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A place to discuss all things Fire Emblem. Also, first.

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  2. The Blazing Blade is always going to be special to me for being the first FE game I played, but otherwise I might say Path of Radiance or Radiant Dawn.
  3. Genealogy of the Holy War. I’ll admit that the gameplay hasn’t aged well, but the story, characters, and music have yet to be surpassed by anything else in the series.
  4. I love the Tellius games as they were my first foray into the series, but I also quite enjoyed Fates. Heroes is a nice collection of the series' heroes and I love being able to use all of my favorite characters.
  5. Sacred Stones is my first of the Fire Emblem games, as I skipped Blazing Blade, but I have to give it to Awakening. It's responsible for reinvigorating the series to new and older fans. It tried to appease to everyone, even if it isn't perfect by any means. Looking at you Apotheosis. I beat it much later because I was not worthy.
  6. I like Awakening so far in terms of the characters interactions and the battles. Same with Heroes. They're both pretty fun to play.
  7. simple thread. What's your favorite Fire Emblem game(s)? For me, it's a tossup between Radiant Dawn, Sacred Stones, and Awakening. Radiant Dawn had for and away the most varied map design (with objectives to complement it) that every other game's maps/objectives have, unfortunately, felt vanilla by comparison--although it did veer into fake difficultly on some Dawn Brigade chapters. As for Sacred Stones and Awakening, it's hard to place what exactly I like about them--although, the fact grinding is an option means I don't feel locked to certain characters and I like experimenting and finding a niche for every character. SS feels more polished but Awakening feels more expansive.
  8. If this is anything like Hyrule, they'll be non-playable boss characters on launch until a free update makes them playable.
  9. These may or may not be playable characters but Validar was explicitly confirmed to at least appear in History Mode while Gharnef is also suggested of appearing as well.
  10. Fire Emblem essentially didn't exist outside Japan until Marth and Roy appeared in SSB, and even once they went international, none of the games sold particularly well outside Japan (and even within Japan, FE sales never quite saw what they did on SNES) until they altered the formula to try to widen the franchise's appeal. When a game franchise known for strategy shifts its direction to include mechanics that take a lot of that strategy away, it's going to anger existing fans, and it only angers them more that these games are selling well.
  11. There does seem to be a lot of elitism on sites like Serenes Forest, though as others have said there are always people like that when you start diving deep into a specific fandom. For example if you are looking for tips on Monster Hunter you'll find a lot of helpful people but there'll also be a few people trying to lord their skills over others. I don't know if there's anything specific about Fire Emblem that draws out these types of people except maybe just that the franchise has historically been pretty challenging (or at least heavily punishes mistakes) so when people think they're good at a game like this they feel the need to let others know about it and deride them for playing on easy or casual.
  12. Definitely. Seen my share as well. Whether it's a gaming community or elsewhere.
  13. You're find elitist assholes in every community, and although it's absolutely true that there's some insufferable pricks on, say, Serenes Forest and the Fire Emblem reddit, most are decent enough.
  14. @Tyranogre and @K Well said. I got into it via the easier modes. The first time I tried a Fire Emblem game, I had my ass handed to me. But I gave it another try some years later and haven't looked back. I'm glad that they've made it more user friendly so that newer users can ease their way in.
  15. There has always been elitist fans in FE; tho, it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be. The comparison between Metroid and FE isn't really fair because the devs didn't change the Metroid games in anyway to make it easier for people to get a 9%-items-reverse-boss-order-speedrun. The core game is still the same and doing a speedrun like that is something probably only 1% of its fanbase can do. FE has changed to include more beginner friendly features so stuff that 100% of its fanbase could already do would become easier.
  16. Is it just me, or does the Fire Emblem fandom seem to be a bit... elitist? Not on this site, thankfully, but in the community at large. Like, fans who look down on other fans just because Awakening was their first game, or because they play on Casual Mode, or because they only play it for the waifus. Perhaps the worst of them are the ones who legitimately believe that the franchise should have died with the DS remakes. Why does there have to be a divide? Why can't people just be allowed to enjoy Fire Emblem in their own way? Casual Mode does nothing more than remove a feature that only serves to scare away potential fans. For me, at least, I almost passed the series up because I didn't like the idea of being so severely punished for a relatively minor mistake. If Zora hadn't convinced me to give the series a fair chance, I never would have played what ended up becoming one of my favorite series. In regards to the "weeaboo-pandering" aspect, people have forgotten that attractive characters have always been one of the series' biggest selling points. A major factor in Nintendo's decision to release the games outside of Japan was because westerners loved playing as Marth and Roy in Melee. Do you ever see Metroid fans talking down to people who can't pull off a 9%-items-reverse-boss-order-speedrun of Super Metroid, or because they started with Prime? No! So why do we see such elitism in the Fire Emblem community?
  17. Lehran's Medallion is a good one. I always liked the idea of it being a dangerous token, and the way characters had to sing to it to keep its power down. And then your understanding of what the medallion really is changes between the two games which is also a clever way of expanding the story and lore of Tellius without betraying the concepts established in PoR.
  18. The Archanean shield would be my favorite for a few reasons. I like its design and its integration into the gameplay of allowing Marth to open chests, plus the whole idea about it being able to seal away dragons if all the orbs are in place is interesting. I also enjoy the fact that it's become a bit of an iconic image for the series similar to Falchion, and how it sort of plays an important role in FE Cipher too, where its orbs are essentially used to represent a player's vitality.
  19. I want to say Grado's Sacred Stone just because I think it's hilarious that the titular Fire Emblem is destroyed in a flashback. Ultimately, out of the games I've played, I think the Shield of Seals fits the title best. I've never played the Tellius games, though, and from what I've seen of them, I feel like Lehran's Medallion would be the next solid contender.
  20. Not your favorite game, but your favorite macguffin called the Fire Emblem.
  21. There was an interview that NintendoEverything translated that GoNintendo posted 2 days ago with the producer and director of the game about a few things. Surprisingly they were thinking of removing Lucina but realized how important she was after talking to Nintendo about it. https://gonintendo.com/stories/287484-fire-emblem-warriors-devs-talk-coliseum-mode-character-choices-a The main parts I'm pointing out are these: - Lissa was given an axe due to a lack of axe characters, and Lissa can use an axe if promoted to War Cleric in other games - Frederick was also given an axe due to the same reasoning as Lissa This makes sense because they can class up to use an axe. The reasoning makes sense a bit since there aren't a lot of units that start out as axe wielders as most units that can eventually use an axe either class changed or switched to a different class chain to be able to. That's why I brought up the Vaike in my other post since he's one of the few characters that start as an axe wielder. These are some characters from Awakening that could fill the base Axe Wielding role (no class ups with one exception) Vaike Basilio Gerome Walhart Priam (Spotpass character) Donnel (the exception) For the Shadow Dragon side at least for the Heroes, Ogma's group has that covered. There are probably some major enemies that uses an axe too. As for Fates on the Birthright side, it's pretty much Rinkah (uses the axe equivalent, clubs) and Scarlet. I now see what they mean by "lack of axe characters." Also, Kellam has been confirmed guys. You just aren't seeing him.
  22. Just for the record, there is a screenshot of the game's convoy floating around which heavily suggests there may not be a weapon type dedicated to shurikens/daggers, and staves don't appear to be a proper weapon in the game either despite there being some kind of healing function Lissa has access to. The other six are still in though, as full-fledged categories of different types of weapons you can use. Going off this, I think they probably aren't going to add anyone like maids or ninjas (unless they try to rework them as sword users?), and anyone in the roster who is known for healing will likely just use another type of weapon for their attacks instead, like Lissa who now specializes in the axe.