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A place to discuss all things Fire Emblem. Also, first.

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  2. Favorite Fire Emblem?

    Lehran's Medallion is a good one. I always liked the idea of it being a dangerous token, and the way characters had to sing to it to keep its power down. And then your understanding of what the medallion really is changes between the two games which is also a clever way of expanding the story and lore of Tellius without betraying the concepts established in PoR.
  3. Favorite Fire Emblem?

    The Archanean shield would be my favorite for a few reasons. I like its design and its integration into the gameplay of allowing Marth to open chests, plus the whole idea about it being able to seal away dragons if all the orbs are in place is interesting. I also enjoy the fact that it's become a bit of an iconic image for the series similar to Falchion, and how it sort of plays an important role in FE Cipher too, where its orbs are essentially used to represent a player's vitality.
  4. Favorite Fire Emblem?

    I want to say Grado's Sacred Stone just because I think it's hilarious that the titular Fire Emblem is destroyed in a flashback. Ultimately, out of the games I've played, I think the Shield of Seals fits the title best. I've never played the Tellius games, though, and from what I've seen of them, I feel like Lehran's Medallion would be the next solid contender.
  5. Not your favorite game, but your favorite macguffin called the Fire Emblem.
  6. Your FE Warriors roster

    There was an interview that NintendoEverything translated that GoNintendo posted 2 days ago with the producer and director of the game about a few things. Surprisingly they were thinking of removing Lucina but realized how important she was after talking to Nintendo about it. https://gonintendo.com/stories/287484-fire-emblem-warriors-devs-talk-coliseum-mode-character-choices-a The main parts I'm pointing out are these: - Lissa was given an axe due to a lack of axe characters, and Lissa can use an axe if promoted to War Cleric in other games - Frederick was also given an axe due to the same reasoning as Lissa This makes sense because they can class up to use an axe. The reasoning makes sense a bit since there aren't a lot of units that start out as axe wielders as most units that can eventually use an axe either class changed or switched to a different class chain to be able to. That's why I brought up the Vaike in my other post since he's one of the few characters that start as an axe wielder. These are some characters from Awakening that could fill the base Axe Wielding role (no class ups with one exception) Vaike Basilio Gerome Walhart Priam (Spotpass character) Donnel (the exception) For the Shadow Dragon side at least for the Heroes, Ogma's group has that covered. There are probably some major enemies that uses an axe too. As for Fates on the Birthright side, it's pretty much Rinkah (uses the axe equivalent, clubs) and Scarlet. I now see what they mean by "lack of axe characters." Also, Kellam has been confirmed guys. You just aren't seeing him.
  7. Your FE Warriors roster

    Just for the record, there is a screenshot of the game's convoy floating around which heavily suggests there may not be a weapon type dedicated to shurikens/daggers, and staves don't appear to be a proper weapon in the game either despite there being some kind of healing function Lissa has access to. The other six are still in though, as full-fledged categories of different types of weapons you can use. Going off this, I think they probably aren't going to add anyone like maids or ninjas (unless they try to rework them as sword users?), and anyone in the roster who is known for healing will likely just use another type of weapon for their attacks instead, like Lissa who now specializes in the axe.
  8. Your FE Warriors roster

    In all the games, I think there are only three lords/primary protagonists who don't use swords in any capacity: Hector, Ephraim, and Micaiah. The difference here is that "sword" isn't a weapon type in HW. Link, Zelda, Fi, and Toon Link's swords are Light-type; Ganondorf, Zant, and Ghirahim's swords are Dark-type; and Impa and Tetra's swords are Water-type. Correct me if I'm wrong, as I don't know for sure, but I'd imagine FEW is replacing those elemental types (and there were only five: Light, Dark, Fire, Water, and Lightning) with traditional FE weapon types (Sword, Axe, Lance, Bow, Staff, Shuriken, Tome, Shapeshifter already brings us to eight) and I'm not sure how much more they can break those up before things get too convoluted. Given, every weapon in HW had different properties even within the same type, and they're going to give each character in FEW a unique moveset regardless of how they classify things, but formally breaking up the different classes into subclasses doesn't really make much sense.
  9. Your FE Warriors roster

