Coco Bandicoot- 78 (1 silver) 22. Kazooie- 77 (1 bronze) 23. Zelda- 75 (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 74 (1 24. Cloud- 75 (1 gold, 1 silver) 25. Yoshi- 74 (1 gold, 1 bronze) 26. Toad- 70 27. Captain Falcon- 66 (1 bronze) 28. Banjo- 64 (1 gold) 29. Fox- 63 30. Toadette- 60 31. Sora- 57 (1 silver) 32. King Dedede- 57 33. Waluigi- 55 (1 gold) 34. Link- 55 (1 gold) 35. Conker- 52 (1 silver) 36. Wario- 51 (1 bronze) 37. Birdo- 50 38. Lucina- 50 39. Chrom- 45 (1 bronze) 40. Krystal- 44 41. Samus Aran- 39 42. Setzer- 36 43. Waddle Dee- 35 (1 bronze) 44. Quiet Robe- 20 Okay, let’s see here… Toadette went up ten places, Metaknight 10, and Peach 7. The only racer who’s doing really bad is Cloud now. Mario at least finally placed higher than his racing rivals. Two Sundays from now, we’ll be headed to the dreaded… LUIGI’S MANSION BATTLE TRACK!
  12. Sept 23- Mushroom Kingdom Grand Prix- Coconut Mall Mario Peach Luigi Miles Edgeworth Toadette Phoenix Wright Toad Amy Rose Rosalina Fuzzer Daisy Yoshi King Dedede Jody Summer Sora
  13. Just so you know @purple_beard, I did check the Private Room settings and you can fill the remaining spots with bots. GGs
  14. GGs. I think if we did a private room, we'd need at least 4 to make it worth it, but the battle royale mode, where we might run into each other but are talking on discord could work to some degree.
  15. Final Scores for Game 1 of Tripleheader Friday, Sept. 22: Mushroom Kingdom 2 Forest Haven 1 Tallon IV 7 Hyrule 8 Skyworld 10 Jubilife 8 Los Angeles 6 Zebes 5 Sarasaland 4 London 3 Twilight Realm 5 Ylisse 6 Narshe 3 Bionis 1 Inaba 4 Carnival Night Zone 5 Valley of Koopas 2 Great Plateau 3 Inkopolis 4 South Town 5 Tokyo 1 Nook Island 0 Fodland 3 Popstar 4 Koholint 9 New York City 8 Wondaria 2 Celadon 4 Ocean Palace 5 Dimension X 4 West City 4 Smashville 8 Final Scores for Game 2 of Tripleheader Friday, Sept. 22: Mushroom Kingdom 7 Forest Haven 8 Tallon IV 9 Hyrule 8 Skyworld 8 Jubilife 7 Los Angeles 5 Zebes 4 Sarasaland 1 London 2 Twilight Realm 8 Ylisse 6 Narshe 2 Bionis 3 Inaba 4 Carnival Night Zone 3 Valley of Koopas 10 Great Plateau 8 Inkopolis 8 South Town 6 Tokyo 7 Nook Island 9 Fodland 5 Popstar 4 Koholint 4 New York City 5 Wondaria 5 Celadon 4 Ocean Palace 6 Dimension X 7 West City 3 Smashville 2 Final Scores for Game 3 of Tripleheader Friday, Sept. 22: Mushroom Kingdom 9 Forest Haven 8 Tallon IV 5 Hyrule 6 Skyworld 3 Jubilife 2 Los Angeles 4 Zebes 2 Sarasaland 9 London 6 Twilight Realm 3 Ylisse 6 Narshe 7 Bionis 6 Inaba 6 Carnival Night Zone 7 Valley of Koopas 9 Great Plateau 10 Inkopolis 7 South Town 9 Tokyo 10 Nook Island 9 Fodland 5 Popstar 6 Koholint 7 New York City 5 Wondaria 6 Celadon 8 Ocean Palace 4 Dimension X 2 West City 4 Smashville 6
  16. If you want to go at 9.... give it more time... fine by me.
  17. I could be up to give this a go tonight.... but I got dip at 11p.
  18. https://x.com/nintendoamerica/status/1705039444439425526?s=46&t=IECXjxd8SVMJH2hlQIICIg Amazing Mirror is coming soon on the 29th with Online multiplayer I beat it once on GBA (not sure 100%?) and have it on 3DS… didn’t play that much on that though But looking forward to this coming out - will be nice to try out the multiplayer since i never had the chance to back then Thinking about it, haven’t tried out any if the NSO games online.. or in general should really start playing online more often at some point… Wonder when Nightmare in Dreamland will be added?
  19. With its emphasis on creating shortcuts to return to checkpoints more easily, the Souls-like genre has ended up as a natural fit for Metroidvanias, spawning a whole subgenre of its own that has steadily grown in popularity. Ghost Song was originally launched as a Kickstarter back in 2013 though, when the gameplay blend was a little more fresh, and finally saw release in 2022. Perhaps if it had come out earlier its gameplay wouldn't feel quite so derivative. You play as Deadsuit, a humanoid figure wearing armor, or perhaps you're the armor itself, come to life in some way. The opening is purposefully vague and draws players into a narrative of mystery and melancholy as you explore a derelict planet. Eventually you'll find a group of humans who crash landed and need help collecting replacement parts, and it becomes your job to aid them. Ghost Song does a solid job with atmosphere—this is a gloomy world and even the survivors you find have a pervasive melancholy and strangeness surrounding them. The NPCs all have quite a bit of dialogue as well, fleshing out their individual personalities and backstories. The atmosphere and NPC stories never quite coalesce into an engaging narrative though. The mysteries are just a bit too vague and the characters too long winded to create a rewarding plotline, which isn't helped by a rather anticlimactic conclusion. The Metroidvania influence is clear right away: this is a side-scrolling adventure game and you'll gradually gain new abilities that help you explore the planet fully. There are plenty of secrets to uncover as well as optional weapons and upgrades that you can equip. However, Ghost Song also has a no-nonsense Souls-like influence: even normal enemies can be quite deadly, and if you do fall you'll lose all of your NanoGel (necessary for leveling up and buying items) and will need to go back to the place you fell to recover it. You'll even have reduced maximum health until you can repair it at a specific station. Essentially, you're punished heavily for dying so you're instead encouraged to progress slowly and carefully. The one feature that actually feels novel in Ghost Song is the overheating system. Fire your blaster for too long and it'll turn red hot and overheat, reducing its effectiveness for a short time. However, the upside is that your melee attacks are stronger when you've overheated, so ideally you'll balance your ranged and melee attacks to maintain maximum effectiveness in battle. It's a cool concept that is overshadowed by the unforgiving difficulty of the game, though. Since dying is such an issue, you'll probably stick with the safer ranged attacks more often than not, even while overheating. Too often it's just not worth the risk of taking damage yourself to mix it up with melee attacks. This is especially a problem because every single enemy in Ghost Song is a damage sponge. Even the very first enemies you encounter require so much damage to defeat that the flow of the gameplay is sluggish, starting and stopping every time you run into a single enemy. This is even worse for boss fights, which go on and on in unsatisfying tests of patience more than skill. The exploration/platforming side of the game doesn't quite feel ideal either. Your movement is oddly stiff, especially early in the game before you get any kind of upgrades like double jumping. It's another reason why melee combat doesn't feel great: you don't really have the dexterity to run up to an enemy, attack, and dodge away smoothly, so that whole half of the combat system comes off clunky. The biggest faux pax with exploration though is the forced backtracking. Every time you pick up a replacement part for the human ship, you have to bring it back to them. For really no specific reason, fast-traveling is locked during these segments, so you just have to go back on foot. Perhaps if the map significantly changed, opening up/blocking off segments to make things more interesting, this forced backtracking would have felt more engaging, but as it is it kind of just feels like padding. The game's presentation is also a bit mixed. Ghost Song has distinctly detailed scenery that makes for some good environments, but they're also surprisingly repetitive. Despite some color-coding, different regions of the game kind of blend together into similarly blobby caves and corridors. The character and monster design also leaves something to be desired. They're bleak and gloomy, which is appropriate for the setting, but also somewhat lacking in personality. The soundtrack is unsurprisingly moody as well, which again suits the setting but doesn't result in many engaging or memorable songs. Ghost Song is a serviceable Metroidvania but doesn't quite manage to stand out in the increasingly indie-populated genre. Mixing in punishing Souls-like elements doesn't add much novelty to the experience either. The most unique aspect, the blend of ranged and melee attacks, is ultimately underwhelming as the strict penalties for dying mean you're encouraged to take it safe with ranged attacks most of the time anyway. Ghost Song still has decent Metroidvania fundamentals, but it lacks the critical spark to make it a must-play game. Rating: 6 out of 10 Ghosts
  20. The hard path and finale to my Star Fox 64 playthrough.
  21. Nintendo back then: Nintendo after the leak: So was anything else talked about in the leak?
  22. Right now, after going back through some Mandalorian episodes... The two MOST INTERESTING story arcs now sit at Morgan and the two rouge Jedi. Motives.... end games... But what bugs me is
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