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  2. If Meta Rildey is the start, I'm interested to see where F4F goes from here with Metroid's villains. I would think a Kraid and Metroid Prime statue are obvious choices going forward. If I had a girlfriend of a few years that was really into Ridley or general Metroid, I would consider getting this as a gift. Me personally I'm not $600 into Meta Ridley, but for those that are I hope that they can get their hands on this statue.
  3. Okay, now that the rest is shown... I'm surprisingly more considering of getting this now than I previously thought. Glad that both versions of the figure have the wing membranes glow in the dark. And what's more, both the standard and exclusive edition are $599.99. That's much less than I imagined. They were going to be a lot more expensive, but the guys at F4F figured to lower the price as much as possible so that more Metroid fans and collectors could purchase the figures. It's up for pre-order like a week or so, but whether I end up getting one or not, I appreciate this gesture.
  4. Coming back to this again a year later... The rest of Meta Ridley has finally been revealed. He is stated to be the first in the "Metroid villains line", and that Metroid is open season now. Will be up for pre-order next Friday, with the prices and everything being revealed by then during their Q&A. I'll still consider getting the figure depending on things, but being honest I'm not really as invested in it now as I was a few/couple years ago or had it been released earlier. If this was still before Smash Ultimate or Ridley's reveal in it, I think I'd be more excited for this, but I pretty much just got my Ridley amiibo not too long ago which I still haven't even gotten around to unboxing yet, and finally seeing this now, I don't know. The prices will determine any remaining feelings on this but regardless, I think an alternate Meta Ridley amiibo somewhere down the line would be more reasonable for some at this point. Hope the figure does well in sales though, since F4F will just go back to doing only Samus if it doesn't as aforementioned.
  5. The trend of the last two Prime games leads me to think that there will be a good amount of customization present in Metroid Prime 4. Metroid Prime 3 got the ball rolling with ship customization and then Federation Force had various MODS and armor looks for the Mechs, much like what Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey ended up having for Link and Mario respectively the next year. The problem with Federation Force is that its paint job customization wasn't balanced with anything other than the Bounty Hunter skin feeling like a drastic downgrade. Unless the Ridley and Dark Samus amiibo add more specialized paint jobs, only 3 of the game's 28 paint jobs have any impact on the gameplay and only 2 of those 3 really have any use in solo play. Prime 4 could take some ideas from Federation Force's list for alternative suit appearances and go further by adding gameplay impacting attributes. Heater for instance would raise the damage done by the Plasma Beam, Special Ops could give Samus a cloak while Morph Ball is active, Fighter Jet could add an extra jump, Whiteout can increase the speed and damage of her Ice Beam, King Cobra could give more strength and damage to her Grapple Lasso...If various suit looks are available, they need to add more to the game than just another look. MODS would also be a big opportunity for Prime 4 to take advantage of and can come in more physical form alterations like you mentioned with the Gravity Boost and Hazard Shield. Federation Force's Fire, Ice and Shock Bombs can turn the Morph Ball's green core to Orange, White and Magenta respectively to indicate the specific MOD. The Fuel Injector MOD would open up the end of the arm cannon a bit (similar to Missiles) when the Plasma Beam is active to give an indication that the Plasma Beam has gained a spread. Samus's helmet can gain a gas mask look to it if she equips the MOD Sealed Joints. There is a lot available for Prime 4's developers to consider.
  6. After how Nintendo's proudly added some level of customization with Mario in Odyssey with all the costumes and Link in BotW, should options for changing the aesthetic of Samus or her power suit and/or her gunship be present in MP4 or some other game and if so, how? One possible problem admittedly is how color-coded the suits are (gravity suit identified as purple, etc), but like BotW, each armor set expansion of the power suit could have different colorations depending on the dye you put on them, but instead the "dyes" are different suit attributes. Orange would be Varia, Purple would be Gravity, etc. Maybe they could drop the suit's being color coded even, like how in Prime 2, the gravity upgrade was just an add on to the Dark Suit or like the Hazard Shield in Prime 3. If the game is still an FPS though, you won't see your customized Samus much outside of cutscenes and elevator loading times, but a customization system could still be cool if done right. Some may understandably still just prefer the iconicness of the suit's default color schemes at the end of the day, but something to think about or consider.