    One idea that I had is that maybe they could diversify the roster with different types of swords. Ryoma already uses Katanas, but maybe someone like Ogma, for example, could use a broadsword. Going back to Hyrule, that game also had a large number of sword users (Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Impa, Zant, Ghirahim, Young Link, Tetra, Toon Link, Toon Zelda), but their movesets were almost nothing alike.
  10. Your FE Warriors roster

    @XLW Why bring up Hyrule Warriors when the base game also used only 3 games in the series? It only expanded to Majora's Mask and Wind Waker when DLC was a thing until Legends came out. There would honestly be no way to have a 29/30 base character roster with all 14 games in the series, having them cover the weapon triangle, cover outside the triangle (mages, archers, transformations) while having the important/popular characters from each game to satisfy the fanbase. Now I've only played half of the releases in the States, but aren't most of the main characters sword users, something people complained about in the Smash series? I'm sure there are exceptions in some of the games alongside some popular ones but there are either going to be some games getting more representation than others or some fan favorites (like Hector) won't make it in. I'm sure DLC will be a thing in Fire Emblem Warriors and that'll at least help if they go to other games in the series for those characters. You can't have this game without the Vaike! I'll probably post my roster for one of the 3 games represented later.
  11. Your FE Warriors roster

    It'd be a missed opportunity to not be able play as a giant bunny. Tiki is a big given for stone users but I'd have to imagine there ought to be more than just manaketes.
  12. Your FE Warriors roster

    I'd kind of like to see Panne from Awakening or Kaden/Keaton from Fates in Warriors. Not because I particularly like their characters–in fact I rarely used them in my playthroughs–but just for the variety of having more shapeshifters. I'd like to see what the developers could do with that "weapon class," so to speak.
  13. Your FE Warriors roster

    Yeah the idea of playing as a Risen seems so wild but honestly I think that would be pretty cool to see happen because of how unconventional it'd be. Instead of a hero or otherwise human character it'd be a nice change of pace to play as a literal monster for once. So I want to believe the dev team probably realizes the same and will make it happen.
  14. Your FE Warriors roster

    My first instinct is to immediately knock that idea, but thinking about it a little, I'm a little more on-board. After all, everyone wants their favorite to make the cut, so why not fill a space by a horde of zombies? The outcry towards the developer would be hilarious to watch. Anyway, the only character I'm pulling for is Beruka, but I know there's no a snowball's chance in hell of that happening.
  15. Your FE Warriors roster

    I'm not saying there's anything wrong with wanting more representation, but the idea that you can only have a lackluster roster from just the aforementioned FE titles is not something you'll ever find me agreeing with when the FE titles already featured alone have plenty enough diverse and interesting characters to warrant a solid lineup that should appeal to the masses who'll play the game. I think their approach of basing FE Warriors around the most widespread FE titles and getting the most out of their worlds (quality over quantity) seems sensible enough. Also, there already is a New 3DS version of FE Warriors planned and it's supposed to release alongside the Switch version. We know next to nothing about it, but it exists and will probably just be a less impressive version, especially given that Nintendo favors not showing it off at any opportunity. I would still expect FE Warriors to expand in some capacity and not be a one and done thing though.
  16. Your FE Warriors roster

    Then, the guys who I put in my dream roster from those games, and whoever else is good to fit that role, because the guys who made this game are not getting my money until I see more countries represented. Fire Emblem fans will be cheated out of because of a lackluster roster. And there is no excuse; these guys made Hyrule Warriors Legends work. I guess I'll have to wait for a 3DS port then, or the dreaded Season Pass. I wrote my roster out of disappointment, or knowing that they'll do something about it later on. As for the Risen thing, I also expect some dragons, some Nameless, and some generic army soldiers.
  17. Your FE Warriors roster

    This shouldn't need to be said, but the purpose of this topic isn't to share wildly unrealistic dream rosters, but who you think actually will be in the game. I personally don't feel it's worth the effort to seriously consider every single character from across the four featured FE titles who'll make up the game's roster, but there is one character I'd like to mention from FE Awakening: the Risen Fighter. I think the inclusion of a generic Risen would fulfill the kind of niche for the roster that compliments the game extremely well, and they deserve mention because of how surprising yet interesting they would be by virtue of the fact that they aren't an individual. They probably wouldn't be playable in the main story or have bond conversations with anyone else though.
  18. Your FE Warriors roster

    You've gotta be kidding me with that pathetic excuse of only the newer games being included. They made Hyurle Warriors and its 3DS port with DLC characters. If I did it my way, I would have done at least 75 characters from the whole series. Arachenea: Marth, Minerva, Camus, Hardin, Katarina, Caeda, Ogma, Tiki, Athena (Bosses: Camus, then Katarina, then Hardin) Valentia: Alm, Celica, Clair, Mycen, Sonya, Saber, Fernand, Berkut (Bosses: Fernand, then Berkut, then Celica) Judgral: Seliph, Leif, Julius, Travant, Eldigan, Julia, Finn, Nanna (Bosses: Eldigan, then Travant, then Julius) Elibe: Roy, Hector, Lyn, Eliwood, Nergal, Zephiel, Lilina, Florina, Jaffar (Bosses: Jaffar, then Nergal, then Zephiel) Magvel: Eirika, Ephraim, Lyon, Innes, Dozla, Amelia, Selena, Joshua (Bosses: Amelia, then Selena, then Lyon) Tellius: Ike, Zelgius, Sothe, Soren, Michaiah, Sephiran, Leonardo, Elincia, Nephenee (Bosses: Michaiah, then Zelgius, then Sephiran) Ylisse: Chrom, Lissa, Frederick, Robin, Lucina, Gangrel, Owain, Tiki (Bosses: Lucina, then Gangrel, then Robin) Valla: Ryoma, Xander, Azura, Corrin, Takumi, Leo, Camilla, Kaze (Bosses: Ryoma, then Xander, then Corrin) In progression of bosses: Magvel-------->Elibe--------> Judgral------->Valentia------>Tellius--------> Archanea---> Ylisse---->Valla
  19. Chrom made a template for this when the game was first announced, but the recent announcement that the cast will only include characters from Archanea, Ylisse, and Italy renders it pretty much obsolete. Using Hyrule Warriors as a template, that game had only 29 playable characters. But with so many characters having multiple weapons, it came to a total of 42 unique movesets. The confirmed roster so far: *Rowan *Lianna *Marth *Chrom *Robin (both male and female) *Lucina *Lissa *Frederick *Cordelia *Corrin (female) *Ryoma *Xander Assuming that the two Robin's are like their Smash counterpart in being merely two different models for the same moveset, that leaves us with roughly 30 characters to match Hyrule's full roster. With that being said, who do you think will make it? For me, I'd split the remaining 30 evenly among the 3 main represented games: Discuss.
  20. Dheginsea is pretty cool
  21. Favorite dragon design?

    I think I have to go with Myrrh for this one because I think the contrast between her adorable loli human form and her fearsome dragon form is hilarious.
  22. Favorite dragon design?

    Dheginsea. Interesting backstory, a dragon king, really powerful, and really intimidating.
  23. Whether it be a transformed Manakete, a Wyvern mount, or final boss? For me, it's easily Fae's transformed state. She's just so fluffy! I also really like the way Medeus looks in Book 2. The DS remake might look "better", but I find that the SNES version's sheer size makes him look cooler and more intimidating (insert Kanti joke here): Speaking of Medeus, his Hashtag Effie incarnation ain't no slouch, either (though I can't seem to find an image of his second form with a black hole for a face):
  24. I went with Archanean League because I had just finished Shadow Dragon, so that name was still fresh in my mind. The mark of Naga is probably the most recognizable "symbol" of Fire Emblem in recent memory, so I chose that. Plus, the Ylissian royal family are all descended from Marth, anyway.
  25. Robin ≠ Grima. Robin is merely a vessel through which Grima can be resurrected. Even when possessing FemRobin's body, Grima and his dragon form are still male. Just sayin'. Also, unrelated to the topic, but related to the club: Why are we the Archanean League, but with Ylisse's brand as our logo?
  26. And by sword I absolutely mean penis. Logically you would think it's one of the Dragons or Laguz, maybe Xane since he has that shape shifting thing going on. Strictly human I'd probably say it's probably Stefan, probably hiding in the desert to stay away from all those women that want his giant dong. What do you guys think?