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  2. Deku Link Cosplay - A Work in Progress

    Oh. Btw I finally finished. Head weighs 18.6 lbs I wish the hat was a bit longer, but oh well. Out of fabric and time basically. Also here's the first head I was working on back in the winter for comparison.
  3. Deku Link Cosplay - A Work in Progress

    The eyes are the window to the soul... I also used a sealer on the hair to keep the grass from deteriorating further, however it made it glossy, so I mixed some paint to match the colour the best I could and went over it giving it flat finish.
  4. Deku Link Cosplay - A Work in Progress

    More pictures! I think I'm on track to finish by this weekend. Paint is drying in this pic, it won't be a glossy finish when it's done. Here's my belt and tunic skirt with all its accessories:
  5. Deku Link Cosplay - A Work in Progress

    Weekend progress: Added snout and see-through screen: Then I wrapped the whole thing in burlap to give it some texture: I then sealed it with Modge Podge to hold it in place and make it not sponge up paint. I made a couple holsters for my parasols: Probably going to paint them to look like logs... And took some dollar-store foam kneepads and added them to the boots (no final product pics unfortunately) to make the toes bigger: Also not pictured: I made a cellphone holder and a wallet holder that also go on my belt. I just used craft foam painted brown to give it a leather look.
  6. Deku Link Cosplay - A Work in Progress

    Added an in-head fan with an external On/Off switch
  7. Deku Link Cosplay - A Work in Progress

    Here's a few headshots so so I took the styrofoam frame I made earlier, then covered it in an eva foam slip cover and glued it all up and covered it in sealer. Next step, wrapping it in burlap to add some texture, but to also manipulate the foam into a better sphere, eliminating some bumps and warps. I'm hoping the burlap, when painted, will give it a more wooden, natural texture look.
  8. Deku Link Cosplay - A Work in Progress

    Alright, so here's a video of the new parasols in action
  9. Deku Link Cosplay - A Work in Progress

    Well, thank you fucking humidity. Good thing I waited on making the second parasol because I decided to see how the first held up under long-term closure. Went to open it Saturday. Stuck. Like practically glued to itself. Maybe I fucked up the textile medium, maybe it was just too much paint, maybe it was the heat and humidity. Whatever it was, that parasol was fucked beyond use. So I cut everything off the umbrella frame, which need some repair itself from all this, and set it aside. Then I went to work on the head, and the pieces I cut out weren't fitting right so, defeated, I gave up and had a nap. Woke up, hit up the fabric store, bought some pink fabric, went home, and sewed my own umbrella panels. Attached it to the frame. Tested it's deploying capabilities and success! Added a touch of paint (mixed with a little more textile medium) and was back on track. Made the entire second one as well. They're just drying now. They're not as vibrant a before, but I'm still fairly happy with the results. The head still troubles me...
  10. Deku Link Cosplay - A Work in Progress

    Fiancee had an old, groddy pair of Uggs kicking around. I told her they weren't practical winter boots for Canada... but luckily for me she kept them (despite having replaced them) A little paint, and little textile medium, and voila! I have a pair of boots.
  11. Deku Link Cosplay - A Work in Progress

    Made my first pieces of EVA armour! Link's bracers are done. Basic. But pretty happy with them!
  12. Deku Link Cosplay - A Work in Progress

    Heat sealed first parasol. Moment of truth:
  13. I'm just going to do an image dump for now.
  14. I am NOT making this thread from scratch again. First off, my photobucket account: http://s1227.beta.photobucket.com/user/ehsteve12/library/Legend%20of%20Zelda%20Collection And YouTube for videos of some replicas: http://www.youtube.com/user/sp4life69 All replicas (except for the Ocarina) I made myself. All boxes have games in them (previously I had pics of games outside of boxes) GAMES: SPECIAL GAMES/DEMOS: SYSTEMS AND GAME ACCESSORIES/CASES: GUIDES/BOOKS/MANGA/SOUNDTRACKS: FIGURINES/AMIIBOS/PLUSHIES: MISCELLANEOUS: Zelda Monopoly (Collector's Edition): FIRST4FIGURES STATUES: REPLICAS: Unrelated, Piranha Plant I made: