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  2. GG everyone. Oh man, that was intense. My brain is short circuiting as we speak. On a side note, this is what I was thinking about the entire Smashdown: @Eliwood8 I kept your first place spot warm!
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  4. This month Smashdown has concluded, here are the results! Coming in first with 11 points is @TheBarkinHyena. Following up in 2nd place with 9 points is @TKrazyO. DLurkster in 3rd with 3 points. Last but not least with 0 points is @purple_beard. Congrats to Hyena for this month Smashdown challenge winner. I believe last month was a tie for first with 8 points with Hyena and Eli. As always thanks Krazy for the the stream. Next Smashdown is March 4th. GGGs.
  5. My bad, sorry. I got mixed for later this month you, won't be in, lol. And if Hyena was replacing you and Eli isn't here that's 3 ppl and we need 4. Wasn't thinking either, lol.
  6. Ah, that's right! I'm replacing Eli tonight.
  7. I'm playing >_>. The 18th I won't be.
  8. Damn...that slipped my mind...saw their tweet and was inspired. Although technically aside from first match we could narrow the pool down...but that would be awkward.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I don't remember any version of Brawl releasing in February 2008. I see Brawl released in Japan January 31st, that was Monday this past week. Well as Krazy said, it's Smashdown tonight. @TheBarkinHyena: Still for tonight to replace, PB? Next week, when I won't be playing but in the Splatfest, you guys can have a Brawl theme.
  11. Maybe for next week (or whenever you're able to play) since tonight is the Smashdown.
  12. @DLurkster @TKrazyO@TheBarkinHyena @Eliwood8 Brawl roster/stage theme?
  13. I'm glad you were able to get everything running Friday night. After a while, you got it working, so I'm sure you'll be able to find the right balance for the audio! In regards to your question, that time frame works for me so long as my parents don't kidnap me and hold me "hostage" for dinner.
  14. Looks like only a tiny amount of the mods i had were broken and needed to be updated Missed out on the sales for the DLC/Packs, though that ended a couple days ago So looks like I’ll be waiting when they go on sale again Also apparently the SimTuber Mod i downloaded requires a couple of the packs… looks like I’ll be waiting for awhile to look into that one Did not notice that the first time I looked through the page
  15. That was pretty fun after getting all the technical issues fixed. I learned a few things afterwards that'll make things easier to setup next time. Thanks for playing! When Screen Sharing OBS onto Discord, I need to raise the capture card's audio so everyone can hear it. I have to lower OBS's volume in my volume mixer to compensate since I/we hear the game through it. I also will have to raise the mic and discord chat volume in OBS to compensate for the game being louder.* On the Discord stream, you only hear sounds that I'm monitoring. That's why you guys couldn't hear yourselves or me echoing but could hear the music. I monitor the jukebox and game audio so I can hear them while streaming. It was the main thing I was worried about when having to share certain scenes. If the game itself has audio settings, I need to change those. As far as I know, the streams ran fine with no visual hiccups. *Because I had to raise the game volume so you guys could hear it in the Discord stream, the game overpowered the voice chat entirely. So you can't hear us and I can't use the VOD to upload onto YouTube. Next time I will have to find a good enough balance so the Discord stream volume is loud enough for you guys, the Twitch stream volume isn't overpowering and the commentary and voice chat aren't too loud and peeking. It would be cool if we were able to get a few more people to join in. I learned not to have randoms join in and keep them in the audience. We played for about 2 hours and it didn't use too much of my phone battery. So I think it was a success, other than the technical problems. But since we know the solutions it'll be easier and faster to setup. So if anyone wants to play something this upcoming Friday from the list of games or etc., let us know. What do you think of extending the night to Saturdays from 8-10 if it's convenient?
  16. Working on moving Pokemon over to Home and finishing things up. My Switch is running into issues (nothing too serious, but might as well cover all the bases) and will be trying to see what I can do for it in the spring.
  17. I finally beat Hades... the final boss of Hades, that wasn't so... *watches the latter moments* ... Are... you... serious?! God Mode now. I beat Hades fair and square.
  18. Vibes is the wrong word. I guess more the premise felt Harry Potter-ish, but not much else.
  19. Better late than never. Gonna start the week long hunting/training journey the next Splatfest. (Wish I started early this evening) Hopefully and should be able to vote for my team, it is after all week till the next splatfest.
  20. Going Sunday myself. Baseball game coverage conflicting with Friday, Going to Stadium Series game Saturday so out of town. Sunday is like my only day LOL. Unless I can squeeze in a Thursday preview show.
  21. New Poster: "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" - Dark Horizons Blue Shell Koopa? Like a Mario Kart Blue Shelled Koopa....
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