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  2. Awesome. I am keeping a running tally of games beaten this year (we're at 44 total so far), and I might do a breakdown at year's end with the data.
  3. The listing for in-game purchases is back? NO! I would assume this would just be for the option to sign-up for NSO in-game. Though, I would't be surprised if they announced a DLC expansion pass tomorrow, since Nintendo has been on a DLC kick with the Switch and their big games. Not sure how I feel about paid DLC in AC. I don't even want to start thinking about paid DLC, until I've played the game for about a year or two and had a chance to pretty much do/experience everything. If they want to add things to the game, they should do free updates over time, like with Splatoon 2. ...Or just do what they did with New Leaf's Welcome amiibo update and drop a massive free update to get people back in, after most people have stopped playing.
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  5. Sent a PM. By the way Serebii’s trick of forcing the Magearna gift to appear by shifting every box with a Pokémon in it one to the left definitely works. The living dex seems to be necessary, too. Anyway, ooh, pretty colours!
  6. The ESRB listing hints that New Horizons may (or may not) have in-game purchases: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/02/animal_crossing_new_horizons_might_contain_in-game_purchases Hopefully we get some clarity from Nintendo on this tomorrow.
  7. I'm curious to know about buildings and shops that will be around in New Horizons and how long they'll take to come around. I'm thinking New Horizons will be a grind to get certain establishments available like New Leaf, but I hope it's not as time consuming for some of the more standard locations. I dropped New Leaf and went back to Wild World at around 25 hours. Right now, I'm still into Wild World, so I'm looking to see if this Direct will convince me on New Horizons. It would help if New Horizons can stay active after in-game 11pm.
  8. Anyone who knows me irl know I don't toss controllers I am not a sore loser but I think I know what triggered that moment. I knew Ryu was standing by but to know when I got to him and still stood his ground blocking my projectiles as Link when he was magnified by stage walk-off infuriate me. I had one more stock more than him and he had one. I lost one as the GB Kirby stage transition and I don't think I recovered to late, there was nowhere I can grab a platform to recover. So we had one stock each. All while that was happening, he was still in corner and when I got in position he Link forward slash me like Link as the Hero. That's when I lost and realized like milisecond later I tossed my controller. If he ever comes back to my arena I'll kick him out everytime I'll get over that stupid loss, it's my fault, I know but I can't help but feel butthurt about the controller toss and that he got me to that point. Almost never I'll forgive him for while.
