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Let's-a go! This is the place for everything related to the Super Mario series, from the Marioverse to the Mario games. All fans are welcome! So whether you're hankering for some Mushroom Kingdom goodness or just want to have a good time, come and join Mario's super club.

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  2. Is it time for the next NSMB game?

    In some weird way I wonder if they would apply the 2D level styles out of SMO to make a New Old SMB game.
  3. Is it time for the next NSMB game?

    I also agree that, while I would be fine with another "New" Mario game, it needs a unifying innovation. One (or several) new power-up is a must, as well as unique level designs. I honestly have been rather worried about the NSMB series after Super Mario Maker came out, as the latter has the undesirable potential aftereffect of devaluing the Mario 2D platformers since anyone can make them. That said, not everyone has expert level design. I would love to see some old series features/assets revived as well, such as Sunshine or SMB2, blending retro and new. I think we'll get a new NSMB on Switch, so I'm hopeful. Super Mario Run is fun but it's no replacement.
  4. Is it time for the next NSMB game?

    It's been a long time since I've played through these games. Pretty much since their releases. I remember the Wii version being my favorite, though I really did appreciate the Wii U game because of the map. With that being said, I wouldn't mind a new entry, or a new series based on the NSMB but I would like either its own style of graphics, or take us to unique places we haven't been before. Also we have Super Mario Run which is pretty much the NSMB game engine.
  5. Yes and no. I'd be happy to see another strictly side-scrolling Mario game—like you said NSMBU was really solid and might even be the highlight of this sub-category of Mario. The "New" brand has kind of stagnated though, and personally I think they'd be better off naming a new side-scrolling Mario something other than NSMB and maybe embrace a more unique art style.
  6. Preamble: I liked NSMB. I liked NSMB Wii, but I'll admit, the graphics and some of the repetitiveness of it kind of wore on me. I liked NSMB 2, and while yeah, I did find it somewhat generic, the 3D made it pretty cool I liked a lot of the concepts tied to the Gold Fire Flower for puzzle solving. NSMBU/LU was pretty darn solid and the only one to really embrace the interconnected world map like SMW. I think that was its most redeeming feature. ************** ************** Real Talk: I think the NSMB moniker needs some re-branding. With some of the efforts in some of the games in the line I think the "N" moniker kind of sets up certain expectations. I mean we did go from Bros. to World to Galaxy .... but only Bros and World are 2D platforming games. It needs 1-2 NEW killer power up designs. I think they were money with the Squirrel one in the last game. And I loved the puzzle solving and strategy elements to the Gold Flower in NSMB2. I think it would be a smart move to take the game outside of the Mushroom Kingdom for a change. Aside from my affinity for going back to the SMB2 world of Subcon/Land of Dreams I think there are some other worlds that Mario can go back to or, why not do something entirely new.
  7. The "new" Dr. Mario title should....

    I liked the "3D" bottle idea. All Dr. Mario 64 really added was 4p mode and story mode.
  8. Your best Super Mario Odyssey memory

    DAMN.... good call on Bowser ...... I 2nd that. Twas GLORIOUS!
  9. Your best Super Mario Odyssey memory

    Definetly the same as you, the New Donk City festival is really hard to beat. The music, the visuals and jus the lighthearted fun of the whole thing really sealed the deal. Other moments are spoilery so marking just in case
  10. The "new" Dr. Mario title should....

    What if Dr. Mario could be 3D somehow, so you can spin the playing field as pills fall down? I honestly didn't like changes like Dr. Luigi, not only because no Mario, but because it was trying to change Dr. Mario on a fundamental level. It's like if you played Puyo Pop and the puyos didn't fall to the bottom if half of one was left hanging. I want to see more music, more characters, more modes, more challenges, and some 3D modes. Games like Dr. Mario 64 and Dr. Mario Rx were huge steps in the right direction. Dr. Mario is an excellent series and I definitely want to see more titles, as well as more Yoshi Cookie, Wrecking Crew, and Yoshi games as well.
  11. Your best Super Mario Odyssey memory

    I haven't gotten to play very much, so my fondest moment is shouting about how OF COURSE the desert has been frozen over because there's an upside-down pyramid that's also a UFO blocking off a giant underground chasm guarded by an ancient Aztec deity. That and hunting down a rabbit prostitute in Jurassic Park have me excited but also dreading to see what more Nintendo has brewed for the new era.
  12. Your best Super Mario Odyssey memory

