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An area where Video Creators, Live Streamers, Musicians and Artists can share their content and maybe have discussions.
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  2. Oi, @Reilly, I appreciate the publicity. Thanks mate. I'm actually in the midst of my first episode's second act. Should be done with it soon.
  3. Update 11/13: Added @Sir Grim Locksmith VIII's Bandit Keith fanfiction.
  4. I'll likely upload videos on my channel than on here or updating on the word like I've been doing so look up my channel from time to time :). Thinking maybe doing a playthrough of a game too so check it up when you guys can
  5. I noticed in TKO's welcome thread that a goal of this group is to have an organized space for it so creative content doesn't get lost amongst the plethora of discussion content on the site, so I figured I'd make one organized space that can serve as a directory of all the creativity showcases on Ninfora. General Threads Ninfora Creation Gallery – If you don't output enough content to warrant an entire thread to showcase it, but you still want to put it out there for others to enjoy and critique, this is the place for you! Art sharing thread – Not for your own personal creations. If you've stumbled across any art that you just love and want to share, post it here. Video Creators/Live Streamers TKrazyO on YouTube – TKO primarily does Let's Plays and streams of Nintendo titles. Kirbymeister2's YouTube Channel – KM2 does gameplay showcases and video game reviews, as well as reviews for toys and figurines. Musicians Reilly's Music Thread – Reilly is a multi-instrumentalist who covers all sorts of music. About half of his covers are VGM, while the rest are assorted genres that include rock, jazz, and classical music. Visual Artists IU's Gallery – IU showcases his Metroid fan art in this thread. Mega Man X Fan Art Project – Marxforever's personal Mega Man X inspired fan character showcase, featuring concept art and sprite work. DNLINK's Art Gallery – DNLINK shares his fan art sketches and paintings from a variety of sources. Laclipsey's Art – Laclipsey shares his video game fan art in this thread. Other Lance's Art – Lance writes fan fictions and short stories and shares them in this thread. Bandit Keith…Again: Rewriting an Anime Fan Fiction – Written by Grimlock, this fanfic tells the story of Bandit Keith after his last canon Yu-Gi-Oh! anime appearance. If you want your gallery/showcase thread (or a direct link to your work) added to the list, shoot me a PM or leave it in the comments.
  6. I don't exactly have the money to invest in great equipment, so I try to keep things simple with what I have. I use my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet for video recording. Quality isn't great, but it's what I have and it gets the job done. The case I have for it makes it easy to prop up on any table or shelf I need for a decent angle. I might invest in a tripod for my phone, as it takes better video and would be cheaper than buying a dedicated camera that I'll only ever use for my cover videos, but I'm working with what I have for now. For audio, I do all my recording and mixing on Logic Pro X (I have a MacBook). When I need to mic an instrument or voice, I'll use a Shure SM58 plugged into a Roland KC60 amp (which I use essentially as a DI box for recordings), then line into my computer's audio input. For guitars and basses, I go direct into my computer's audio input and use Logic's built-in amp settings, and I use MIDI outputs for my keys and drums. As for video editing, I tried using Mac's built-in iMovie, but it doesn't support more than two video layers at a time, which I kinda need. Ended up finding this free software called VideoPad. It's simple and straight-forward, but it can be slow and painful to work with sometimes. For my most recent video, I ended up downloading a free trial of Final Cut Pro X, which has an interface similar to iMovie, but with more advanced features, and it's a lot faster and more powerful than VideoPad. I'm considering investing the $300 to purchase the full version, but $300 is a lot of money for me to drop right now, so if anyone knows of any budget-friendly video editing software for Mac, let me know.
  7. I'm sure that many people on here record or stream either gameplay, music or what have you. But what equipment goes into that process and what programs do you use to edit it all together? This is pretty much a "What equipment & programs do you use to create your content?" topic where you can share what you use to make videos, music or art. I will start and hopefully we can get a train started. To Record/Stream: Elgato HD60 Capture Card* Game Capture HD Software (Elgato)* Recording Audio: Audacity Plantronics RIG505 Lava Stereo PC Gaming Headset (for Livestreaming) CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone Editing Videos/Thumbnails: Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus paint.net Video Compression: Handbrake (for 1GB & up videos) *Can't use full potential since running on Dual Core Processor For recording videos I mainly do 720p @ 60fps to be on the safe side as my 1080p* attempts have had problems. Depending on the game I'll go as high as 11 mbps for recordings. For streaming I have this amount of speed at my disposal: ^I connect to a streaming server in Georgia (ping) that gives a result close to that one. I usually go for 3 mbps but I can go up to 4.5 depending on if anyone is on Netflix or using the internet. Hopefully I didn't forget anything. I'll leave links to some of the programs and items I brought up if you're interested in those. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  8. Ooh, I'm really loving this idea. This would be great for aspiring curators for sure!
  9. This club is here for those on Ninfora that are either Youtubers, Live Streamers, Musicians and/or Artists to share their content. Mainly to confine it to one space rather than the content being lost in either General Gaming or Power On with how active those boards tend to get. We can also have discussions on either the content, suggestions for certain mediums and/or assist with any problems others are having with either video making, composing, artistry or editing. This will be a learning experience for all of us so let's get out there and show them what we're made of. ^That was lame but I couldn't think of anything to say here.
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