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Love Mario Kart? Then join Ninfora's very own Mario Kart club. We get together every Thursday night @ 10 PM Eastern for some Mario Kart action on Nintendo Switch. OFFICIAL THREAD: https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/35-mario-kart-8-thursday-night-throwdown-10pm-et/
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  2. I'm making this topic to archive the Tournament videos and Highlights I've accumulated throughout the years. It'll start with the playlist of the Tournament Highlights from the original Mario Kart 8 followed by the current Deluxe Tournaments/Battles/Streams. A look down memory lane! *Features the latest Tournament* *Not much of a playlist for this one* *Stream playlist of saved and upcoming* ^I also stream this on my Twitch channel Depending on how things go in the future I might stop making the videos and have this exclusively as a stream.
  3. Here is #2. Took out 5 of the races to get it under the 30 minute threshold.
  4. When the tourney officially starts I'll probably bring back the MK8D Nights series of videos to my channel. Since we'll probably have some battle mixed in there that would be a good change of pace.
  5. For those wondering, the reason Kezay and I haven't been on either Mario Kart 8s is because of work. Him because of overnights and me because of long hours and just not feeling it. We'll be back in the near future.
  6. Ah, that's how it works, huh? Makes sense more activity more, the more the club have activity. Also, I rarely go the the recent activity tab. I may stay logged for godly hours but I sit and roam recent activity because I feel there;s no way to filter activity for the place you most frequent on the forum not everything. I do care for most that come cause I don't post every so that even worsens the fact with no activity on the forum for the club when everything else eclipse it.
  7. Nope. You pretty much have to click on the Clubs tab then click on a club to see new posts there (clubs are listed in order by recent activity, BTW). The main issue everyone has with clubs, is how segregated they feel from the rest of the site. We want this site to have more activity and clubs make it seem like it has less.
  8. Wait what these posts in this club thing doesn't show updates anywhere on the site? I thought this whole time it was or I wouldn't of made a post about racing yesterday. I'll post the rest of my post in that thread to get the word going and a announcement.
  9. So you are telling me that the tourney doesn't auto correct for the time change? It rolled it back an hour? I got no idea about going for Wednesday or Thursday for DLX or U.... makes no difference to me but I haven't seen anyone on DLX Wednesdays and the last two Thursdays I got on I saw no one. Last night I was at Star Wars.
  10. 9pm came from not being able to edit the tourney room in Wii U for DST do to Miiverse shutting down. IDK. I just brought up the question, because there haven't been that many regulars on Wii U since Miiverse shutdown. Joe and Spot, in particular seem to want to move to Switch. BTW, Joe, Spot, and ArmoredFrog did some races last night at 10 on Switch.
  11. Where is the 9pm thing coming from? I mean, the tournaments have been set to 10pm EST which would still be 10pm EST. I was at a movie and didn't race tonight.... are we down to one night of racing on Switch or U? I haven't seen anyone on Switch Night the last few weeks. It appears people did show up tonight to race though.
  12. If y'all want to switch to MK8DX on Thursdays that's fine with me (pretty sure I'm the only one without it). I'll probably just take the plunge and get DX then. I've been wanting the game, especially to play on the go, but there were newer games I wanted more. Plus, I had already spent $60+ with the DLC on Wii U. If DX was like $40 I probably would have gotten it by now. I've been wondering...With Clubs pretty much being a bust, should we just go back to using the old thread? I feel people are more likely to see new posts there instead of here.
  13. Just a reminder to those who still play MK8 on Wii U, because of the daylight saving time and in junction the removal of Miiverse; the tourney time cannot be change from the 9pm est. I'll be in the Discord MK8 chat room around that time if anyone wants to race. I think this might be my last on there as I most likely will get MK8DX this weekend and will this version which its nights are on Wednesdays.
  14. Due to media duties I won't be home in time for any kind of racing.
  15. Racing or battling tonight? Both.... Rocket League after party?
  16. So, if we race tomorrow night, I am not sure when I would be on.... could be leaving work late.... Might be up for some after party action. And that could be Rocket League, BMan, OR, MK8DLX. Thursday night is a no, won't get off till late and I will need to force myself to get to bed early because of being in at 4am on Friday.
  17. I'll be on tonight for regular MK8....as for when I'll partake in MK8DX variety. I have save the money I need to get Switch, a game and $35 DL card. Even though I already own BotW on Wii U, the first game I'm getting on Switch is....BotW. I never bought the DLC on Wii U, so that is what the $35 DL card is for the DLC. So maybe two week after Black Friday, the next game I get will be MK8DX. Yeah, I'm getting a Switch on Black Friday but of course there's drop in the price by like $25 or $50. (would be nice) If their was one I'll probably get another game with BotW or Pro controller. (those two items are only $10 apart) Yeah, I can't wait to finally be owner of Switch pretty soon.
  18. Last time I checked NC and FL are in the Eastern Time Zone. I had a game to cover than ran from 7-9pm and then I had to get the photos ready and uploaded before I left. Then I needed something warm to eat. So yeah, I didn't get home till 10:45pm +/-. Probably won't race MK on Thursday as I will be seeing Justice League.
  19. Are we in different time zones? I'll play at 10pm eastern but if you're asking for 11pm eastern, that'll be a maybe.
  20. may or may not race tonight.... covering game till 9pm and then media duties till ... ?... 10pm maybe....
  21. Well, looks like the Wii U tourney room can't be edited. At least we can still use the room, as it lets you do "practice" races. So....Do we still use the Wii U tourney room or do we move to MK8DX on Switch?
  22. I posted this in the Discord chat....It seems all tourneys created before Miiverse's closer still work. The catch is, you just can't create new tourneys anymore (really wish they were more clear about this). I was able to get in to our tourney room tonight just fine. Though, it just has been updated for DST. IDK if you can still edit tourneys now that Miiverse is closed, We'll have to get @Pelord to try and update it. Video:

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