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  2. Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

    Condolences. That's the same computer that I have. Doubt I'll still be using it this time next year.
  3. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Group F against Smashville? Wow.
  4. Today
  5. Caught enough shuppets and duskulls to evolve. But may wait for good ones. Gotta get that gold ghost badge. Side note: hit the 10k walked badge
  6. Good day today. -attended my first EX Raid and, despite me being an idiot and forgetting to use Golden Razz Berries on the first few throws and missing a couple times, I caught Mewtwo! 2250. -Caught a Shuppet, a Sableye, and a Duskull. Also a Cubone, which I still need a Marowak.
  7. The Nintendo Baseball League

    The pairings for the soccer round have been finalized: A - Termina, Inkopolis, Valla, Gallia B - Mekanos, Khurain, Sauria, Slateport C - Skyworld, Delfino, Tokyo, Halfmoon D - Subcon, Mute City, Katina, Ylisse E - Arendelle, Valley, Weyard, Bern F - Mechonis, New Pork, Smashville, Sarasaland G - Hyrule, Guangzhou, Mayahem, LA H - Venom, Labrynna, Zebes, Forest Haven I - Wild World, Laurasia, Nimbasa, Sonic J - Orange Star, Megaman, Moleville, Marble Zone K - Epoch, Star City, Agrabah, Celadon L - Koholint, Valentia, Popstar, Jubilife M - Onett, Lanayru, Port Town, Bionis N - Tethealla, Goldenrod, Corneria, Yoster Isle O - Neo Arcadia, Mushroom Kingdom, Lumoise, Twilight P - Ripple Star, Blue Moon, Hocotate, Kongo Jungle ** - in the original random # sequence Subcon and Valley were drawn together, they were moved apart so both could play at their home venues. Rest of draw is as is
  8. Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

    I received a MacBook Pro as a graduation gift from high school in 2011. Last night she finally gave up the ghost. Thanks for 6.5 years of solid service.
  9. amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Chrom is so sick. My BBY, at around 11:15 am had 2 Chroms and 1 Tiki still left on their peg hooks.
  10. Political Containment Thread

    Exactly. They want to stick with the usual status quo and that doesn't really help much of anybody.
  11. Fire Emblem Warriors