    The New Donk City festival is a pretty magical moment. The visuals, the music, the trip down memory lane for the Mario franchise—the whole sequence is probably one of the most memorable game moments of 2017, alongside moments like stepping off the Great Plateau in Breath of the Wild, avoiding Jack in the main house in Resident Evil 7, or learning the backstory of Horizon Zero Dawn.
  13. Your best Super Mario Odyssey memory

    Wedding Chapel end game was cool. Ruined Kingdom was so..... And I thought SM64, Metal Mario, and Samurai Mario costumes were super legit to have. Opening up Peach's Castle level. Nearly ever new enemy I tried to capture with Cappy..... Bullet Bills, the Sphinx, and T Rex were my tops though. Frogs get a honorable mention though.
  14. Your best Super Mario Odyssey memory

    That definitely made me stop for like twenty minutes just to groove to it. Can't wait for the OST to arrive in the mail. Here are some other killer official remixes, the latter of which is my favorite remix of the song:
  15. Your best Super Mario Odyssey memory

    The cafe, and hearing that familiar song remixed.
  16. What was the most memorable thing for you about Super Mario Odyssey? I had a lot of trouble thinking about this, as I feel like everything in the game has the potential for being unforgettable nostalgia. I loved when I first arrived at the Mushroom Kingdom and the Moon, but my personal favorite memory is... celebrating the New Donk City festival with mayor Pauline! It was just so exciting and was an homage to all things Mario, both old and new!! Donkey Kong is often overlooked when people celebrate the longevity of the series, and I was beside myself with joy to see Nintendo combine all of these old elements into something thrilling, joyous, and legendary.
  17. Do a Sports Mix and throw Sluggers, Strikers, and Hoops 3-on-3 together
  18. In the Miiverse world I would back it 100%, but in the post-Miiverse world I don't know if it has a place.
  19. Idk, I feel like there's a decent amount of people who picked up the Art Academy game. Sometimes people just want to doodle. I used pictochat for that a lot.
  20. I see what you're getting at with the last one. Something like that would be pretty cool to see but something that extravagant looking would for sure be a limited edition kind of deal no doubt.
  21. Super Mario Land needs some love BADLY! I mean, how is it Daisy is the only character from that game being used these days when neither Tatanga nor Sarasaland and it’s four constituent kingdoms stay stuck in the late 80s? About time we saw Daisy’s home kingdom once again, even though the game is short by today's standards.
  22. In today's environment what niche would Mario Paint fill? I think that is its own issue in coming back.
  23. I really liked Strikers and Sluggers. I often forget that Sluggers also got a sequel on the Wii. Would like to see new entries in those, especially with the lack of any baseball games on any system other than The Show on PS4. Mario Paint. I feel like they missed their mark with the Wii and Wii U. Could make for a 3DS title, but I honestly doubt they will bring that back.
  24. JMO here: Wrecking Crew: This game idea could really use a update to it. The NES game I got on WiiVC was great. I think its core mechanics could definitely be upgraded to a new game for consumption. Yoshi's Cookie: I found this game to be a solid puzzler but I think its SNES incarnation was a good upgrade. A puzzle game like this ought to be brought back as an alternative to Dr. Mario for Mario puzzle game fans. The Mario Bros. game: I think the core concept of a straight maze/platform pattern with enemies of tarrying attacks getting dropped in and you having to kill them would make for a great budget title. And now, with possibly introducing power ups, more kinds of varied enemies, and possibly doing more than just ice freeze slick spots to the platforms I think you could get a solid eShop title out of it.
  25. I really liked Dr. Mario Miracle Cure with the normal mode and the Dr. Luigi alteration to the pills falling down in "structures." I also like the introduction of power ups if you wanted to use them. I wonder if there is some spin Peach or Bowser could put into additional modes for the game? Thoughts that had crossed my mind are.... Adding a 4th color (green?) to the mix for the viruses. Maybe a white or black pill that is neutral to whatever it gets attached to so it would work for any color. Maybe in a Dr. Bowser mode, he put in his own mutant strain of green viruses and they have to be cleared twice to actually get eliminated?
  26. If you had Cappy, who (or what) would you capture?

    Its so open ended to what I could do.... I wouldn't know where to start.