  9. Toadstool Sports Spectacular Smash Round Draw: Welcome all to Final Destination...where tonight we will draw the names for the groups in the upcoming Super Smash round of the 2019 TSS. Tonight, we have, who else...Master Hand and Crazy Hand, to draw the names from the giant bowl. Group A’s matches will take place in… Bridge of Eldin & Mario Galaxy Group B’s matches will take place in… Wily Castle & Poke’mon Stadium Group C’s matches will take place in… Super Happy Tree & Tortimer Island Group D’s matches will take place in… New Pork City & Dracula’s Castle 1. King Dedede- 50 2. Bowser- 48 3. Ridley- 48 4. Wario- 46 5. Metaknight- 44 6. Peach- 41 7. Kirby- 40 8. Palutena- 39 1. Mario- 58 2. Daisy- 53 3. Rosalina- 45 4. Conker- 43 5. Tatanga- 42 6. Zero- 42 7. OoT Zelda- 37 8. Maya Fey- 35 1. Petey Piranha- 73 2. Bayonetta- 63 3. Waluigi- 48 4. TP Ganondorf- 46 5. Sonic- 43 6. Geno- 33 7. Pauline- 30 8. Young Link- 29 1. Crash Bandicoot- 67 2. Skull Kid- 64 3. Goku- 47 4. King K. Rool- 45 5. Luigi- 38 6. Onilink- 33 7. King Boo- 30 8. Gohan- 29 Group A will be… 7, 9, 17, 32, 31, 13, 23, 8 Kirby, Mario, Petey Piranha, Gohan, King Boo, Tatanga, Pauline, and Palutena. Oooh, this one is going to be crazy! Kirby, Palutena, and Mario, King Boo, Tatanga, and Petey Piranha… this is no joke. Group B will be…. 15, 18, 30, 4, 10, 22, 6, 26 OoT Zelda, Bayonetta, Onilink, Wario, Daisy, Geno, Peach, and Skull Kid And it just got crazier! OoT Zelda, Skull Kid, and Onilink, Wario, Daisy, Peach, and Geno! This is not for the faint of heart! Group C will be… 21, 28, 2, 16, 25, 24, 11, 5 Sonic, King K. Rool, Bowser, Maya Fey, Crash Bandicoot, Young Link, Rosalina, Metaknight Not much to say here. Group D: 14, 3, 27, 19, 29, 20, 12, 1 Zero, Ridley, Goku, Waluigi, Luigi, TP Ganondorf, Conker, King Dedede It’s mostly the battle of the Luigis! Super Smash Round Matchday 1 (These matches are standard format, ie: 3 minutes time, sudden death if tied after 3 minutes) Round 1: Group A: Kirby vs. Mario 6-8 Petey Piranha vs. Gohan 6-9 King Boo vs. Tatanga 4-8 Pauline vs. Palutena 6-9 Group B: OoT Zelda vs. Bayonetta 8-10 Onilink vs. Wario 9-6 Daisy vs. Geno 6-8 Peach vs. Skull Kid 4-5 Group C: Sonic vs. King K. Rool 6-3 Bowser vs. Maya Fey 5-1 Crash Bandicoot vs. Young Link 8-4 Rosalina vs. Metaknight 2-3 Group D: Zero vs. Ridley 6-4 Goku vs. Waluigi 7-4 Luigi vs. TP Ganondorf 6-10 Conker vs. King Dedede 8-4 Round 2: Group A: Kirby vs. Petey Piranha 9-7 Mario vs. Gohan 10-7 King Boo vs. Pauline 4-8 Tatanga vs. Palutena 4-6 Group B: OoT Zelda vs. Onilink 10-8 Bayonetta vs. Wario 9-6 Daisy vs. Peach 10-9 Geno vs. Skull Kid 7-8 Group C: Sonic vs. Bowser 9-6 King K. Rool vs. Maya Fey 9-7 Crash Bandicoot vs. Rosalina 6-8 Young Link vs. Metaknight 8-9 Group D: Zero vs Goku 4-8 Ridley vs. Waluigi 6-10 Luigi vs. Conker 5-4 TP Ganondorf vs. King Dedede 5-4 Round 3: Group A: Kirby vs. Gohan 10-6 Mario vs. Petey Piranha 7-3 King Boo vs. Palutena 6-9 Tatanga vs. Pauline 8-4 Group B: OoT Zelda vs. Wario 5-4 Bayonetta vs. Onilink 7-5 Daisy vs. Skull Kid 9-10 Geno vs. Peach 5-4 Group C: Sonic vs. Maya Fey 5-3 King K. Rool vs. Bowser 7-6 Crash Bandicoot vs. Metaknight 9-7 Young Link vs. Rosalina 6-7 Group D: Zero vs. Waluigi 6-9 Ridley vs. Goku 6-10 Luigi vs. King Dedede 4-8 TP Ganondorf vs. Conker 9-7 Mid-wayish Results: Group A: Mario: 3-0 Palutena: 3-0 Kirby: 2-1 Tatanga: 2-1 Pauline: 2-1 Gohan: 1-2 Petey Piranha: 0-3 King Boo: 0-3 Group B: Bayonetta: 3-0 Skull Kid: 3-0 OoT Zelda: 2-1 Geno: 2-1 Onilink: 1-2 Daisy: 1-2 Peach: 0-3 Wario: 0-3 Group C: Sonic: 3-0 King K. Rool: 2-1 Crash Bandicoot: 2-1 Rosalina: 2-1 Metaknight: 2-1 Bowser: 1-2 Maya Fey: 0-3 Young Link: 0-3 Group D: Goku: 3-0 TP Ganondorf: 3-0 Waluigi: 2-1 Zero: 1-2 Luigi: 1-2 Conker: 1-2 King Dedede: 1-2 Ridley: 0-3
  10. First, I'm updated through this post. Second, I'm keeping a running tally of the games beaten; what did you beat The Witcher 3 on?