    Game just arrived a few minutes ago, leaving the soundtrack and character cards sealed for now but I will pop the game in my system before I leave around 3 pm. I don't like playing games a lot in a moving vehicle but luckily the drive to see my dad at the hospital isn't too far, under 2 hours.
  12. Monster Hunter's popularity has finally reached the point where a spin-off game has seen worldwide release. Monster Hunter Stories takes the familiar monsters of the series and basically turns them into Pokémon—companion creatures that you can train to fight alongside you. It may seem like a leap to take the hulking beasts of the main series and transform them into smaller, friendlier allies, but the turn-based RPG gameplay is just as addictive as the action gameplay. Even if this is an RPG with some odd combat quirks. In Stories you don't play as a monster hunter, you play as a monster rider from a small village that befriends monsters by hatching their eggs and building a bond with the creature. In true JRPG fashion you are a young rider that builds unusually strong bonds with your monsters and must use that bond to defeat a dark force that threatens to upset the very balance of the world—the core theme of the game is essentially to make friends with everybody. In fact it's not surprising that this game was also used as the basis for an anime, since those storytelling tropes are clear here as well, even down to your friend/rival that thinks you're too nice to your monsters. It's a cute little story, even if it's not particularly deep, and it's certainly more narrative-rich than the main Monster Hunter games. Stories retains several concepts, item names, and obviously monsters from the main series, but this game is a turn-based RPG. You and one monster participate in battles against wild monsters both big and small and even other riders in special tournaments or multiplayer modes. Battles are pretty unusual in Stories. One of the core mechanics is a rock-paper-scissors attack triangle. You can choose from power, technical, or speed attacks, and each has an advantage over the other in that order. For example, if you use a speed attack and an enemy monster uses a power attack during a head-to-head encounter, you'll have advantage and deal more damage (and take less). What's tricky is that you don't know what the enemy will choose, unlike strategy games where you can see the enemy's weapon options. Monsters habitually use one type of attack but not necessarily every time, so it really is a guessing game. That uncertainty can be kind of annoying early in the game, especially when you don't have many special attacks to rely upon to help give you more of an edge, but on the other hand it'll keep you on your toes throughout each battle. The other odd battle aspect in Stories is that you don't directly control your monster. This is where the attack triangle really does get frustrating, when your monster keeps using attacks that are at a disadvantage. Again, early on this can be annoying but as monsters level up they gain access to special skills, and you can command your monster to use these special attacks (though you still can't select normal attacks for them). For a game that is essentially simplifying the Monster Hunter formula for new types of players this all seems a little needlessly complicated. At the very least it can be frustrating to have such loose control over your own party in battle. Finally there's a unique attack that each monster has that can only be used when you, as a rider, mount the monster and combine your power. During battle you build up kinship points (things like succeeding in head-to-heads builds more points) and once the gauge is full you can mount your monster. Your attacks are a little stronger combined but more importantly you can use a kinship skill, which are super powerful attacks—they even have their own special little animations. There's something satisfying about unleashing an extra powerful joint attack in the midst of a particularly intense battle. Special attacks also require kinship points, so sometimes you have to choose whether to focus on building up for a powerful kinship attack or spend a few points on special attacks. Despite the initial oddity of only directly controlling one party member in battle you'll soon find that combat in Stories has enough nuances to keep you engaged from one hunt to the next. I should also mention that your rider has a few weapon options in battle, just like in the main series. You can use a sword-and-shield, great sword, hammer, or a hunting horn, each with slightly different properties, the main one being that each weapon type has a different combo attack. For example, using speed, technical, then power attacks in a row will deal extra damage with the sword-and-shield. There really isn't any one weapon type that is overall more useful or even situationally useful, so you're free to use whichever one you prefer. And like the main series you have to forge new weapons and armor in Stories. Thankfully you don't have to hunt monsters over and over to get specific rare parts for upgrading, though you still have to farm basic monster parts. Mostly it's just nice to see that aspect carried over to this spin-off game. Just like leveling up it rewards you for taking the time to explore and battle every monster you encounter. Speaking of exploring, it wouldn't be an RPG without thematic locales to wander through. Desert, forest, snowy mountainside—Stories has them all. In a lot of the big, open areas your movement speed is just a little too slow, to the point where it's noticeable, especially since landmarks are few and far between. But the real point of exploring is to find monster dens. Inside you'll find monster eggs, and this is your opportunity to collect new monsters. This is where the Pokémon aspect of the game comes into play: you may be the type that just wants a handful of monsters to train (you can have up to five in your party) or you may want to have one of every monster type—there are over one hundred. Or, if you really enjoy the nitty gritty of monster training, you may want to perfect your monsters with the best possible stats. Each monster has nine gene slots which can be filled with different abilities such as special attacks or passive buffs like poison immunity. You can sacrifice one monster to pass one of its genes to a different monster, and this is where you can get obsessively focused on building the perfect monster. It's not easy either so if you have a specific idea in mind for your monster it'll probably be quite time consuming. Just like Pokémon though you don't have to worry about any of this if your goal is simply to play through the game's story. If you want to get heavily into multiplayer battles it might be beneficial, but don't feel like you have to dive deep into genetic manipulation to enjoy Stories. And if your goal is simply to enjoy the game's main story, you're in for quite a long haul. If you actively skip every side quest or opportunity to hatch new monsters you can probably finish the game in thirty hours or so, but more likely you'll spend over fifty to truly explore every aspect of Stories. Plus there's even more content to enjoy after the credits roll—more quests, more powerful monsters, and the aforementioned multiplayer modes if you feel like getting competitive. Stories may not last as ridiculously long as the main series games do, but it's still quite a lengthy adventure, even for an RPG. The graphics in Stories are basically a chibi-fied take on Monster Hunter, but don't let that dissuade you. It may be more bright and cheery than the main series but the monsters and environments are still beautiful in this game. The monster designs look great in this colorful style—less imposing than the main series but with just as much personality—and the scenery is fantastic in towns and more heavily detailed locations like the rainforest. The downside is that the framerate can be a little choppy at times, especially on older 3DS models, and distant people or monsters pop into view in a somewhat stuttering fashion. And the music is as colorful and energetic as the visuals, perfect for both exploration and combat. Monster Hunter Stories doesn't have the intense action of the main series, nor the camaraderie of teaming up with friends to take down ferocious beasts. What it does have is a lengthy, engaging RPG adventure, one that perfectly scratches the Pokémon itch of collecting and training various monsters. The battle system has somewhat of a slow start as you adjust to combat that has as much luck as strategy, especially in the early parts of the adventure, but once you spend a little time with the game it's hard not to be charmed by the colorful graphics and simple joy of hatching new monsters. RPG fans should love Monster Hunter Stories, and even veteran hunters should give this spin-off a try to see familiar monsters in a new light. Rating: 8 out of 10 Monsters
  13. Political Containment Thread

    The large problem facing the Democratic Party are the leaders, especially Schumer et al, who won't stand for more progressive politics. And yes people like Feinstein as well. Definitely need a lot more like Bernie Sanders or Keith Ellison...but it seems the Democratic party still wants to support the centrist candidates, unfortunately.
  14. Would anyone be interested in doing a Halloween themed MK8 Deluxe Night Racers- Boo or any costumed Mii or Raccoon Mario/Cat peach- anyone who is scary/ wearing a costume
  15. Well it was a magikarp raid..........but a raid that got me a 3 perfect iv magikarp!!
  16. It was done anonymously as far as I'm aware, so I don't think it was about fame, at least not on the leaker's part. But yeah you could see all those early playthroughs of the game on YouTube.
  17. Thanks to the Safari event here last weekend, my Pokédex is about as complete as I could hope for. The only non-legendary, non-regional Pokémon I'm missing is Hitmontop; I just can't seem to hatch the right kind of Tyrogue. Maybe Halloween and Gen 3 will reinvigorate my desire to play the game more.
  18. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Don't mind me, I'll just be over here, drowning in salt.
  19. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I got +Spd -Def Ayra on my free summon I'd probably be salty if that hadn't happened like everyone else is. Put me in the camp of people who feel this was a dick move. I mostly think so because this can only be more monetary reasons that they did this.
  20. good song good girl 10/10 Something cozy for me as it gets colder
  21. Fire Emblem Warriors

    As much as I want to play this I won't be getting it on release, my games backlog is too long as is and I'm quite busy IRL with other stuff. Do want to try it out down the road though.
  22. Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

    Fruity drinks are delicious though. The few times I've tried em, had whoever I was with not told me they were alcoholic, I hardly would have noticed for some of em.
  23. Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

    my guy I'm a sober individual and even I know that's not the case
  24. The Nintendo Baseball League