  7. With some fans speculating that Metroid Prime 4 will appear at the Game Awards, what are your expectations for the game when it is first shown and what are you hoping for from the final product? When do you think the game will release and does a later release date impact your expectations for Prime 4? I currently expect to see Metroid Prime 4 fill up that December release for 2019 as I expect Pokemon to be their big November release. Ideally, I would've wanted to see Metroid Prime 4 release around the anniversary of Prime 1, but I think December would be a good fit given the month has been used for big Switch titles already like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. If Prime 4 slips to 2020, the later in the year it releases the more I would want a multiplayer experience to be present. Multiplayer to me is the main reason why the game could end up in 2020, but I'm not really anticipating a full fledged multiplayer experience out of Metroid Prime 4. I would like to be wrong though and it is something I would like to see happen again in both a cooperative and competitive fashion.
  8. Didn't have too much left to say at the time after the last posts here, but now that there's been somewhat more of an update, through a friend I know whose part of some F4F forums/group somewhere... Wasn't aware of it initially, but F4F was only given the official license for the Prime sub-series, which is why you never see them do material for anything Metroid outside of Prime... Would explain a lot, though they did say if they could later get the license for all of Metroid, they'd do stuff of Super Metroid, etc. I'd entertain even the likes of Kraid if it came to that. Secondly, continuing from what was mentioned before about them doing more figures of other bosses and enemies if Meta Ridley does well (Dark Samus was apparently tease mentioned as an example), apparently the alternative is that if Ridley doesn't do too well, then they would just go back to doing figures of Samus suits and maybe something like a life-sized Metroid... That would be unfortunate, since apart from the Dark Suit in MP2 and the P.E.D. Suit in MP3, they've already done figures of the whole library of Samus's suit variants, along with the Prime series gunship. Even with just the Prime sub-series alone to work with (MPH and everything included, not just the Trilogy), there would still be plenty to do in the long run outside of Samus, so I hope it doesn't come to that, whether I end up getting one of the Meta Ridley's or not. Other than that, a size/scale comparison for all of F4F's upcoming stuff was also posted... On the left is Prime 3 Samus Varia Suit, and all the way on the right is OG Prime Samus Varia, I believe, and what looks like Breath of the Wild material next to Meta Ridley. That's all for now I guess, but yeah.
  9. I forgot about the Trace statue. Looking at the base for the prototype image, it looks like he's on Alinos; an added detail I would've loved given how good of a choice he is for areas like Alinos Perch and Alinos Gateway. If F4F were to revisit Trace today though, he would have less to work with in terms of LED use which is a design choice they seem to be pushing right now for their Metroid figures. Kanden would be benefitted by their current direction. I would love to see such a figure with that radiating glow that the hunter has. Sylux or Spire would be the most impressive of the bunch between the former's neon green line work and the latter's crystal formations. Give me a reasonable window between them and I would be willing to drop around $400 for each figure. I do hope that the Meta Ridley statue does well just to see what Metroid bosses or creatures they decide to work with down the line. I think that the Queen Metroid, based on Samus Returns, would be a very ambitious choice for them while still allowing them to push LED work. It would be an Omega Cannon to one's wallet, but it would be nice to see. The idea of an adult Sheegoth from Prime has been popping into my head too, and should be more affordable. The LED work would come into the eyes and the crystals on its back. I think it could be impressive even if it's not as ambitious of a choice. As one of my favorite creatures in Metroid, I would consider thinking about it and I could see an adult Sheegoth being below $500 even with LED work.