  11. Assuming the bunnies aren't until April, we might be getting another Fallen banner soon. Just throwing out my guesses: *Manfroy's Puppet Julia *Barry with Cursed Draug *Berserk Ashnard *Goopy Garon *Hegemon Edelgard
  12. Added the info about the Direct to the OP and will update it with the recording for those that couldn't watch live, once it's available. I'm really looking forward to this! Here's what I want to hear about the most... The main buildings/shops (Nook's Shop, Museum, The Roost, etc): Do we have to build these or will they be on a separate mini island? The online: What new social features will be added? Are the mini-games from NL back? Customization: Did they go all out with the customization features? What new Customization features are there for your house/island/character? Can we add custom patterns to pants or even shoes now? The NSO app: We already know it will be used for NH, but will be used just for voice chat or something more like Spalatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Sharing patterns: How will this work, since the Switch can't scan QR codes like the 3DS. Will sharing patterns be handled via the NOS app? Harvey's role: In the main artwork for the game (the extended box art pic) we can see Harvey's cabin has a camera icon on it. He must have something to do with photography... Will there be photo challenges? Will he let us turn screenshots into pics the can be displayed in our house (placed on tables/hung on walls)? Isabelle's role: On the box art we can she's wearing the same style of shirt as Tom Nook/Timmy and Tommy... Does she work for them now? Or will she have a similar role as in NL and help out the player character? The Mayor: Will your island have a Mayor? Are YOU the mayor again? Younger versions of special characters: In various artwork/merch we've seen younger versions of characters like Chip and Joan. Are all the special characters being replaced with their younger counterparts? The journal from GameCube version: Will it return? This would be a great thing to have, especially when visiting friends islands online/via local-wireless. Target is offering an AC:NH journal as a pre-order bonus, so it makes me wonder Sending mail to friends: Can we send letters/presents to our friend's from our own towns? It kind of defeats the point when you have to go to a friend's town to do this. Swimming/Boating: Is the wetsuit back form NL, so can go swimming and diving for sea creatures? Can we craft our own boats so we can go out fishing on the ocean? On the back of the Special Edition AC:NH Switch it has a pic of a sailboat, so it makes me wonder. amiibo: We know the game will support them, but how will they work? Will they work the same way as in NL's Welcome amiibo update or do something more? Which non-AC amiibo will be supported? Will there be a be new line of AC:NH amiibo (figures and/or cards)? Save data back-ups (NSO members): How exotically will this work, since it's not using the Switch's cloud save feature? What kind of limits/restrictions will there be (if any)? *MOST IMPORTANT* Will my boy DJ K.K. return? They brought him back as a special character/item in Pocket Camp, so... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. There's a good amount of things that we don't know about. GameXplain has this video detailing most of it:
  14. Donkey Kong Country - SNES Console - 3 Handheld - 1 PC - 7 Overall - 11
  15. This thread is too confusing. I thought it was about general direct not shown this year. I'm pretty it was mentioned that we had Pokemon direct in early January and tho not a direct Sakurai presents a week after. Other than that no general direct this direct does not count nor break the direct drought. Tho, I'm far from the AC biggest fan, I'm happy for those who have this news in the form of a direct. At least the rumor of the 2 directs this months, half of that has come true now. It was said that we will have general direct and AC one. So I think there's a good chance we'll see a general one. Just 10 more days to announce sort of not a lot of day to announce but sooner or later THE direct will come.
  16. I wonder what can eat up 25m for an AC specific direct considering what they've already shown about the game.
  17. 9 is cool.... I feel good enough for about 90m of play. Winning is the theme LOL.
  18. We can try, its just I have vivillion, ive gtsed a different vivillion, its marked as being there for Home Switch, but Home mobile wont aknowledge I have it. If you want to try a swap let me know.
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  20. ... Huh, that’s disappointing. Not horrible, just disappointing.
  21. The waiting for a new Direct ends on Thursday, especially if you're an Animal Crossing fan: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/02/animal_crossing_direct_announced_for_20th_february 25 minute long stream and begins at 9 AM EST/6 AM PST
  22. AC Direct in two days: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/02/animal_crossing_direct_announced_for_20th_february Stream will last 25 minutes and air in the US at 9 AM EST/6 AM PST.
  23. Ultimate at 9pm. @purple_beard: You feel up for it?
  24. @Art_de_CatI can trade you a Vivillon if you want. By the way, keep a full living dex in Home so you get that Magaerna I mentioned before. Apparently it is the dex completion reward...
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