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The place where the freshest squid kids gather for all things Splatoon

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  2. Do we have many charger users here? The Classic Squiffer was released on Friday: So we've been getting new weapons (I mean, "new," since many of these are from the first game) each Friday, but I think we're overdue for getting a new stage. Splatoon 2 started out with a lot more content than Splatoon had at launch but they still need to spice up the stage rotation soon.
  3. Yup that's right, re-rolling abilities and adding slots to gear that only has one or two. Last Splatfest I played entirely solo (since most people here were team ketchup) though the first Splatfest from before the game's launch I played a lot as a team. It's essentially the same; teams might be better coordinated but you're not missing anything by only playing individual or team.
  4. Are the snails used to re-roll skills on gear still? I've only been playing solo..
  5. I'm not going to be able to play that weekend but I think I'll join team flight. Just seems like it'd be more fun than invisibility. Pretty much the same, super sea snails are still the reward, though the losing team gets more snails than before–you're only missing out on three snails at most compared to six in the first game. There's also a Splatfest exclusive stage called Shifty Station that is slightly different for each Splatfest. And you can either play individually (and group up with other random players) or as a team (and fight other teams). Individual and team win rates are separate tallies for the final score.
  6. Invisibility. Hopefully I can participate on this one. Are they much different than before? What are the rewards?
  7. Not sure how much I'll get to play since I might be busy that weekend. Anyway...I'm going with Team Invisibility. While the power of flight may be more convenient, having the power invisibility, you can get away with a lot of stuff that you probably shouldn't be doing in the first place. LOL! ....Ehhh...Not that I'd ever do that.
  8. I would love if it was like zelda's aiming system. motion controls only controlling vertical aim was really strange. I also kinda wish that we could remap buttons.so many times I hit the map button to try and jump.
  9. I really wish there was hybrid motion/stick aiming like the bow in Zelda. I hate the binary way it is now.
  10. Nope. On the re-ship the gave slow instead of slow-as-shit. That was it.
  11. Man, I hope Amazon at least comped you a little something after all that. Glad you got it sorted out eventually.
  12. Welcome to the club and the game. Enjoy the sights and sound of ink splattering everywhere!
  13. Seems like the Splatbrella's main advantage will be blocking low mobility opponents like Chargers and Splatlings. I imagine high mobility opponents, especially Dualies, won't have much of a problem against them. Based on the handful of single-player levels with the Splatbrella I don't think I'll be using it much in multiplayer. Its abilities are just too odd for me.
  14. The Splatbrella will be available in multiplayer tonight at the regular 10 PM EST time. I'm interested to see how people will use this in multiplayer compared to the singleplayer. I just hope it doesn't become supper annoying with people constantly blocking your shots.
  15. I still need to jump into this game, I already have the Switch App so I can start getting some of these things. My bro already got it, I've just been trying to play through some of my other games first.
  16. Not sure if this is all entirely new gear (I think just new color variants), but the Summer Vacation Collection is coming to SplatNet 2. It will be available from 8/11 - 8/16. If you haven't downloaded the Switch Online app yet, you really should. Especially, for the, exclusive SplatNet 2 gear!
  17. Because of working this weekend I wasn't able/didn't have the will to play in the splatfest. At least I was on the winning team. Go team!!
  18. So is Marina's team going to be overwhelmingly more popular every Splatfest, do you think? I'm glad Mayo won, and to be honest I'm surprised the win rates were as close as they are 'cause I fought a lot of terrible Ketchup teams.
  19. Team Mayo won? Mustve been all the ketchup vs ketchup fighting......
  20. Well, It doesn't look like I'm going to make the King rank (at Champion now). I was busy all day (got 1/2 through Defender last night), I keep getting DC'd up the ass (even after the results) and then getting 5 mins soft-banned for DCing. You should't get soft-banned for being DCing when it's not your fault. >_> Apparently, I'm not the only one getting DC's, which is nice to know. Also, I keep getting put on shit teams where nobody responds when I call for help to protect the base and not to mention I'm always first on the team. I did't have this issue in the Wii U game. Splatoon 2 has a noob infestation! This pretty much sums up this Splatfest for me...
  21. Good news: the Sploosh-o-matic is as good as I remember it. With a Swim Speed Up ability it's perfect for swimming circles around opponents and splatting them before they know what hit 'em. And the curling bomb works really well with it when you need to penetrate enemy territory to get up close.
  22. Team Mayo is doing pretty well from my perspective. Made it to queen rank with only a couple of losses. Although we're definitely not the more popular team; I haven't had any trouble finding a match. Also I like that Salmon Run was still open this morning. It's good to take a break from the Splatfest and I like to imagine both teams coming together to splat salmon.
  23. Even though I like mayo, I'm going with ketchup. It goes with more foods than mayo. Which team will you be joining?
  24. Coming from the JPN Splatoon account on Twitter...The new Dualie Squelcher weapon is being added to the game later tonight. This weapon will come with the Point Sensor as the Sub and the Tenta Missiles as the special. I really like the idea of taking existing weapons and making them dualies. I'm really looking forward to trying these out, since I'm loving the Splat Dualies.