  10. It feels crazy to think now that anything by F4F was once in the $250 range. How times have changed... They've certainly gotten more ambitious, though I wonder if making bigger figures with much bigger production costs has paid off, or if they sold more overall when they were still cheaper. Ah well... Looking back, I still like the Trace figure the best out of the MPH ones they showed, but the Kanden one never getting final approval and released is disturbingly odd. Same could happen to the Meta Ridley for all I know... Assuming it still gets released, I hope Meta Ridley sells well (whether I end up getting it or not depending on price range), as it was mentioned that other Metroid bosses and creatures would have figures made if it does well. Something outside of Prime for once would be nice though. I don't even blame those who would've rather had the Ridley figure be the classic Super Metroid incarnation or something as opposed to Meta Ridley, excited as I am to see the final product. If they had first conceptualized doing a Ridley figure after Samus Returns, seeing them do a fig of the new half cybernetic form in MSR would've been a good change of scenery, but the Meta form is more of a staple, so I guess they would've went with that anyway. Back to the MPH hunters, out of them, Sylux would make the most use of F4F's style of lighting with all the neon green, so I'd definitely get behind seeing a fig of him. Although Weavel's still one of my fan favorites, I feel an F4F figure of Noxus or Spire would probably be more interesting to look at with design details, but unless they make any future appearances, Sylux seems the only one to realistically hope for at the moment. Same with like amiibos.
  11. I check out F4F from time to time, but in general they're not making figures I would be interested in or are out of my price range. Many of their figures now are much bigger than when they started out from what I recall, and the price has gone up with that trend. I own the Prime Gunship, which I would imagine would easily reach $1000 if it were made by them today with their scaling up now. That cost me around ~$250 I think when I got it. $250 is probably my cut off as far as collectible figures go even for products as detailed and accurate as F4F has been making. I would only really consider paying their current pricing if they were to release one of the MPH bounty hunters. Speaking of which, I got the Prime Gunship because nothing else was available that was referencing what I grew fond of in MPH, and I wasn't able to find this Kanden figure at all. Researching it now, I don't believe they even made the Kanden figure, which was the figure that initially got me to check out F4F. By the time I had more of an interest in Samus Aran's character, the Other M figmas were rolling out and they were a more affordable, adequately detailed option. Additionally, just like the Prime Gunship being labeled as from the first Prime, the game labeling for the Varia Suit Samus I would want would just call back to Echoes or Corruption. While I know the suit is also in MPH, it just doesn't feel as satisfying as it could be. Like I said though, if there's ever a possibility of one of the MPH bounty hunters, I would look more into F4F as a potential buyer. With Metroid Prime 4 on the horizon, Sylux could become a future figure. I just have to hope that the figure pricing won't be too astronomical and that the design in Prime 4 has plenty of nostalgia for those who made Sylux their Hunter Of Choice in MPH. Not saying the game hinges on that nostalgia, just that a ~$400-500 figure would.
  12. R.I.P. wallet... One of the first things I had to say and possibly accept going into 2018. Still don't know for sure 100% if I'm getting yet, but I suspect it'll be finished and released sometime late this year or 2019. This can also serve as a general thread for First 4 Figures I suppose, given its history with Metroid which it started out with and first became known for. i.e. Post anything you own related to F4F here.
  13. Good video I found under recommend related to the topic that was just uploaded today. Samus needs us indeed, and while I'm indeed excited for tomorrow, am equally worried, knowing that Samus is on thin ice as Arlo quite well put it. If MSR underperforms, I'll accept 2D Metroid dying and never coming back since it got a fair chance again, but I hope for the best. The best we can do for the most part is get the game on day 1 which many of us are and let things run their course. Maybe try and convince others to get the game to some degree (and within reason), but beyond that, not too much else... Well there is the #OperationSamusReturns movement on Twitter, which I've contributed to some degree, and hope it succeeds in its goal (ensuring that the game sales while expanding the Metroid fanbase as a whole).
