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A place to talk about your favorite role playing games, such as Legend of Zelda, Pokemon etc.,. Along with just general RPG talk.
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  2. Why thank you~ My top RPGs growing up: Final Fantasy IX Pokémon Crystal Paper Mario
  3. Word on the opening up. It would be great if they head in that direction. I'm tired of the hand holding that was in the Alolan games.
  4. Pokemon Black is my favorite currently. I really liked the look of the Unova region, and how they showcased some locations with different camera angles like Skyarrow Bridge and Castelia City. It made the region feel more alive than just having a fixed angle for the entirety of a game. The Generation V Pokemon designs were appealing to me for the most part and it felt like a return to simpler designs: I think Generation V is very comparable to Generation I. The gameplay and presentation within battles is solid. I like both the unlimited TM use change that Pokemon Black made and the moving sprit
  5. Heck yea. Gold and Silver are my favorite generation. Agreed. Just being able to have fun discovering the new stuff to do in game was worh while. Word. I get tired of them taking out stuff that made games more fun, like being able to dig for treasure in Diamond/Pearl, they kind of brought it back in Sun/Moon, but it's not the same having Pokemon do the work for you. Definitely. I'm so hyped for both games for what it's worth. I have some Pokemon set aside to trade over to Let's Go. A Lapras, a low CP Pidgeot named Kmart (since I caught it in a Kmart parking lot lol), a
  6. Cool. I love that game too, and I loved being able to clone items and Pokemon, along with fighting in Battle Tower, and getting shiny Rayquaza. That would pretty neat! It would be awesome if they could do it. Closest I've seen is a fan thing, PokeMMO. Very fun to play and wish that the Pokemon company would make something along similar lines.
  7. Pokemon Gold/Silver or even Heart Gold/Soul Silver. A lot of it comes from nostalgia. Games that were released in the fall and have had an impact on grade school for me that year. Just the atmosphere and music it provided and of course 16 gyms and being able to go back to Kanto and witness the differences was pretty great as well. Each Gen since then I feel like has had its ups and downs. As much as people dread it, it will be cool to go back to Kanto and see what it's like in 3D. More interested to see what they do for next year's games though.
  8. I just finished FFXV Pocket Edition. I must say for a major graphical underhaul, it holds up pretty well. I even liked the character models for most of the characters more in the Pocket version (besides Noctis... he looks so weird in the Pocket version). I wish we could play the DLC, but as it stands I do feel like it was worth the $25 CAD I paid, so I am happy with that.
  9. My favourite just happens to be Emerald, perhaps due in no small part to it featuring my favourite Pokémon Rayquaza. I am hoping for an all region mashup, some kind of truly global Pokémon game. With the power available to them on Switch vs. say the 3DS, I think they could do it.
  10. What's your favorite games of the series? What are you looking forward to in the future Switch games? I love a lot of the main stream games from the series, started with Red, Blue and Yellow and have enjoyed the series as it has grown and changed over the years. Looking forward to both the new Let's Go games and the 2019 new entry for the main series.
  11. Been renting this one from Family Video recently and have been surprised by it so far. It's pretty fun. How about you guys? Any other Yo Kai fans out there?
  12. You're welcome . Glad to see you back too.
  13. I finally got around to booting up FFIX not too long ago. I'm on Disc 2 right now, and absolutely loving it. I haven't had a lot of experience with the series before now, but I''m slowly but surely beginning to pick up on familiar elements about what makes these games so great, collectively. I'll probably write another freakin' essay about it when I'm farther, like I did with VII back on NS2. It was self-indulgent, but it was fun.
  14. Ah I see. Cool. I'm used to training and grinding in RPG's so it's not too much of a pain. Went with 2 Red Mages, a White Mage and a Warrior for my first playthrough.
  15. Ah, cool. I meant dated in terms of gameplay, but the various remakes help alleviate some of the old school frustrations.
  16. The Playstation version. Got it via the store and have it on my Vita. As for the graphics, they're fine . It's not dated, it's classic.
  17. What version of Final Fantasy, the GBA one? Some people seem to dismiss the first FF as too dated but I still have a soft spot for it, even though the original NES version was only really playable with the Nintendo Power walkthrough guide, or at least was more enjoyable with it.
  18. Lucky on 3. I saw a copy of it recently, but couldn't pick it up. I have the Playstation version of it and got the rest of them when they were on sale. Only missing 13 (taking the newer ones out of account -- meaning 14 and 15).
  19. I've played Final Fantasy on the GBA, because of a YouTuber's passion for the series. It's one of the best games I ever played. Same YouTuber said 2's horrible, and 3's alright. So, I plan on playing 3 on the DS. I think I'm 5 or 10% in the story.
  20. Gah! ... I mean, hello. I like RPGs as well.

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