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  2. Solo completed. As well as every level with Hero Shot and Dualies.
  3. Salmon Run Meet Ups

    I fucking LOVE Salmon Run
  4. I completely missed it. But put a few proper hours of gaming today
  5. Glad to see Team Flight won! Seemed like most matches were the factions against each other and not doubled up on each other.
  6. The returning Sloshing Machine weapon will be available tonight. It will come with the Autobomb for the sub and the Sting Ray for the special...
  7. All weapon buffs, eh? I'm glad the Sploosh-o-matic is getting a little boost, and I'm really glad some of the Salmon Run weapons are being adjusted because they don't always suit the gameplay of that mode.
  8. Interesting that you can shutdown the special when an opponent uses it by shooting it, kind of like the Baller. Though even the distraction of shooting at the bubbles may be enough to give you the upper hand on an enemy.
  9. It's like they saw my post the other day complaining about no new stages. Manta Maria looks okay, kind of reminds me of Hammerhead Bridge but a better, wider version of it. And I'm really glad they're adding another Salmon Run stage. I was playing a bit this weekend and realized how repetitive it's gotten with just two stages.
  10. Version 1.2.0 will be available in NA later tonight (I believe this already out in some parts of the world). Here's what's been add with this update... Link: https://gonintendo.com/stories/288144-splatoon-2-version-1-2-0-available-full-patch-notes
  11. The new weapon the Bubble Blower will be available 9/2. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBQMfvJaXTI
  12. The new stages Manta Marina and Lost Outpost (Salmon Run) will be available 8/26 - 8/23 Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBQMfvJaXTI More pics:
  13. Do we have many charger users here? The Classic Squiffer was released on Friday: So we've been getting new weapons (I mean, "new," since many of these are from the first game) each Friday, but I think we're overdue for getting a new stage. Splatoon 2 started out with a lot more content than Splatoon had at launch but they still need to spice up the stage rotation soon.
  14. I meant solo as in the campaign
  15. Yup that's right, re-rolling abilities and adding slots to gear that only has one or two. Last Splatfest I played entirely solo (since most people here were team ketchup) though the first Splatfest from before the game's launch I played a lot as a team. It's essentially the same; teams might be better coordinated but you're not missing anything by only playing individual or team.
  16. Are the snails used to re-roll skills on gear still? I've only been playing solo..
  17. I'm not going to be able to play that weekend but I think I'll join team flight. Just seems like it'd be more fun than invisibility. Pretty much the same, super sea snails are still the reward, though the losing team gets more snails than before–you're only missing out on three snails at most compared to six in the first game. There's also a Splatfest exclusive stage called Shifty Station that is slightly different for each Splatfest. And you can either play individually (and group up with other random players) or as a team (and fight other teams). Individual and team win rates are separate tallies for the final score.
  18. Invisibility. Hopefully I can participate on this one. Are they much different than before? What are the rewards?
  19. Not sure how much I'll get to play since I might be busy that weekend. Anyway...I'm going with Team Invisibility. While the power of flight may be more convenient, having the power invisibility, you can get away with a lot of stuff that you probably shouldn't be doing in the first place. LOL! ....Ehhh...Not that I'd ever do that.
  20. Anyone want to play Salmon Run tonight? Or use this thread to coordinate other nights? I will be doing randoms for awhile.
  21. The new stage Shifty Station, which is set in a nightly Octerian world, is being added to the game, but it will be exclusive to Splatfests as a part of the 3 stage rotation. Also, It's layout will change every Splatfest. Hopefully, this will get added to the regular rotation once Splatfests end. It'd be cool to have a stage in the rotation that has its layout change every time you play it (kinda like the Excitebike track in Mario Kart 8).
  22. Coming from the JPN Splatoon account on Twitter...The new Dualie Squelcher weapon is being added to the game later tonight. This weapon will come with the Point Sensor as the Sub and the Tenta Missiles as the special. I really like the idea of taking existing weapons and making them dualies. I'm really looking forward to trying these out, since I'm loving the Splat Dualies.
  23. What stages from the first game do you want to see return in Splatoon 2? For me I want to see... Ancho-V Games Saltspray Rig (quite possibly the best stage in Splatoon) Balackbelly Skatepark Museum D'Alfonsino Urchin Under pass (I feel The Reef is the new version of this stage, so I doubt it would return) Flounder Heights