  14. Fair enough. Yeah, not expecting an FE Awakening kind of explosion with a new Metroid title or anything, though would be nice. As a sci-fi Metroid just doesn't have the kind of appeal in Japan that it does in the West, despite efforts to change that with certain games which backfired. At the very least I would hope there's not another 5+ year hiatus. The first one I can give a pass since there were originally no plans to continue after Super Metroid which was initially meant to be the end of the series, but popularity eventually brought it back after the 64 era in early 2000's. The 2nd hiatus can be mostly blamed on Other M's failure and the kind of amount of vitriol it got, which understandably left them unsure of what to do with the series for awhile afterward. Federation Force was more of an outlier, an odd one at that. After the drought following Other M, fans just wanted another game that was a return to form. FF not only wasn't that, but an outlandish spinoff no one asked for, though I reckon it would've been better received had it been revealed and released at a different time, even if I remained disinterested in it as I already had. I had no problem with people liking the game, but some of the defending and apologism it got from certain Nintendo fans I could not take seriously. I mean yeah, others going as far as to make or sign petitions to cancel the game was too extreme, but I just voted with my wallet by not getting the game. I'm glad FF didn't succeed since that would've set the precedent that we all wanted more of that, which in turn could've ended Metroid as we knew it forever. Of all the ideas too for a game to bridge the gap between Prime 3 and 4, odd that they went with FF. A Sylux game (assuming it had Prime/MPH's traditional art style and not FF's with all the chibi) or anything else literally would've garnered more interest. The Federation was already fleshed out enough as it was, and to be honest they're a more boring part or faction within the Metroid universe, at least to me which I guess was another reason FF didn't interest me. I really wanted to like it, but I couldn't. edit: My experience with the Blast Ball demo also did nothing for me other than confirming the mode to be a slower, much more dull version of Rocket League. Ironically, with the Samus themed vehicle reveal, will be getting reinvested in that game at some point on the Switch. But yeah, to make Metroid more mainstream, they would undoubtedly have to make some sacrificial changes, which could kill what people loved about the series to begin with. It's fine as a niche/cult following franchise. This also prevents overexposure, so for the most part when a new game happens, it still feels fresh enough to get invested into compared to Mario spinoff # ____.
  15. You say that like another Mega Man is actually in the cards I don't think Super and Fusion need remakes. Both are still perfectly playable now. In my opinion, Metroid II needed the update more than any game in the series, so I think it was the right call to bring Mercury Steam away from Fusion. Going forward, Prime 4 is worth getting excited for, but I want nothing more than a 2D sequel to Fusion. Metroid has always underperformed when compared to Mario and Zelda, but its fans are dedicated. Nintendo has had a history of bringing it back once every seven years or so regardless of sales, so I don't think even good sales will send the message that we want more of it. I certainly don't expect a breakout hit like Fire Emblem Awakening that reinvents the series and brings in the mainstream market. That won't happen without some very divisive risktaking, and given the blowback against Other M and Fed Force, I don't think even Nintendo could conceive of that as a good idea right now.
  16. This has vexed me ever since fans first started asking for Prime 4. After all, where can the story go now that there's no Phazon? Unless there's some serious retconning going on, that's how it'll have to stay. I always thought that if Prime 4 were to exist, the Prime subtitle would come to mean a designation of gameplay style, rather than necessarily continuing story elements in the original trilogy. That said, I don't want them to bring back Phazon, and I don't want them to invent a similar substance. It's enough for me that it uses the same gameplay style. After all, Hunters had nothing at all to do with Phazon, and yet it bore the Prime subtitle and was a ton of fun.
  17. From the looks of things all the way up to this point, I don't think Samus Returns will underperform in sales (despite the amiibo controversy and the fact some still haven't moved on from Nintendo shutting down AM2R), but if it somehow were to, would be fair enough for 2D Metroid to end after that, which it hasn't had a previous entry since Zero Mission... in 2004. My main concern or question for the 2D series, is where to go after we're past MSR. Assuming it sells well enough and that eventual remakes for Super and Fusion would be saved for some years later like the Metroid II remake was, a Fusion sequel would have to happen, you would think, but I don't know; we could end up getting something else new from 2D for all we know. I'm fine with whatever new idea regardless of timeline placement or whatever if it produces another good game, but when a Fusion sequel has been kinda asked for since 2002... Agreed on Prime 4. Just hope it sells more than the previous sequels did at least. Prime 2 and 3 (despite the latter being on the Wii) sold less on their own than the 1st Prime, so MP4 needs to be kind of a game-changer as far as that, where it sells either as much as or more than MP1. I still consider MP1's success an accomplishment when it was on the Gamecube, an underselling system, but it's time for a new Metroid to finally pass that up in sales for the series to have a promising future. Part of me's still surprised at how Super Metroid didn't apparently sell even as much as the original, but with how Super impacted gaming as a whole, it's still considered a success despite sales numbers in the grand scheme of things. All and all though, at the end of the day, the series needs to have enough fans to put their money where their mouth is. Any future requests for another Metroid won't mean shit if the new chance it's been given (with MSR and MP4) isn't met with good money/sales. Regarding the thread you recently made for AM2R, I've loved the game far as what I've seen of bits & pieces of others' playthroughs, but didn't get the chance to download it myself before Nintendo did the cease and desist order. I have the same kind of laptop as you do (though I'd need to get another little somethin' to be able to hook up an external xbox controller or something to play it on), so I think what I have would be able to handle the game if you were to send me a download link. If you're able to send me the files you have for AM2R through PM's, that would be much appreciated and I would eventually get to playing it someday, though may put it off for awhile like you did at first. With just a few days away now, I'm very excited for MRS and hope you all enjoy it, though until then I'm currently trying to stay away from further exposure of it to avoid potential spoilers. Also let me know how you like the Fusion mode sometime, in the event that I'm still not able to find the Metroid amiibo needed to play it.
