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  4. Since Fire Emblem paid off, I had some coins and money left over. I got: Magicat Dead Dungeon Mushroom Quest Farabel
  5. Came in the mail today. I forgot I order this. The embossed cover is nice to the touch, not much else to see with this memo pad from My Nintendo physical reward, not that was I expecting with or any reward but anything with AoC, I'm there!
  6. Combining my girlfriend and I's PS4 collections to a PS5 is also a compelling reason for us. But usually first-print Playstation consoles are pretty bad at surviving 5+ years. I almost wouldn't mind waiting until a revision. The PS5 is ugly as sin, enough that I will probably buy the revision if I obtain the current PS5 beforehand. I feel as though the consumer base will transition much faster this gen than before. Mainly aided by backwards compatibility and compelling software. The only thing stopping consumers is scarcity, low shipments due to the pandemic, and the impending economic co
  7. Premier vs. Championship/Reserve League All-Star Game 7-8 Flip of the coin: Premier starts first. Inning 1: Lyn pitches. King Dedede is out. Ken walks. TP Ganondorf is out. Shulk is out. CHANGE! Terra pitches. Dark Samus is out. Min Min is out. Lloyd Irving walks. Bowser is out. CHANGE! Inning 2: Paper Mario pitches. Spyro on first. Ridley on second, Spyro on third. Charizard is out. Banjo walks, Ridley on second, Spyro on third. OoT Link on first, Banjo on second, Ridley on third, Spyro is HOME! King De
  8. I'm fine with them being out of stock since it makes it harder to impulse buy them hehe
  9. I get that. If I do get a PS5, the fact that my bf and I will be able to play PS4 games without interfering with each other is a nice benefit.
  10. FUCK! This game comes out in a week, that's good and PO the game digitally on the eShop but a few weeks back I was fortunate to PO'd the special edition. I like the bonus stuff and said if I don't have struggle to get the PO and can get it MSRP, I'll go for it. Those criteria were met and I got it no problem. (I forget where I PO'd from) Here's the issue, I thought with Nintendo no PO from eShop cancellation. I have a week to cancel, nope the payment went thru today and I cannot renig the PO. I could try to email Nintendo to cancel but I may have better luck being struc
  11. And it’s the 20th birthday of the PS2 sometime this year... Not sure the PS5 will eventually surpass those sales. Hehe. Well, to be honest I wanted it so I could play my old gen games, while my brother gets to play his games on the PS4, even if I heard that some of the PS4 games have glitches on the PS5. I mean, some of us do have families. I was throwing one stone at two birds. Or whatever.
  12. I like to think, with a new console launch, that I'll be able to get one eventually. This isn't a manufactured scarcity like Nintendo's NES Classic, and these devices won't be around for a limited time. While it's the shiny, new and exciting thing right now, it's still going to be that in six months, a year or two years out, and at that point, it should have a more impressive library.
  13. Yeah launch titles are also rarely exclusive to the new gen as well. My gaming forecast after Hyrule Warriors is like Cyberpunk, Watch Dogs, Valhalla. All playable on my XB1.
  14. I've scalped before, but never been a "digital scalper". Meaning, those people with bots, and scripts, and 24/7 access to lockdown one (or mulitple) preorders online and then scalp them on eBay. I'm talking getting up and waiting outside a store 3-6 hours early to get one (forgoing getting myself one as well) and selling it. Putting in a little effort. There's a small independent game store here that "never gets next gens alotted to them on launch" but the owner's online handle mysteriously always has like 5-6 listed online for sale for twice the price on eBay and other marketplace
  15. Yeah, part of me hates the fact I didn’t preorder one beforehand, and I should’ve seen this coming. I think I’m just complaining just to make myself feel better somehow and somehow reason that I should get a PS5. Maybe I’ve blown that out of proportion and I’m just petty. ...But, online BOTs and scalpers are still a problem. This whole mess proves that there should be precautions against them in retailer sites. Why don’t they have reCAPTA or whatever? It would make buying them a lot more productive and we shouldn’t be in this mess at all. There are ways to prevent this. ... Ugh,
  16. The PS5 launch is allegedly bigger than the PS4 launch; to be honest, there's just enough people who buy a playstation console day one that no amount of stock would realistically satiate the market, to say nothing about the fact it's a pandemic. And personally, I'm not too bothered by PS5/XSX being out of stock. The launch libraries are underwhelming--which is true of almost every launch library--so I just don't see a reason besides FOMO to rush out and get a next gen console now. But given that they're sold out, that's mostly just me.
  17. I keep thinking "there are so many side quest missions, I probably won't bother doing them all" and then I complete every single one.
  18. The latest in the Gunvolt series from developer Inti Creates, Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX carries the same fast-paced, 2D action gameplay that the franchise is known for. Although experienced players and die-hard action game fans may enjoy the flashy combat mechanics, more casual players may find this game to be more style than substance. In the future, normal humans are controlled and hunted down by a ruling class of enhanced humans called Adepts. You play as Copen—returning from the previous games—who is fighting on behalf of humans to stop the tyranny of the Sumeragi,
  19. I think it’s incredibly unfair to complain about Sony and Microsoft’s launches this year considering we’re in the depths of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC
  20. Redd at my island, the two i need are fakes(Famous and Jolly) while i already have the other two(Moody and Scary, the latter is fake). Maybe i can start collecting a few art pieces for my niece and her island.
  21. If you're planning on getting a PS5 eventually (regardless of whether or not you can get one now) and are a current Playstation Plus member, you can add the PS5 Playstation Plus titles (Bugsnax currently) to your library, and will have access to them when you get the system.
  22. Nothing. Walmart’s customer service is a joke online. No one is even restocking because of the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour. Sony and Microsoft handles their releases poorly this year. Don’t get me started on those eBay scalpers. F them! AND the Online Bots!
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