    And here are the teams and their possible players! Yoster Isle Watermelon Warriors 1B Baby Bowser 3B Green Yoshi SS Baby Mario SP Peach SP Kamek Megaman Bombers 1B Roll CF Tron Bonne SP Mega Man SP Zero DH Metal Man Popstar Runners C King Dedede SS Lololo CF Kirby CF Prince Fluff C Masahiro Sakurai Zebes Hunters 3B Simon Belmont SP Rundas SP Samus Aran SP Twinrova CL Noxus Bern Dragonkillers 3B Ike CF Elincia RF Roy SP Lyn SP Rolf Celadon Razorleaves SS Pikachu MRP Lt. Surge CL Jigglypuff 2B Raichu DH Vileplume Goldenrod Nuggets SP Feraligatr SP Azumarril DH Chuck SS Bellosom CF Pichu Mushroom Kingdom Fireflowers 3B Bowser SP Mario SP Luigi SP Rosalina SP Waluigi Valley of Koopas 1B Larry Koopa SS Iggy Koopa RF Wendy O Koopa SP Bowser Jr. 2B Lemmy Koopa Hylian Knights LF OoT Link SP OoT Zelda SP OoT Impa SU The Lady of Maud DH Agitha Hoctatian Hammers C Alph SS Charlie CF Louie SP Captain Olimar 3B NiGHTS Sonic Heroes: 2B Amy Rose SS Sonic RF Tails SP Bayonetta SU Dr. Eggman Tokyo Typhoons: 1B Ken SP Poison MRP Fei Long LRP Dee Jay SS Ibuki Arendelle Icebreakers 1B King Mickey 3B Kristoff CF Princess Jasmine DH Gaston SP Elsa Cornerian Starfighters 1B Slippy Toad 2B Miyu Bulldog 3B Fox McCloud SP Katt Monroe DH Fara Phoenix Mayahem Jinjos LF Kazooie CF Drumstick RF Banjo 2B Ninja Kong 1B Karate Kong Smashville Savages C KK Slider 1B Tom Nook 2B Copper SP Villager CL Resetti Mute City: 3B Antonio Guster RF Captain Falcon SP Prince Ramode MRP Dai Goroh CF Soda Popinski Tethealla Tales 2B Lloyd Irving LF Isaac CF Presea SP Mithos CL Colette Nimbasa Electrics 2B Iris LF Zoroark SP Ask Ketchum CF GAME FREAK Morimoto 3B Mienshao Skyworld Angels 2B Nana LF Popo CF Pit CL Mr. Game And Watch CF Pac-Man Los Angeles Lawyers SP Phoenix Wright SP Professor Layton 3B Shigeru Miyamoto RF Maggey Byrde 1B Will Powers Kongo Krystal Koconuts 2B Tiny Kong 3B Diddy Kong SS Dixie Kong SP Donkey Kong SP Funky Kong Inkopolis Squids SS Callie LF Marie SP Inkling Girl SP Inkling Boy LRP Rayman Ylissean Shepherds C Donnel 1B Inigo SS Chrom SP Robin MRP Stahl Bionis Xenoblades C Fiora 2B Melia 3B Shulk RF Alvis SP Sharla Slateport Surf 3B May LF Sceptile SP Ludicolo SU Blaziken 3B Medicham Epoch Explorers CF Marle RF Crono SP Celes SP Yang Fang Leiden SS Locke Cole Laurasia Comets SS Terra Brandford RF Edea Lee SP Seth SU Erik SS Jackal Termina Mooncrushers 2B Skull Kid C Satoru Iwata 3B Onilink SP Mikau 1B Darmani Labrynna Oracles C Ambi LF Guru-Guru SP Ralph MRP OoT Postman CL Veran Moleville Miners C Smithy SS Valentina DH Plum 2B Big Massif 1B Lil Massif Neo Arcadia Nationals SS Quick Man ??? X SP Axl DH Mega Man Volnutt SS Servbot Ripple Star Miracle Matter C Shadow Dedede 3B Mr. Tick Tock SS Rick SP Adeleine MRP Majin Buu Orange Star Generals 1B Sasha 2B Sami SP Andy SP Jake SP Sonja Blue Moon Admirals 2B Max CF Will SP Colin SP Isabella LRP Hawkeye Gallia Steel C Titania 2B Lucia SS Mia CF Geoffrey SP Michaiah Koholint Dreamers SS Thief Girl SP Richard SP Young Link CL Marin DH Tool Town Shopkeeper Twilight Interlopers 1B Darbus 2B TP Ganondorf SP Zant SP Midna SP TP Zelda Marble Zone Ringers 3B Classic Sonic CF Classic Tails CL Classic Eggman 2B Espio DH Segata Sanshiro Onett Golden Eagles 2B Ness 3B Poo CF Ninten RF Kogoro 2B Genis New Pork Bankees C Emperor Geldoblame 2B Kumatora MRP Flint CL Claus 2B Magnolia Arch Ghangzhou Gentlemen 2B Cody CF Crimson Viper SP Karin SU Laura 2B Dudley Agrabah Streetrats LF Captain Shang SP Mulan SP Mushu SU Hades DH LeFou Katina Landmasters RF Curly Brace DH Rey MRP Nova SU Obi-Wan Kenobi 2B Isa Jo Sauria Dinosaurs 2B Han Solo 3B Captain America SS Black Widow LF Krystal SP Luke Skywalker Star City Galaxy C Pipsy 3B Billy SS Jimmy DH T.T. SP Tiptup Wild World Predators RF Billy Hatcher SP Zipper T Bunny SP Crazy Redd MRP Jack CL Jingle Port Town Dragsters 2B Roger Buster MRP Mr. EAD MRP Dr. Strange C Yamcha 2B Scarlet Witch Weyard Wanderers 3B Jenna CF Felix SP Alex CF Blados RF Nowell Lumiose Lasers 1B Chespin 3B Lady Korrina SS Greninja SS Dedenne 3B Grant Khura'in Dragons 3B Apollo Justice LF Ema Skye SP Franziska von Karma LRP Kristoph Gavin 3B Dhurke Sahdmadhi Mekanos Machines C King K. Rool SS Ba-Boom CF Chunky Kong SP Brash Bear SP Donkey Kong Jr. Forest Haven Koroks 1B WW Ganondorf 2B Toon Link SP WW Tingle SP Toon Zelda LRP Oren Lanaryu Loftwings 2B Nabooru SS Ghirahim MRP Byrne SU Ravio RF SS Link Subcon Dreamcatchers 3B Builder Mario LF Birdo SP Mouser SP Ninji CL Pauline Delfino Shines 3B Midbus CF Petey Piranha SP Princess Elder Shroob CL Cackletta C Prince Peasley Venomian Victors 2B Dash Bowman LF Panther Caroso SP Andrew Oikonny 1B Count Dookoo C Thanos Valentia Valor 1B Alm MRP Berkut 3B Sigurd C Clive 2B Fernand Valla Siblings C Corrin 1B Ryoma 2B Elise 3B Xander SP Jakob Mechonis Titans SS Mumkhar SP Vanea SP Gadolt CL Egil 3B Cross Jubilife Jestors C Empoleon SP Ambipom SU Lucario CL Cynthia SS Loppuny Halfmoon Destroyers 2B Susie 3B Invader Armor SS Daroach MRP Passimian 1B Bandana Dee
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