  18. 2 weeks out from Metroid Samus Returns, a little over a week ago, I really started getting very hyped for the upcoming release. Now I'm definitely trying to avoid any kind of spoilers, and I personally have not seen much beyond the initial announcement trailer. I did decide that before I get my hands on Metroid Samus Returns this Friday I would complete AM2R, Another Metroid 2 Remake. Goal was accomplished a couple of days ago, and I've got to say that AM2R is definitely one of the better Metroid experiences I've had. AM2R has been on my laptop since its release, but I only played a couple of hours of the game before I moved on to play through Metroid Prime Federation Force. I'll say this now, I prefer this fan project to Federation Force...Most of the problems I have with AM2R are very minor. I did occasionally have performance issues in a few of the deeper regions of SR388 which thankfully were brief. If AM2R had cleared a release on the eShop through a deal with Nintendo, I'm sure those performance issues would have been non-existent...or for that matter a better laptop would have likely had the game running smoothly through its entirety. Other than those brief slowdowns, AM2R outclassed Federation Force: gameplay, environmental design, enemy design, boss design, sound design, visual design and possibly even lore. I say possibly lore with some bias towards Federation Force, as it clearly is building up for Sylux to have an epic return in Metroid Prime 4 with the events that play out over the game's 22 missions. I'm also not particularly into the Chozo race, and find myself much more intrigued with the Alimbics and even the Luminoth. Having said that, AM2R had me more invested into the Chozo than I think I have ever been in a Metroid experience. The only exception may be Super Metroid. What I enjoyed, and what typically doesn't get displayed too much in the series, is the technological prowess of the Chozo being emphasized on SR388 and that prowess being highlighted in a number of ways. The best in my opinion were the quick travel tubes that were stationed in the planet's water region, as it opened up the world to further exploration with a better equipped Samus Aran without the need to navigate back through the main tunnel. Unlike the original game, I really appreciated that AM2R showcased what occurred to the Galactic Federation research and rescue teams dispatched to SR388 that were referenced in the classic's manual. It was a nice touch and helped offer more perspective to the mission. The Metroids certainly benefitted from their inclusion and demise, helping to truly elevate their threat to the galaxy...The biggest winner being the Omega Metroids. Metroid IIs' Omega Metroids and Metroid Fusion's Omega Metroid are no where near as vicious as what AM2R offers up for Omega Metroid encounters. To introduce the Omega Metroid evolution by having it slice through four Federation commandos was really perfect and as the player, even as a well equipped Samus Aran, it definitely had me anxious to battle the beast. In general, AM2R raised the bar with its take on the Metroid evolutions. Much like in Metroid II, I felt like each encounter with an evolution above Alpha stage was its own mini-boss. The difference between the two is that AM2R added more believability, lethality and difficulty to those encounters by expanding the abilities of those evolutions. Nothing felt added just to be added in; the new abilities felt sensible for each evolution. The Gamma Metroid's new ability to catch Samus in an electrifying vice grip or the Omega Metroid's ability to knock back Samus with a miniature, localized quake are both examples that added more personality and intensity into the atmosphere of each new Metroid encounter. Going through AM2R has done the job; I'm more hyped for the 15th. It gave me an excellent "Zero Mission" styled remake of Metroid II, so I'm now ready for the remake of Metroid II that looks to be trying to evolve the gameplay of 2D Metroid. My hope is that Metroid Samus Returns builds on the lore and viciousness of SR388 just as AM2R did, and from what I've seen, I do think the final product will succeed at that in its own way. To rank AM2R next to Nintendo's own Metroid titles, I would say it is in my Top 5. In my opinion, if it weren't for some brief slowdowns, it would be a solid 3rd favorite, but I think I would put it just a hair off of Metroid Prime as my 4th favorite Metroid experience. I do still think Super Metroid is the best 2D Metroid. The gap is a lot smaller now though, and may get even smaller Friday. Who here has had the chance to experience AM2R? What were your thoughts on the game? Dislikes? Favorite moments? What did you think of the Metroid evolutions and the lore expansion provided in the remake? Final Boss impressions? Opinions on the Fusion and Super Metroid references?
  19. Massive disdain for Federation Force, uproar over the AM2R shutdown after its release, announcement of two Metroid games at E3, Metroid Samus Returns receives very positive feedback, collector's edition and amiibo coming and special edition Samus New 3DS XL on the way...Add in that most of the diehard fans feel like they haven't had a true Metroid game for a decade, I think all things considered Nintendo should expect no less than 1.5 million for the game before the end of the fiscal year with MSR becoming the top selling Metroid game shortly after. Metroid has gotten a lot of noise coming from its fans, so it's time to see if the money is there...First up looks to be a 2D Metroid game that could have the chance to be the best yet. I've not seen anything particularly bad about Metroid Samus Returns other than it could've looked a bit better being so late in the 3DS's life; however, the gameplay for the title looks solid and true to the series' roots. It looks like a Metroid release that has been asked for since all the Other M fallout. If sales don't meet Nintendo's expectations, I think it is fair for them to end 2D Metroid. I also think, depending on how Prime 4 looks and how it plays, that Prime 4 should be used to determine whether first person/3D Metroid is viable. Money has to back all of the talk now.
  20. Update: Seems Sakamoto would rather take on something new for the series in the future following Samus Returns. https://shinesparkers.net/yoshio-sakamoto-looks-to-the-future-of-metroid-after-samus-returns/ ... So I guess we won't be seeing remakes of Super or Fusion anytime soon like I previously thought possible. Fusion sequel/Metroid V please!
  21. Honestly, I'd love to see 2D and 3D. The Metroid Prime series did well, and 4's coming out soon, and there's still love for the 2D games. I think Metroid has done both styles well, and as well as Zelda and Mario. Sonic and Kirby are simply better 2D, with Sonic doing a lot better with Mania out, and it seems Kirby will never get out into 3D, but I'm fine with that since the puffball's games are still wonderful anyways. I can't imagine a 2D Starfox, and Donkey Kong is fine 2D right now. There's no rush for a 3D platform collectathon right now, and YL is doing decent with that void. Mega Man and Mega Man X should stay far away from 3D. X7 was never pretty.
  22. I'm somewhere in between honestly. Mostly nervous or fearful if anything, but it mainly depends on what the expected sales projections for Samus Returns are (which we don't really know) that may or may not determine whether more 2D games should get made. The real question though is, where do we go next now that we have the Metroid II remake? A Fusion sequel remains up in the air like it has since 2002, but beyond that I can only think of maybe similar styled remakes for Super Metroid and Fusion. Mind you, Super is still more or less perfect for what it was, so a remake for it wouldn't be necessary in the same vein that a remake of Metroid I and II was. However, Super kind of already was a remake of the original before Zero Mission came along, so you could maybe justify a Super remake in a way? I don't know, but I think Fusion could use the remake touch more. Only recently learned of this, but apparently Mercury Steam pitched for the idea of a Fusion remake before they were brought in to do Samus Returns. https://shinesparkers.net/mercurysteam-originally-pitched-metroid-fusion-remake/ So I guess my question is, should more remakes (in this case of Super and Fusion) happen, or would anymore remakes beyond Metroid II/Samus Returns just be milking it? I don't want anymore remakes than we really need, but if they still shy away from doing a Fusion sequel, then what other options are there really? (for 2D) Whatever the case may be, it could always be worse. If the future of the series (whether in part or as a whole) was determined by like Federation Force's sales, I'd be jaded as fuck and probably still wouldn't be here.
  23. "Through the development of Metroid: Samus Returns, I was able to really grasp the possibility and fun of a 2D Metroid. Like when I finished the first game, if there is another opportunity to make another Metroid, that is something that I would love to do. Of course, that really depends on how much people really want to buy a 2D Metroid." - Yoshio Sakamoto, Game Informer Magazine September Issue I've been seeing these comments covered on other sites, but I was interested in seeing how the reaction would be here to Sakamoto's comments regarding more 2D Metroid games. Are you fine with the future of 2D Metroid resting on the shoulders of a successful Metroid Samus Returns or are you put off by that mentality towards the new game's upcoming release?
  24. I really don't know. I mean, it wouldn't be absurd to bring Phazon itself back on some level; Ridley keeps coming back somehow, Metroids keep coming back somehow...I don't see why they couldn't do a similar thing with Phazon. That said, I don't want it to be a major plot element though. It can be involved in some way...like, maybe there was a negative effect to removing all the Phazon so abruptly? I dunno. I'd be just as fine if they did the Halo 4 thing and make the next game mostly unrelated to the previous trilogy at least as far as the overarching story is concerned.
  25. Eh, fair enough. When I was thinking earlier what Prime 4 could do that's new and different but also somewhat similar to its predecessors, the idea of a new recurring mutagenic substance just kinda hit me. It could get a bit too repetitive after Phazon, yeah, but just depends on how it's executed. While Prime 3 did eventually cause me have Phazon fatigue (still hard to believe it's been a decade since that game while just recently learning Prime 4 is in development), I am kinda open to it and by association Dark Samus still returning if used more subtly and less on-the-nose than Prime 3, like some of your ideas there. I just doubt we'll see them anytime soon (if ever) based on Kensuke Tanabe's statements where he stressed that Dark Samus was done and over with. I'm iffy with that guy in general after Federation Force (as IU pointed out, that game also further established that Phazon was done with), but hope Tanabe does a good job with MP4. And the Sylux part might be reaching, but it's still anyone's guess as to what his stolen technology was based off of, so yeahh... @ IU: As you know, I eventually chose not to get FF, so forgot a lot of those details, but your mentioning of those places (I just wiki'd Excelcion, Bion, and the other places from the game to refresh my memory) and power sources on them definitely gives me some new perspective, considering. If anything I hope your idea there is how a new powerful resource ends up happening by the time of MP4. Will have to see.
  26. Federation Force emphasized again that Phazon was done with, so if they bring back Phazon they would be cutting out major plotlines for both Prime 3 and that entry. At that point, it would just be silly. If Phazon were in Prime 4, people would want Dark Samus too, and I personally don't want to see that resurrection idea come true regarding Sylux and the stolen Metroid. Tagging along with that same conflict wouldn't be a great comeback for Sylux, who should be very geared up following Federation Force. If Sylux decides to not deal with the Space Pirates, which won't enable them to recover quicker following their collapse in the Bermuda System, Prime 4 could certainly introduce a new power source into the series through the Space Pirates. Without Phazon, they were all over the Bermuda System discovering minerals, substances and artifacts that did turn out to have some potential, even if it wasn't on par with Phazon. I can imagine them up to that same desperate search within Prime 4, trying to keep up with the Federation, now with the successful Project Golem under their wing. Sylux will probably assist the Space Pirates though, and could do so without giving them the stolen Metroid. The Federation Force took all in the Bermuda System as they worked through the Space Pirates' interplanetary operations, and given how easy it was for Sylux to get the Metroid, Sylux could also have samples of the power sources discovered on Excelcion and Bion. I believe Excelcion had both mineral and liquid resources that were collected by the Federation that could, together, yield a lot of power. With Bion, I'm pretty sure the Federation Force recovered two carts worth of energy/power cells that also had a lot of energy potential. Both planets saw high levels of pirate activity due to those resources. If Sylux decided to steal these resource samples, trades them to the Space Pirates, they get to use these power sources more within their units and Prime 4 gives these resources a more specific name, the game would then have its own Phazon without being an overpowered, sentient network.